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How to Watch Live Tour De France Streams

It only takes 3 steps to stream the Tour De France events. Here’s how:

Why you need FasestVPN for Disney Plus

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Why you need FasestVPN for Disney Plus

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Why you need FasestVPN for Disney Plus

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You can now stream all the Tour De France races live internationally.

FastestVPN is Your Ticket to Watch Tour De France 2023 Globally

The Tour de France is one of the most popular cycling tournaments known globally. If you’re in need of watching all the competitors pedal their way through the 1st till the 23rd of July, you will find live streams of the races on numerous channels. This year NBC holds the broadcasting rights to air the events live via Peacock TV and other channels. In this guide, we will highlight some of the best free and paid channels for you to stream all 21 stages of the Tour De France races.

However, even though there are numerous channels you can access to watch Tour De France cycling races live, they might not be available in your country due to geo-restrictions. If that is the case, you can still access them with the best VPN, FastestVPN. We offer global servers that unblock numerous sports channels from anywhere in the world.


Why Choose FastestVPN to Watch Tour De France ?

As mentioned, even though the Tour De France events are broadcast on a number of channels, not all of them are available in every country. For instance, the races will also be broadcast on Sling TV, and you need a US credit card to subscribe to the service. If you’re outside the country, you will need to change your IP address to a US location. This is where FastestVPN comes in. FastestVPN gives you global servers and fast speeds that let you not only unblock the channels but also give you Tour De France streams in HD. You won’t experience buffering issues. This is the best way to bypass ISP throttling. To ensure that your connection is secure and private, all the FastestVPN apps come with AES 256-bit encryption matched with other industry-leading app features.

Channels to Watch Tour De France Live Online

There are plenty of options to stream Tour De France cycling competitions in the US. However, most of the channels listed either require you to get a US IP address or a US Credit Card. If you live in any country outside the US, you will need to change your IP to a US location.

Once you change your IP address, you’ll be able to access just about any sports streaming or Live TV channel to access the Tour De France events. FastestVPN is the best and most affordable option for that. We offer working US and global servers to make that a possibility.

There are a few free and paid channels that you can use to stream the races live and from any country, especially if you have a FastestVPN account. They are:


ITV is a British-owned streaming service that highlights live and on-demand events. You can catch all the live action and thrill of the Tour de France event, where coverage of all 21 race stages will be broadcasted. You can access it via your browser or on your smartphone. Can’t access it in your country? Connect with the FastestVPN UK server.

  • Price: Free

If you’re okay with French commentary, you can check out RTBF, which is a Belgium-owned streaming service. This free platform is also highlighting the matches live. So make sure not to miss out on the Tour De France events! Not within the region? Connect with the FastestVPN Belgium server!

  • Price: Free
Peacock TV

Another famous streaming channel in the US is Peacock TV, which includes broadcasting channels NBC and NBCSN, both of which will be airing the Tour De France cycling competitions live. You can even get the highlights of the events or more on-demand options. However, despite the service having a 7-day free trial you need to have a US Credit or debit card to create your account.

  • Price: $4.99/mo.
ESPN Sports

Fubo, previously known as Fubo TV, offers various channels that air sports streaming live, including cycling coverage from the Tour De France event. You can catch the coverage on this streaming service via the NBC channel. It costs around $74.99/mo. for the Pro package. The best part is that the service even comes with a 7-day free trial. Not accessible in your country? Connect to a FastestVPN US server.

  • Price: $74.99/mo.
Sky Sports
Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the more popular choices to stream or watch sports events like the Tour de France cycling tournament in 2023. You can get the NBC channel through the basic “Sling Blue” package. Although, you still need a US Credit Card or a PayPal account to pay. FastestVPN gives you a US server to be able to make payments. If you’re looking for a free trial, Sling TV gives you a three-day trial period via its app.

  • Price: $35/mo.
Sling Tv
Hulu + Live TV

Hulu is not just known for its movies and TV shows, but it also gives Bundle offers that include Live TV plans. It’s like an all-in-one bargain since this bundle offer includes not just Live TV but also ESPN+ and Disney+. After you subscribe, the Live TV option lets you watch Tour De France coverage live on NBC.

  • Price: $69.99/mo.
Hulu + Live Tv

Stream Tour De France on Multiple Devices

Only some people have the luxury of staying home to stream the Tour De France cycling competition. If you’re on the go or at work and can’t seem to get home on time to stream the event on your Smart TV, you can always unblock the channels on your smartphone or laptop. With FastestVPN, you get apps for all popular devices and operating systems. With one FastestVPN subscription, you get access to up to 10 multiple and simultaneous device connections. Secure apps for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Firestick, and more. Unblock and watch Tour De France on any device and any channel listed above!


FAQs - Watch Tour De France Live Online

How much does it cost to go on the Tour De France?

There isn’t any cost for the Tour de France, regardless if you’re invited to participate or just to watch. However, if you’re not in the country and are looking to stream the races online, we’ve highlighted some channels you can access. If it’s not available in your region, connect to the appropriate FastestVPN server to access them.

When does Tour De France start in 2023?

The Tour De France begins on the 1st of July and till the 23rd of July 2023. If, however, the broadcasting channels are not available in your country, simply subscribe to FastestVPN, and connect to the best server location of the channel that is airing the races.

Is Tour De France on Hulu?

Yes, it is. You can easily stream the Tour De France on the Hulu + Live TV package. If you’re outside the US, you need a working US IP address, and FastestVPN can help with that. Get a FastestVPN subscription, download the VPN on your device, and connect to a US streaming server. You will then be able to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV and watch the Tour De France races.

Where can I watch Tour De France?

The Tour de France live streams are available on NBC, Peacock TV, and the USA Network. However, most of its coverage is aired on Peacock, where you will find all 21 stages of the races, including highlights and the pre-race show. If you’re in a country where Peacock TV is not accessible, you can simply connect to the FastestVPN US server and access it.

Can I watch Tour De France on ESPN+?

Yes, ESPN+ holds rights to stream most cycling events, including the Tour De France extravaganza. You'll find it as an OTT and VOD service too. If ESPN+ is not in your country, connect to the best FastestVPN server for it.

Who will televise the Tour De France?

The main broadcasting streaming service for the Tour De France is Peacock TV. You will find live broadcasts via NBC and the USA Network. The events begin on the 1st of July 2023, right up to the 23rd, so make sure to subscribe to ESPN+ beforehand if you still need to get a subscription.

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