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Why Do You Need the Best Austria VPN?

A VPN is not just a tool for unblocking websites; it’s a tool that lets you protect your online privacy. That said, here’s why you need an Austrian VPN:

Protection from Data Retention Laws

Despite Austria’s national court deeming Europe’s approach to data retention as a breach of privacy, Austria is largely under the influence of Europe’s common laws regarding data retention. And as such, your privacy is at risk. Prevent telecommunication companies from logging your browsing activities by switching to an Austrian VPN.

Unblock Austrian & International Content

It’s a fact that most streaming services and channels are geo-restricted in many countries. This means that to access Austrian channels abroad, you need the best Austrian VPN to change your IP address. Plus, you can use the very same VPN and connect to other servers. It lets you unblock international content in the country.

Security Over Public Wi-Fi

Most public Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable and susceptible to cyberattacks. If motivated, anyone over the same network can infiltrate your connection and compromise your device and data. This is the case even in Austria. However, with the best VPN for Austria, you can prevent cyberattacks via vulnerable free Wi-Fi.

Evade Censorship in the Country

Much of the content on the web is locked behind what’s known as geo-restrictions. Whether it’s on a streaming service such as Netflix or a website, you may not be getting unrestricted access. VPN takes care of that problem by spoofing your actual location. This way, you can access international services via an Austrian VPN.

FastestVPN for Austria 2023

FastestVPN is the best Austria VPN that allows you to unblock the best local channels abroad while maintaining online security in the country. Here’s what to expect with FastestVPN:

  • Austrian IP addresses.
  • 10Gbps server speeds.
  • Access to both Austrian and international services in any country.
  • AES 256-bit encryption, Kill Switch, Ad-blocker, and Malware protection.
  • No ISP throttling and retention.
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3 Steps Away to Unlocking the Best Austria VPN

FastestVPN brings you secure and reliable Austrian IP addresses that you can get with our apps. Here’s how to get started:


15-Day Money Back Guarantee

Sign Up

Subscribe to FastestVPN and create your account.




Get the FastestVPN app downloaded on your device.




Sign in to your account and connect to an Austria VPN server.

Is VPN Legal in Austria?

Who hates an additional privacy layer masking all their browsing activities? Simply put, that’s what a VPN does. And despite the unparalleled benefits they offer, VPNs can be illegal in a few regions.

But here’s the best part: VPNs are legal in Austria. FastestVPN, as the best VPN for Austria, offers over 800 servers, featuring a high-speed Austria server that makes accessing geo-limited content only a five-finger exercise.

Why Choose FastestVPN for Austria?


Safely Stream Austrian TV Overseas

The FastestVPN Austria servers are optimized to unblock any country's best Austrian TV channels swiftly.


Safe Space for Online Business & Banking Apps

Our Austria servers encrypt your connection and let you safely access banking apps or handle business data online.


Browse Privately & Safely

When you connect to our VPN servers in Austria, you can access any website without your ISP or the website storing data.


An Austria VPN to Prevent Data Theft

Connecting to an Austria VPN server lets you protect all sensitive data, be it passwords, emails, social accounts, and more.


FastestVPN - An Austria VPN For Anonymity and Streaming with Privacy

Even though there are laws that limit your data being handled in Austria, websites and internet service providers still go against it. That said, whenever you visit a website, all your digital footprints are tracked and monitored. At times, a little surveillance in the country is okay to ensure that no cybercrimes take place. However, it still breaches the right to your online privacy and freedom. In such situations, the best option is to use a VPN for Austria.

When you connect to the VPN’s Austria server, you get assigned a safe Austrian VPN IP address. Your connection is then encrypted, and no one, not even your service provider, can keep track of your data and whereabouts. This also helps prevent ISP and bandwidth throttling. You can then access the best Austrian or international streaming services without any buffering issues or data caps. FastestVPN is the best Austria VPN that offers 600+ global servers in 50+ locations. You can use any of its servers in Austria or abroad.

Additionally, all the FastestVPN apps come with military-level encryption. It works like a lock that prevents unintended recipients from peaking at your data. This best VPN for Austria utilizes the AES 256-bit encryption standard that’s impossible to crack. Such tools are essential for public Wi-Fi networks that leave you vulnerable to attacks.

FastestVPN for Austria - Advanced Features

FastestVPN aims to offer services in Austria that are nothing but the best. Here’s what to expect with our Austrian VPN service:

P2P File Sharing

Our servers are all optimized to allow you safe access to torrenting platforms. This prevents device infections from malicious links.

Ad Blocker

All our FastestVPN apps for Austria come with an Ad-blocker feature. You won’t receive an influx of ads on your screen.

10 Simultaneous Connections

You can simultaneously use the app on 10 devices with one FastestVPN subscription. This allows maximum protection.

NAT Firewall

Create a powerful wall against unsolicited incoming traffic, and prevent it from entering your device and securing your connection.

No Logs Policy

Surf any website with our Austria VPN app, and ensure no data is logged or monitored. Safe and secure browsing made easy.

24/7 Live Chat

Need to set up the VPN and connect with an Austrian IP address? We have a 24/7 support chat that will assist you at any time.

FAQs - Austria VPN

Can I watch Netflix in Austria?

FastestVPN has a dedicated Netflix US server for convenient access to Netflix whenever you want. The US is the best region to watch Netflix from as it delivers the complete content library. Simply get the VPN Austria app, and connect with any Netflix server of the library you want access to.

Why choose FastestVPN servers for Austria?

No matter where you are, the FastestVPN Austria server lets you access your favorite content. Connect to your desired VPN server and start streaming – it’s easy. FastestVPN, being the best VPN for Austria has servers worldwide that allow you to choose between regions like Austria for a private browsing experience. You can even connect with its global servers to access international and regionally-locked content in the country.

Does FastestVPN allow simultaneous connections?

Yes, you can use up to 10 devices simultaneously using this best VPN for Austria. Whether it’s an iPhone, an Android device, or a PC, you can use the VPN on all your devices with one FastestVPN account.

Is torrenting illegal in Austria?

Whether it’s Austria or any other region, torrenting itself is not illegal. Torrent websites have become synonymous with copyright infringement. And because of that, many countries take a strict approach and ban access to torrent websites. You can access torrent websites using a VPN, but downloading content protected by copyrights is illegal.

How do I get an Austria VPN?

To get an Austria VPN, create your account with FastestVPN. Next, download and install the app, sign in to your account, and connect to an Austria server. You now have an Austrian VPN. You can even switch servers and connect to another location to access that content in the country and vice versa.

Which VPN works in Austria?

FastestVPN works in Austria. It’s the best VPN for Austria choice for you to use and comes with an extensive network of servers. Its apps are user-friendly and secure. This way, you can secure your connection through free Wi-Fi in Austria.

Can I use an Austria VPN APK?

Yes, you can. FastestVPN gives you access to an APK file to add to your device. You will find it in the download section. It’s simple to install and even easier to set up.

Are VPNs legal in Austria?

Yes, using a VPN is legal in Austria. The laws in Austria protect your online privacy. This means there is a regulation of protecting your IP address by security maintenance in the country. However, it’s not enough to protect against other crimes. A VPN is legal in Austria to help prevent malware attacks and other cyber vulnerabilities.

Can I use a free VPN for Austria?

To unblock content in Austria, you need a VPN Austria. However, a free VPN won’t be the best choice. Their logging policies are not transparent nor offer servers strong enough to access all websites, streaming services, apps, and other media platforms. The best option is to use FastestVPN since it’s budgeted and practically free as the VPN Austria.

How do you get an Austrian IP address?

FastestVPN is the best VPN for Austria and most affordable VPN Austria service out there. Within its network of servers, you get access to Austrian IP addresses. You get access to fast global servers and features to secure your connection. Plus, you can switch to a US IP in Austria and access Hulu and US Netflix in the country.

Can an Austrian VPN be tracked?

Yes, a VPN Austria can be tracked if you’re using a poor-quality or free provider. This is why we recommend FastestVPN, the best VPN Austria, that is secure, premium and easy on your budget.

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