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Do You Need the Best VPN in UAE?

Internet censorship and data retention in the UAE is high. There are also issues like online threats and geo-restrictions. FastestVPN for the UAE is your best bet to affordably secure the internet. Here’s why you need a UAE VPN:

ISP Data Retention & Throttling Protection

Internet freedom is not encouraged in the UAE, and all your online activities are fully controlled by the ISPs. Your ISP monitors and collects all kinds of data, while controlling your bandwidth. With FastestVPN in UAE, you can safely and anonymously continue browsing without the fear of ISP data retention or throttling.

UAE VPN to Access Local Content Globally

Certain websites and streaming platforms will be blocked for you when you leave the UAE. To access those platforms, you will need a UAE IP address that you can easily obtain with FastestVPN. By connecting with our ultra-fast UAE servers, you can instantly access your desired UAE websites from anywhere. Besides that, connect to any of our global servers to watch restricted international content in the UAE.

Encrypted Connection Over Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi Networks are very convenient when you need to get online outside your home. However, these networks are not secure and can easily expose your data to cybercriminals. Luckily, FastestVPN in UAE offers reliable security on public Wi-Fi networks. With its strong military-grade encryption your traffic remains unreadable and no one can access your data. It ensures a safest way to use public Hotspots.

Prevent Online Surveillance with UAE VPN

Internet surveillance is quite strict in the UAE. FastestVPN uses industry-leading encryption protocols that ensure water-tight security at every step of the way. When you connect with our VPN servers in UAE, all your data remains encrypted, routed through a VPN server. It means that the Government, hackers or ISPs only see jumbled information instead of your online activities.

15-Day Money Back Guarantee

FastestVPN for UAE

FastestVPN is a feature-rich VPN that works well in Dubai and other locations in the UAE. It unblocks all the major websites, streaming platforms and banking services with unlimited bandwidth. All your personal data is secure and encrypted. Here’s what to expect with FastestVPN:

  • UAE IP addresses
  • Access to Popular VoIP apps in Emirates
  • 550+ global servers to use in the UAE
  • Military-grade encryption for added security
  • 10 Simultaneous multi-logins
  • 100% No Logs
15-Day Money Back Guarantee
Japan Support

How to Get a UAE IP Address with FastestVPN

Get the UAE IP Address and stay 100% anonymous online. Moreover, watch your favorite UAE shows, and TV channels abroad with FastestVPN.

Simply connect to one of our UAE VPN servers and enjoy access to home services, and blocked content safely. You can even use the same VPN to access international services in the UAE like Hulu, Netflix, or, Amazon Prime. Here’s how you can get a UAE VPN or a UAE IP address with FastestVPN:

  1. 1 Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. 2 Download and install the app
  3. 3 Connect to a UAE VPN server to get a UAE IP address.

How Do You Watch UAE TV Channels Abroad?

If you’re traveling outside the UAE, you will lose access to certain TV channels, including Al Emarat TV, AD Drama, BBC Arabic, Abu Dhabi TV and more. You won’t even be able to access your home banking apps. To restore your access to UAE channels or apps abroad, consider using a VPN in UAE that is reliable and secure. Here’s how you can watch UAE TV channels abroad with FastestVPN:

  1. 1 Subscribe to FastestVPN and create your account.
  2. 2 Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. 3 Sign in to your account.
  4. 4 Connect to a UAE VPN server.
  5. 5 Access UAE TV channels and services abroad!

3 Steps to Achieve Sheer Privacy in UAE with FastestVPN

Connect with a UAE VPN in a matter of seconds. Need to get started? Here’s how

Sign Up for FastestVPN Sign-up for FastestVPN

Choose a subscription plan, that you’d prefer and create your account for a UAE VPN. Select your preferred payment method.

Download & Install the UAE VPN Download & Install the UAE VPN

FastestVPN supports apps for multiple platforms. Get a UAE VPN app for Windows, or a VPN UAEAndroid app, for iOS, macOS & others. You can use our VPN on up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Connect to a UAE VPN Server Connect to a UAE VPN Server

Connect to a UAE VPN server and take control of the internet in the country! You can even use our IP lookup tool to check your address.

Buy a VPN Plan That Suits You

Choose from multiple subscription options, tailored to offer the best value. All plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee and FREE Internxt 2TB Cloud Storage and Password Manager

  • Apps for all devices
  • 10 GBPS Fast Servers
  • Streaming Support
  • 10 Multi Logins
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Billed $7 Monthly
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Lifetime Plan
Save 93% $ 600 $40
Billed $40 Lifetime
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FastestVPN - The Best UAE and Dubai VPN for you

Protect your online traffic with FastestVPN for UAE.
Here’s why you should try FastestVPN:

UAE VPN with Top Encryption Standard UAE VPN with Top Encryption Standard

FastestVPN protects your data with its highest level encryption. Ensuring you the safest and the fastest online experience. Our VPN in UAE supports a wide range of devices and offers powerful security without exposing your digital identity. The highest encryption protocols protect you from online threats and ISP throttling.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions with a Trusted VPN in UAE Bypass Geo-Restrictions with a Trusted VPN in UAE

International streaming platforms like US Netflix are blocked in the UAE. FastestVPN for UAE ensures you a safe and anonymous access to your favorite international streaming sites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Emirates. Connect with our US, and other global servers to anonymously watch your favorite international content in UAE.

Best UAE VPN to Maintain Online Privacy Best UAE VPN to Maintain Online Privacy

FastestVPN has got your back with its powerful encryption and other privacy features. FastestVPN for Dubai and UAE is a comprehensive VPN service that guarantees complete anonymity while accessing international services and websites in Emirates. FastestVPN hides your real IP address and only reveals its assigned VPN IP for maximum privacy.

What to Expect with FastestVPN for UAE and Dubai VPN Apps

FastestVPN is a safe, anonymous and secure VPN to use in the UAE that guarantees top-level protection against data leaking and data-theft. Here’s what to expect with a FastestVPN subscription:

P2P Optimized Servers P2P Optimized Servers

Torrent with the best speeds because FastestVPN fully supports P2P file sharing.

256-Bit encryption 256-Bit encryption

The AES 256-bit is a powerful encryption standard that is trusted by security experts.

10 Multi
                        Logins 10 Multi Logins

Connect and use up to 10 devices simultaneously with just one FastestVPN account.

No Log Policy No Log Policy

Surf safely knowing that your browsing activities will never be tracked or recorded.

Malware Protection Malware Protection

Identify and block malicious software from infecting your system and stay protected throughout.

                        Firewall NAT Firewall

Build a wall against unsolicited incoming traffic from entering your device.

                        Blocker Ad Blocker

Actively block annoying pop-ups for a smooth browsing experience.

                        Support 24/7 Support

A team of support specialists work tirelessly 24/7 to assist you via live chat or email.

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Is Using a VPN legal in the UAE?

Yes, using a VPN in Dubai or UAE is legal, but you must make sure not to access illegal content. You can connect to a VPN in UAE to access content that is restricted like streaming apps or gaming app by the government. You can even use the VPN for online privacy and security purposes.

How can I get IP from UAE?

To get a United Arab Emirates IP address, you can connect with the FastestVPN UAE server and safely access websites, apps and social platforms that are restricted in UAE.

What is a UAE VPN service?

A UAE VPN service just like FastestVPN lets you stay protected on public networks. It also enables you to bypass censorship in UAE and access global content with no hassle. By connecting with FastestVPN for UAE, you can safely and anonymously browse the internet in and out the United Arab Emirates.

Can I use a VPN for WhatsApp in the UAE?

Yes. By connecting to the FastestVPN server for WhatsApp, you can access the app. You can also access other censored apps in the UAE by changing your IP. Moreover, dating apps and streaming sites will also be accessed with a VPN in UAE.

Why is WhatsApp call Banned in UAE?

The UAE government has banned WhatsApp call and other VoIP apps due to national security reasons. However, you can connect to the FastestVPN UAE server to access WhatsApp and other blocked VoIP apps in Dubai.

Do I need a VPN in Dubai?

Yes, a VPN in Dubai is a useful tool to avoid content censorship. You can also access several blocked VoIP apps, and websites. Above all, a VPN in the United Arab Emirates secures your online traffic from unnecessary surveillance.

Are VPNs banned in Dubai?

VPNs are not banned or illegal in Dubai. You can use a VPN in UAE for online security purposes, or to access your home services securely in the Emirates, which are otherwise blocked in the country.

How can I connect to the UAE server?

It is very easy to connect to a UAE server. Firstly, sign up for FastestVPN, then install the VPN app on your device, log into the app and select Dubai or any UAE server location, then click on the connect button. After a second, you will be connected to a UAE server.

Should I use a Free UAE VPN?

Free VPNs are not recommended to use in the UAE. The main reason for not connecting a free VPN is that they are unsecured. Free VPNs hardly encrypt and protect your online traffic. They also sell your data to advertisers and third parties, killing the privacy purpose of a VPN already. Always connect to a high-quality premium VPN service in UAE to safely access local and international apps and websites.

How to watch Netflix in Dubai/ UAE?

You can watch US Netflix in Dubai/Abu Dhabi and the Emirates by signing up for FastestVPN and getting the VPN app on your device. After that, log into the app, select the US server and watch Netflix in the United Arab Emirates with no hassle.

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