Tips to Stay Protect While Working from Home

The current situation of the world has pushed people to work from home. As a reason, more people are working from home during these weeks than ever before. It’s an unprecedented time for everyone because not everyone can adapt to working online, which also includes staying in constant communication with coworkers.

Work From Home (Security-Tips)

Hence, the need for platforms that can bridge the communication gap is the need of the hour. However, there are a few practices that you can follow while working from home. This blog isn’t just exclusive for the foreseeable future but works as a guiding hand to help you adopt practices for a safe online experience.

How to Improve Online Experience

  • Always Use Secure Websites

Vulnerabilities in websites can leave your data exposed to attackers. Session Hijacking or Man-in-the-Middle attacks are some of the ways a third-party could infiltrate and impersonate or sniff your data. Learn more about Session Hijacking and MITM through our blogs.

The answer to this glaring issue was addressed with HTTPS.

HTTPS refers to the secure version of the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It uses encryption to secure incoming traffic and outgoing traffic. Once you request to be connected, the website shares a key that is exclusive to, and all communication remains hidden from third-parties. The majority of websites today use https, but not all of them do.

Ensure that the website you are visiting is secured with HTTPS. Check the URL bar of your web browser for a padlock icon; the icon denotes a secure connection.

  • Use VPN

VPN is very useful when it comes to accessing the internet in its entirety. That means no geo-restrictions and no censorships. Once you connect to a VPN, your IP address is masked with a virtual IP address, thus allowing you to access any website or content that may not be available outside of its intended region.

If you are a freelancer working from home, VPN will help you to access websites while on the move.

  • Avoid Public Wi-Fi

It’s a known fact that public Wi-Fi hotspots are vulnerable to attacks; they don’t utilize strong security measures to ensure secure communication. A hacker could intercept the data packets flowing through an access point and read private information. That information could be anything, your banking details, or social media passwords, for example.

Although HTTPS connections are secure, not all types of communication are, especially HTTP. To ensure security while you browse the internet, use FastestVPN. Its military-grade AES 256-bit encryption is especially useful for public Wi-Fi.

  • Don’t Fall for Phishing Scams

Phishing email scams are the most common way you can become a victim of an attack. It’s a technique to lure you into performing certain actions. For example, an email from the CDC during the Coronarivus pandemic will ask you to download a PDF for an important update. The file would be malware, targeted to infect your system.

Coronavirus-related scams are on the rise, be very cautious about what links you click on and what apps you install.

In times when everyone is working from home, Spear Phishing techniques could target you via social engineering by impersonating a coworker.

Always check where the email is coming from. And in the case where the email asks you to transfer money urgently, always verify with the colleague on phone or video call before complying with the directive.

  • Use Strong Passwords

The last one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s always a good reminder to use strong passwords.

It’s more important to protect work accounts due to their sensitive nature. It’s recommended that you use randomly-generated passwords that involve lower case letters, upper case letters, and symbols, instead of using common phrases.

Backup your passwords using a reliable password manager. If you think your work email has been compromised or breached, notify the IT department immediately.


Following these steps ensures a safer browsing experience and helps you achieve stronger protection against hacking attempts.

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