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Why Do You Need a Best VPN Service for Australia?

If you live in Australia wishing to encode your identity and internet traffic, we have the most useful solution for you! FastestVPN comes loaded with the speediest and safest network connection. Through FastestVPN, you can now appear on the web through an Australian IP thereby being able to fully access the previously restricted sites!

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Browse Restricted Channels in Australia

Surveillance laws in Australia have the most severe regulations. This is why the government of Australia is reported to have placed censors on numerous websites. An Australia VPN does the work of getting you bypass these restricted sites to help you with seamless browsing of your favorite channels.

Acess Get-Restricted Content in Australia
Data Retention Laws

Security Against Data Retention Laws

Not many years ago, a bill passed by the Australian Senate enforced a law to monitor ISP. Along with monitoring, the bill demanded to trace and record all online activities of Australian citizens. Furthermore, the said bill grants additional rights to government agencies to access data without a prior warrant. At FastestVPN, we help safeguard your privacy to its utmost thereby keep any third parties from intruding and making FastestVPN come across as the Best VPN for Australia.

Access to Blocked Sites

One of the most useful thing FastestVPN does for you is to access all blocked Australian sites that you previously couldn’t access from your local IP. Through our well developed technology, we help you cross through the IP address that is location based. Now, that’s a good news! We’re sure you’ll agree!

Access to Blocked Sites
Avoid Infringement Laws in Australia

Avoid Infringement Laws in Australia

The online infringement bill is the greatest issue for Australian citizens. The bill calls for strict actions against any person who attempts to deal with P2P file sharing. Such strict actions are said to involve a jail sentence or complete disconnection from the Internet. However, FastestVPN knows how to assist you with your file sharing in a way that’s legally acceptable and easy. We offer our services only if you have valid reasons for your actions; involvement in Piracy is strongly discouraged and FastestVPN does not hold itself responsible in case of any mishaps.


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Well-Protected and Seamlessly Speedy-FastestVPN has Got it All Covered!

FastestVPN is your trusted protection option as the best VPN for Australia. Let’s explore what you get with your VPN service.

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Australian Sports Streaming Events

Recent stats show that about 85.6% of the Aussie Population is a sports fanatic. It is, therefore, quite unfortunate that most of these people aren’t able to access certain sport programs. This is largely due to the fact that not all channels aired from around the world can be accessed through an Australian IP. With the introduction of FastestVPN’s high tech software, users can now freely and easily access their favorite sports channels with Fastest Streaming VPN. These may include Australian Football League (AFL), Australian Open and The World Cup that is aired from different locations all over the world. Whether you live in Australia and need access to global channels or you live outside Australia and need access to Australian channels with high speed, FastestVPN Australia is the best option for you!

Australian VPN Apps for Every Devices

One of the best feature that FastestVPN Australia comes fully loaded with is the fact that our apps are fully compatible with all devices. May your device be operating under Android, Widows or iOS, you can now enjoy the seamless experience of running a secured VPN connection on your device unlike other such VPN services in which many a times, one or the other feature of an apps fails to comply with the user's device. Not just that, we also provide the best VPN for torrenting Australia. So get the best and cheap Australian VPN that is efficient, speedy and all you’ve ever wanted!

Metadata Retention Law in Australia and How FastestVPN Can Help

In 2015, the Federal Government in Australia passed Metadata Retention Laws that required each kind of data in all communication devices of every Australian to be traced and kept a record of. This data was to be directed for further storage of two years thereafter which it was to undergo a national scrutiny session. Metadata refers to the technical info that underlies a certain communication session. The data to scrutinize pertain to the date, time and duration of such communication. This further included the IP addresses of webpages. This, however excluded the actual content of such communication or the information of the exact site visited. These laws were met with extreme controversies considering which, FastestVPN takes on an entirely different and an unorthodox approach thereby strongly discouraging retention of any such information that may hurt their customers' privacy. This is because FastestVPN Australia is the best VPN that one can ever come across in town!

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How to get FastestVPN Services in Australia?

Getting a VPN in Australia is no longer a hassle; just follow these steps and you’re good to go!

Money Back Guarantee

If there’s one thing because of which you can count on us, it is our 100% Money Back Guarantee! IT masterminds behind FastestVPN Australia do their best to deliver the most unprecedented user experience to your device. But we understand how our users might have different preferences and that’s why, we deeply value our customers; whether you’re fully satisfied with our service or not, you don’t pay until you’re completely satisfied with our service. At FastestVPN, we offer a seven-day money back policy that completely reflects how we prioritize customer satisfaction.

No Logs Activity Policy

Logs are the most important piece of information that certain broadband service companies would like to keep with them. This is because logs are basically your web browsing history that can be of quite the worth since online surveillance agencies seek to buy such data at good prices. Although these authorities justify this act by stating that this prevents illegal web activities from rotating around the internet world. FastestVPN strongly opposes this belief and thus, implements a no logs policy that brings to its users a completely log less VPN that one can operate using the Australia VPN server and bring absolute digital privacy in Australia!

Our Fastest VPN Server Locations around the World

FastestVPN provides secure and speedy network connections with increased bandwidth and dedicated physical servers that run on Open Source. The bandwidth can reach up to 10Gbps unlike the VPN connections with unnecessary servers that restrict access to almost every website you visit. Some of the countries FastestVPN has its VPN servers in include UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

FastestVPN Hits the Web with the Speediest VPN Connection

FastestVPN is your own security channel that comes equipped with a lot more than you might have imagined. Take a look around.

  • Blazing Fast Speed
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Zero Logging
  • 7-Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • 70+ High-Speed Server
  • Free Ad-Blocker
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • User-Friendly FastestVPN Apps
  • Anti-Malware
  • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (TCP,UDP), OpenConnect, IKEv2, and Xsec
  • NAT Firewall
  • Unlimited Server Switches
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