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Why Do You Need a Portugal VPN?

Issues like ISP throttling and website data retention are significant setbacks in Portugal and any country worldwide. However, there are many reasons as to why you might need a VPN for Portugal. Here’s why:

Bypass Online Surveillance & Censorship

Surveillance and censorship laws are not an extreme issue in Portugal, but the laws are much different in other parts of the world. If you plan to bypass censorship and access local services outside the country, the best VPN in Portugal can help. It lets you also dodge ISP surveillance or restrict certain websites from tracking you.

Prevents Data Logging in Portugal

Many websites or apps log sensitive user information like your address, number, email ID, passwords, etc. When you connect to a Portugal server, you can protect your data, device, and privacy while in Portugal or while accessing its services from abroad. It comes with security features that encrypt your connection and prevent data leaks.

Unblock Portuguese and International Services

You can now access Portuguese channels like RTP, CNN Portugal, AXN, or others while traveling outside the country. You only need to connect to a Portugal VPN server and access local content from anywhere. Alternatively, you can access services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or Disney+ in the country using the same VPN.

Safely Use Public Wi-Fi

It goes without saying that the internet is not the safest place to be on, even in Portugal. The same applies to connecting to free or public Wi-Fi networks. There are many vulnerabilities that you can encounter over free hotspots. Overcome these issues and secure your connection with a Portuguese VPN that is reliable and premium.

FastestVPN for Portugal in 2023

Let FastestVPN be the answer to more accessible and safer internet in Portugal. We promise:

  • Untraceable Portuguese IP addresses
  • Highest-level encryption for your connection.
  • Secure all devices.
  • Access 600+ worldwide servers in Portugal.
  • Bypass ISP speed and bandwidth throttling.
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15-day money-back guarantee

Connect to the Best Portuguese VPN Server in 3 Steps!

A Portugal VPN is not only required by users within the country but also by users traveling abroad. It’s beneficial when you need access to Portuguese TV channels while on vacation outside Portugal. Here’s how to get started with FastestVPN:


15-Day Money Back Guarantee

Sign Up

Create your FastestVPN account to get an active VPN subscription




Download and install the FastestVPN app on your device.




Sign in and connect to a Portuguese VPN server to browse privately!

Why Should You Choose FastestVPN Portugal Servers?


Access Portuguese TV Channels Abroad

No matter where you are, you can access your favorite Portuguese channels with the Fastest VPN Portugal server.


Make Online Banking & Payments Secure

Our Portuguese servers ensure safe access to your online banking apps and even secure any online payments you make.


Anonymous and Safe Browsing

Connect to our Portugal VPN server and securely browse or stream online without exposing your identity or ISP surveillance.


A Portugal VPN to Evade Data Compromisation

FastestVPN wraps your online traffic with strong encryption. When all your traffic is encrypted and concealed, no hacker can snoop on it.


FastestVPN - A Portugal VPN For Streaming, Gaming, Banking, and Beyond!

In Portugal, digital privacy and freedom are very open. However, certain websites, including P2P platforms, are restricted. With FastestVPN for Portugal, you can safely and anonymously bypass these restrictions. Access websites like Pirate Bay with FastestVPN.

Also, unblock Portugal banking apps, streaming channels, games, and more with a Portugal VPN abroad. When you travel, you often lose access to your home services. This might include streaming websites that you have already subscribed to. We have 600+ servers to unblock the US Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more in Portugal with a VPN.

FastestVPN for Portugal - Advanced Features

FastestVPN offers features that enhance your experience beyond accessing just blocked content in Portugal. Here’s what to expect with a FastestVPN subscription:

P2P File Sharing

Enjoy secure and anonymous access to P2P platforms. Safely upload and download P2P files with a VPN in Portugal.

Ad Blocker

With the FastestVPN Ad-Blocker feature, prevent malicious ads from cropping up while using the internet in Portugal.

10 Simultaneous Connections

Seamless protection across devices. FatestVPN offers 10 simultaneous device connections with a single account.

NAT Firewall

FastestVPN for Portugal offers a NAT Firewall feature that secures your network from unwanted traffic infiltration.

No Log Policy

Enjoy a safe, secure, untraceable online experience with our no-logs Portugal VPN servers for data protection.

24/7 Support

We have 24/7 live chat support to assist you in times of need. Got a query? Get immediate assistance with FastestVPN.

FAQS - Portugal VPN

How do I get a Portuguese VPN?

Once you’ve subscribed to FastestVPN, launch the VPN app, sign in and connect to a server in Portugal to get a Portuguese IP address. To check if your IP address has changed to a Portuguese one, open any Portuguese TV channel and check to see if it works. Once it works, you can just about access numerous Portuguese channels from abroad.

What is the best Portugal VPN?

The best Portugal VPN is one that offers servers in Portugal along with international servers that you can use to access US Netflix, Disney Plus and more within the country. Additionally, the best VPN for Portugal is one that is encrypted, and comes with advanced security features for online protection. FastestVPN offers all this and more.

Will a Portugal VPN slow down my speeds?

Yes, it might, only if you’re connecting to a Portugal server from a country far from it. This is the case with most VPNs, as the sole purpose is only to stabilize your internet connection.

How do you get a Portuguese IP address?

First, subscribe to FastestVPN by choosing any affordable package. Download the app and connect to a Portugal server to get a Portuguese IP address.

Can I use a free VPN for Portugal?

You can use a free Portugal VPN, but most free providers often come with setbacks. The speeds aren’t as fast, and there is no guarantee that they include Portugal servers in the location network. FastestVPN offers servers all around the globe, including a server in Portugal. Plus, we offer higher-levels of encryption that no free provider comes with.

How does a Portugal VPN secure my connection?

Yes, it’s completely legal to use a VPN in Portugal, as there are no restrictions as such that prevent it.

How does a Portugal VPN secure my connection?

When you connect to a FastestVPN Portugal server, you will not only be able to access local services from abroad, but will also be able to access them safely. FastestVPN offers AES 256-bit encryption that prevents ISP throttling, and data theft. Additionally, FastestVPN is DNS and IP leak protected, preventing your data from being exposed, even over a public Wi-Fi.

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