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Why Do You Need the Best Spain VPN?

Censorship is practiced in Spain, which hurts freedom of speech. There are also numerous Spanish TV channels blocked abroad. With that said, here’s a brief idea of why you need the best VPN for Spain:

Evade Censorship & surveillance with a Spain VPN

There is internet censorship and surveillance in Spain, which means its citizens lose access to freedom of expression. However, you can prevent it with a reliable VPN for Spain. When you connect to the best VPN for Spain, it encrypts your connection and allows you to access the internet freely and securely.

Prevent Data Retention with a Spanish VPN

Using a VPN in Spain not only allows you to exercise your internet freedom in the country but also allows you to control data compromisation. You need the best VPN in Spain that gives you a secure Spanish IP address to protect your data. This way, you can visit any website or even connect to free Wi-Fi.

Access Spanish & Global Content

Many Spanish TV channels like Anthena 3 and La 1 are geo-blocked outside the country. Similarly, you won’t be able to access some popular international platforms in Spain, including Hulu or BBC iPlayer. This is where the best VPN for Spain comes in. With it, you can access Spanish and international content.

A Spain VPN that Secures Public Wi-Fi

Usually, free Wi-Fi is extremely unsecure to connect to, even in Spain. It’s an unseen issue that anyone on the same network can infiltrate your device and data if they have the right software. It is why using the best VPN in Spain comes in handy. It prevents phishing attacks or identity theft over public networks.

FastestVPN for Spain 2023

FastestVPN is the best VPN for Spain that creates a safe space for you to exercise your internet freedom. Here’s what to expect with our Spain VPN:

  • Working Spain servers.
  • AES 256-bit encryption, Kill Switch, Ad-Blocker, Malware Protection, and more.
  • 600+ servers in 60+ locations to access foreign content in Spain.
  • Strict no-logs policy.
  • 10 multi-device connections.
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15-day money-back guarantee

Get the Best Spain VPN in 3 Steps

Unblock Spanish TV and evade online surveillance in Spain with FastestVPN. Here are 3 easy steps to get the best Spain VPN:


15-Day Money Back Guarantee

Sign Up

Go to the website and create your FastestVPN account.




Get the FastestVPN app on a supported device.




Enable the VPN and connect to a Spanish server.

4 Reasons to Use the FastestVPN Spain Servers


Spanish TV, Websites & More

Our Spain servers are highly optimized to access some of the best geo-locked Spanish content from any country.


Securely Access Banking Apps

Make safe payments online or access your mobile banking apps with our FastestVPN Spain VPN servers.


A Spain VPN for Safe Browsing

Our Spain servers evade government and ISP surveillance. You can now surf the internet privately and securely.


Limit Cybercrimes & Protect Data

Stay protected while using the internet in Spain. Our Spanish IP addresses help prevent cyberattacks and data theft.


FastestVPN - Best VPN for Spain for Online Security

You need a Spanish VPN for many reasons, regardless of whether you’re in the country or an ex-pat. Many home country channels are blocked outside Spain, which can only be accessed with a working Spanish IP address.

With FastestVPN, you can easily connect with our Spain servers and access any country's Spanish TV channels, music, apps, and more. With it, you could watch football matches and more sports content in your Spanish or native language.

Besides that, the state of online privacy in Spain is nearly nil. The Spanish government enforces technology that allows ISPs to listen to or monitor all user data. All your texts, emails, or calls are monitored, along with your online traffic.

With our servers in Spain, you can make online privacy in the country a norm again. You must connect to our VPN and get a Spanish IP address in Spain or abroad. This lets you access Spanish content abroad on platforms like Cuarto or CNN en Español or protect your privacy in the country.

FastestVPN for Spain - Advanced Features

P2P File Sharing

With our Spain VPN app, protect your privacy and traffic while accessing unsecure torrenting platforms.

Ad Blocker

Browse the internet or visit any website with our Spain VPN. It comes with an Ad-Blocker tool to prevent ads.

10 Simultaneous Connections

You can create up to 10 multi-device simultaneous connections with one subscription to our Spanish VPN.

NAT Firewall

Connect to our FastestVPN Spain servers and restrict the flow of unsolicited traffic to your network.

Unlimited Server-Switching

You can connect to our VPN servers in Spain or access another global choice. There are no limits to server switching.

24/7 Live Chat

Don’t know how to get started? The FastestVPN live chat is now available for direct assistance on all apps.

FAQs - Spain VPN

How do I get a Spanish VPN?

It’s simple to get a Spain VPN. First, go to and create your account. Once you’ve subscribed, download and install the VPN for Spain on a supported device. Launch the VPN, sign in to your account, and connect to our Spain server. Alternatively, you can use the same VPN subscription and connect with an international server.

Does Spain practice data retention laws?

Yes, Spain is one of the EU countries that retains user data. Their GDPR law requires all ISPs, companies, and other platforms to retain all user data. It’s the country’s way of getting control over all data to secure privacy. However, it still hampers actual online privacy and security, which is some a Spanish VPN can fix. FastestVPN is the best VPN that is highly affordable and secure. It encrypts your connection so that no one compromises your data and anonymity online.

How do I change my IP address to Spain?

First, subscribe to the best VPN for Spain, FastestVPN. Download and install the correct app for your device from the website or the required Stores. Run the app and connect to a Spain VPN server. You now have a Spanish IP address to access Spanish TV channels in any country.

Can I use a free Spain VPN?

You can, but it’s never a good idea. Most free VPNs do not offer access to Spanish IP addresses. Even if they do, they aren’t strong enough to unblock Spanish TV channels or other platforms outside the country. Since major data retention and surveillance laws exist in Spain, using a free VPN is never a good idea.

What is the cheapest VPN in Spain?

FastestVPN is the cheapest VPN in Spain. Its most affordable package costs $40 for the Lifetime Plan. There is no free trial, but it comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

How do I get a Spain VPN free for Chrome?

When you subscribe to FastestVPN, you can use the same account and add the VPN for Chrome for free. You must download the Spain Chrome VPN extension from the Google extension Store or the FastestVPN download page.

Is it illegal to use a VPN in Spain?

Yes, using a VPN is legal in Spain and most European countries. However, there are certain websites and apps that prevent access to their services with a VPN. This is why you should never use a free VPN; they’re not as secure or strong enough. Instead, FastestVPN is the best VPN in Spain that is affordable and comes with a refund period.

How do I watch Spanish TV with a VPN?

You can easily watch Spanish TV abroad with the best VPN. First, subscribe to FastestVPN, open the VPN app, and sign in to your account. Connect to a server in Spain; this will give you a Spanish IP address. You can now unblock Spanish TV channels or platforms like Cuatro, Antena 3, or RTVE in any country.

Can I use a free Spain VPN for my PC?

No, you shouldn’t since they’re not safe. Instead, FastestVPN is the best and most affordable VPN for Spain that can easily be installed and set up on your Windows PC.

How do I get a Spain VPN APK?

You can get a VPN APK in Spain from the FastestVPN download page. First, subscribe to the service and download the VPN APK file on your Android device. Once installed, you can easily set up and connect to a Spanish VPN server.

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