Why Use a VPN When Browsing Online – Reasons Explained

Every year, millions of people around the world use their selected VPN to enjoy an anonymous, secure way to browse the web. With governments, authorities and hackers looking for ways to monitor the activities of individuals, not to mention the wide variety of marketing agencies and search engines wanting to exploit user data in an effort to hit them with targeted advertisements, it’s no wonder why people are looking for a safer way to explore the internet. For those that haven’t yet made the choice, knowing the benefits of using a VPN can help with a decision and in this post, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular reasons to choose a VPN as opposed to browsing without the security and protection that they provide.

Why Use a VPN When Browsing Online

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or a virtual private network, is a type of tool that can be downloaded onto a desktop PC, laptop, Macbook or smart device. When installed they can be used to mask the real location and browsing habits of an individual. With hackers constantly looking for flaws within websites to exploit potential new victims, VPNs offer a way to thwart their ambitions. They do this by encrypting every single byte of data so that the individual using the software cannot be tracked in any way. From using an online photo editor in private without running the risk of their images being leaked, to checking the latest news without cookies monitoring every move – VPNs are certainly an asset to internet users from all walks of life.

Why Are They Beneficial?

Whenever a person logs onto the internet, their IP (Internet Protocol) address will be visible to their service provider. This isn’t the only concern, however, as many sites have tracking cookies built-in and over time, advertisers can collect data about a person’s browsing habits and then target them with ads. Although this can be ignored, the reality is that it’s very intrusive and although the World Wide Web is governed, there is much of it that can be exploited.

That’s exactly what marketing services do, including social media platforms, websites and search engines. VPNs provide a safer and more secure way to browse in anonymity. Any traffic directed through a VPN will be masked, throwing off the scent of a search and sewing confusion among marketing tools that are used to harvest data.

Most VPNs work by establishing a secure server that can be logged into from anywhere in the world – and once this has been done, the internet user can enjoy surfing the web whilst everything that they do is encrypted.

Protection and Security

Another great benefit of a VPN is that they offer protection and security as standard in the vast majority of cases. From using encrypted servers that protect the online activities of their users, through to the ability to halt viruses that connect via IP addresses – those that utilize a VPN are estimated to enjoy up to 75% better protection than those without them.

Whenever a person visits a website, they will often have their IP address targeted by cookies, and these little tools store information on where the visitor comes from, which sites they previously visited and other data that web users have no idea about. With a VPN, it can be possible to browse safely, edit videos using software such as CapCut templates, login to emails conveniently, and even handle online banking more securely.

On the subject of CapCut, this service specializes in providing a wide variety of online tools that can help to enhance images, modify videos, edit media and even convert text from written content to verbal audio, making it ideal when paired with a VPN for anonymous uploading.

The templates available on CapCut are broad and varied, and there is also a section on their website to enter a keyword to find a specific type of theme. These themes can then be selected and customized, including all forms of media such as image and video files, as well as written content.

Once the chosen template has been finalized, it can be downloaded – although it’s worth noting that signing up for an account is the quickest and easier way to complete this process.

Quick and Easy Access


In the past, many users of VPNs found that their internet connection speed was often slow as a result of needing to connect to a server, run information through it, and then be redirected to where they want to go. These days, much has changed, however, and these servers are designed to be fast – in some cases as fast, if not faster than the internet service provider (ISP) itself.

This is why so many people are turning to Virtual Private Networks when they want to enjoy smooth browsing, not attract unsavory attention, reduce their risk of being hacked, and negate the concern posed by adverts and other annoying tracking features that often impact a browsing experience.


Additionally, a VPN also lets you unblock your favorite content across platforms. For example, if you want to access Disney+ outside the US. You can install a Disney Plus VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. A VPN for Disney Plus will let you watch whatever content you like regardless of your location.


Using a VPN when browsing online do have some downsides like slowing your connection speed. However, overall a VPN protects your IP address and other essential data from hackers, agencies, and other intruders. Therefore, it is essential to connect to a VPN when browsing to experience secure and safe online activity.

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