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Why Do You Need an Italy VPN?

Government surveillance and blocked Italian TV shows are two reasons to need a VPN for Italy. Here are more details on why the best VPN for Italy is required:

Evade Surveillance & Censorship

Italy is part of the 14-eyes Alliance, which means the government and surveillance bodies can collect personal data and share it with other countries. The best way to prevent surveillance and censorship in the country is by using the best Italy VPN. It is the sure set way to protect your privacy in Italy.

Unblock Italian TV or Sevices

The best Italy VPN is required to access Italian channels like 7 Gold, Antichità Chiossone, or Italian shows on RaiTV while traveling abroad. This is because local channels and apps are blocked in other countries. With the same VPN, you can unblock international services like Hulu and BBC iPlayer in Italy.

Control How Your Data is Stored

In Italy, ISPs constantly monitor user activities, and the country being part of the 14 Eyes Alliance means data logging is allowed. This risks your online privacy; only the best VPN in Italy can prevent it. Connect to an Italian IP address and bypass ISP, government, and website data logging.

Security Over Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is incredibly vulnerable and open to online threats. Connecting to the best VPN for Italy can protect your online privacy, data, and device while connected to public Wi-Fi. With the FastestVPN app for Italy, you can secure your network and devices with military-grade encryption.

FastestVPN for Italy 2023

FastestVPN for Italy secures data, gets around geo-restrictions, and evades surveillance in and outside the country. Our Italy VPN apps give you the following:

  • Italian IP addresses.
  • 100% No Logs.
  • Access to 600+ global servers in Italy.
  • Simultaneous device connections for 10 devices.
  • Unblocks both Italian TV and international services.
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Get the Best Italy VPN in 3 Quick Steps

Unblock Italian TV channels and prevent online surveillance and data retention with FastestVPN, the best VPN for Italy. Here’s how to get started:


Garantía de devolución de dinero de 15


Crea tu FastestVPN account, and choose a package.




Instale la FastestVPN aplicación en un dispositivo compatible.




Launch the VPN and connect to an Italian server.

¿Por qué elegir el FastestVPN Italy Servers?


Unblock Italian TV Services

Nuestra FastestVPN Italian IP addresses are secure, fast, and unblock the best Italy TV channels, apps, and websites in any country.


Security While Making Online Payments

Safely access your banking apps or make online purchases using your Credit Cards with FastestVPN Italy servers.


Secure & Private Web Browsing

You control who monitors your web traffic and can prevent your data from being misused with our Italian VPN servers.


Privacy, Data & Device Protection

FastestVPN has Italian IP addresses that control cyberattacks from taking place. This way, no hacker can compromise your data.


FastestVPN - The Italy VPN Service that You Need!

Even though you can access many websites or apps in Italy, the country still falls under the 14-eyes alliance. This means that your privacy and security are never truly protected when you access the internet in Italy. The Italian government is at liberty to enforce surveillance laws and regulate the tracking of the internet, calls, emails, office device surveillance, and much more.

The number of personal data collected while accessing websites or apps in Italy is a considerable security concern. Any data or web traffic collected by the Italian government or surveillance bodies is usually shared with other countries in the eyes-alliance, including the US and the UK. The best way to prevent these issues is by using the best VPN for Italy. FastestVPN is not only the best secure VPN for Italy, but it is the most affordable right now.

Other than this, other setbacks are prevalent, like ISP speed and bandwidth throttling, censorship, and geo-restrictions. For instance, if you’d like to watch an Italian TV show or movie abroad that is only available locally, you won’t be able to. You must change your location and connect with an Italian IP address to access it. When that happens, you can unblock and access Italian shows, the news, and movies on RaiTV, RaiPlay, or Class CNBC.

FastestVPN is the best VPN in Italy that bypasses ISP throttling, unblocks numerous local and international content, and protects your privacy and data in the country or while traveling.

Italy VPN - FastestVPN Características avanzadas

FastestVPN strives to create the best online experience for you, and from any country. Here’s what to expect with a UK VPN:

Compartir archivos P2P

Torrenting is legal in Italy, but some platforms are not safe. Our FastestVPN Italy servers are P2P-optimized.

Bloqueador de anuncios

Most websites come with ads, some of which are harmful. Our VPN app comes with an Ad-Blocker to prevent them.

Conexiones Simultáneas 10

Con FastestVPN, you can use the Italy VPN app on up to 10 multiple devices. We support apps for Windows, Android, and more.

Firewall NAT

Our VPN apps for Italy have a NAT Firewall feature, creating a wall against unsolicited incoming traffic to secure your connection.

Cambio de servidor ilimitado

You can connect to the Italy server with one subscription or choose another. There are no server-switching limits.

24 / 7 Live Chat

Can’t seem to set the VPN app on your device or know how to register? Our 24/7 support team will assist you.

FAQs - Italy VPN

¿Cómo obtengo una VPN italiana?

Puedes registrarte para FastestVPN and install the app on a compatible device. Next, open the VPN app, log in with your credentials, and connect to an Italian VPN server that’s it.

¿Qué servidor VPN de Italia es mejor?

FastestVPN is the best VPN in Italy that offers servers in Milan. They’re fast, secure, and offer access to most Italian channels abroad. Plus, you can even switch to other servers to access international content in the country.

¿Las VPN son legales en Italia?

Yes. VPNs are absolutely legal in Italy, and you can connect to a trusted VPN service in Italy to stay secure online. FastestVPN gives you apps secured with AES 256-bit encryption, a Kill Switch, and industry-leading protocols.

¿Necesito una VPN en Italia?

Deberías usar una VPN si vives en Italia. Una VPN protegerá su red de la limitación del ISP, la vigilancia del gobierno y los piratas informáticos. Además, también puede acceder a contenido geo-restringido en Italia. Si viaja fuera del país, una VPN le permitirá captar todos los servicios domésticos y el contenido italiano en el extranjero.

¿Debo usar una VPN gratuita en Italia?

No. You should not use a free Italian VPN server because free servers are not secure and will sell your data to third parties. Moreover, free VPNs will not provide you with the best security and speeds as FastestVPN hace.

¿Puedo cambiar mi ubicación de IP a Italia?

Con FastestVPN, you can easily change your IP location to Italy. Simply launch the VPN app and connect to an Italian VPN server location of your choice, and you’re done with your new Italian IP location.

¿Cómo ver Italia TV fuera del país?

To unblock and watch Italian TV abroad, you must sign up for FastestVPN, download the VPN app, connect to an Italian VPN server, and visit your favorite Italian TV channels anywhere.

¿Cómo ver Netflix en Italia?

Puede ver Netflix Italia en el extranjero conectándose con nuestro servidor VPN italiano. Para ver Netflix EE. UU. en Italia, conéctate con FastestVPN Ubicación del servidor de EE. UU. y transmite tus títulos favoritos.

¿Cómo compro una dirección IP italiana?

Para comprar una dirección IP italiana, debe obtener una FastestVPN suscripción, luego conéctese con un servidor VPN italiano y obtenga instantáneamente su dirección IP italiana para visitar servicios domésticos y contenido en cualquier parte del mundo. Con FastestVPN, puede obtener fácilmente una dirección IP gratuita de Italia y otros.

¿Cuál es la mejor VPN de Italia?

FastestVPN es la mejor VPN de Italia para sus necesidades. Tiene más de 550 servidores VPN globales y características de seguridad de alto nivel como Kill Switch, protección contra fugas de DNS, protección antimalware y cifrado de primera clase para su seguridad en línea. También, FastestVPN viene con una garantía de devolución de dinero de 15 días para que pueda reclamar su reembolso si no está satisfecho.

¿Funciona VPN en Italia?

FastestVPN funciona muy bien en Italia, tiene servidores VPN de Italia en funcionamiento que le permiten conectarse instantáneamente dentro y fuera del país para ver contenido restringido geográficamente de forma segura y anónima.