FastestVPN Windows Update – Version 2.02 Fixes and Improvements

We recently announced our plans to completely revamp our app for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. While the app for other platforms went live earlier, we are now rolling out the Windows update.

FastestVPN Windows Update Version 2.02

The update version 2.02 marks a significant change. Starting with the user interface, FastestVPN users will be delighted to see a more visually appealing interface that’s also more responsive. The interface adds several new features such as Smart Connect and is built around easy navigation.

But perhaps the most exciting thing we are proud to bring is a dedicated Netflix server. Ever since Netflix began cracking down on VPN services, our customers have been looking forward to a reliable solution. FastestVPN users can access a new server titled Netflix US to access the complete library of US.

There are several issues that have been addressed. Here’s a complete rundown on all the fixes and improvements coming your way:

Fixed issues:

• App does not work on Windows Vista 64-bit.
• App freezes on startup.
• Username and password fields will autofill with a random user’s credentials.
• Username field does not accept uppercase letters.
• Current location status does not show IP address of the connected server.
• App asks for permission each time on startup.
• App does not connect with static IP.
• VPN disconnects and blocks internet when Windows enters sleep mode.

New Features:

• Favorite servers move to top of the list for easy access.
• FastestVPN icon shows connected status in the system tray icon.
• Auto Connect on startup.
• Dedicated Netflix server.
• Smart Connect

The new app showcases our commitment to strive for the best experience for our customers. With the new app now released, we can start to focus on refining it even further. You can expect to see more improvements and fixes in the future as people start using the app. If you have any issue to report, please reach out to us at [email protected] We’d love your input in making FastestVPN even better!

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john andersen
john andersen
2 years ago

need to have it connect automate when it starts were u dont have to doing no clicking on anything. need more servers and locations

Huh Ng
Huh Ng
1 year ago

need to be able to turn on/off ad blocker and NAT firewall