What is a LAN Party? – A Guide to Revive The Fun of Gaming

Gaming is a passion, and those who say it makes a person bound and isolated from the real world don’t know that gaming world enthusiasm. Gamers Love to party as well! Hosting LAN parties of small to massive sizes has given gamers the exposure to explore the social circle with like-minded people around the globe.

What is a LAN Party

Knowing the passion of gamers, there are several games introduced to play as multiplayer and increase the social coordination among them. These LAN parties are usually arranged by hosts at the physical location, from room sizes to a convention hall or more. Here users can interact with people through their skills in gaming and can form lifelong followers and friendships. Want to learn more about what are LAN parties? How to host a LAN party? Want to play multiplayer games on LAN (local area network) with your peer players? Follow the blog to know the fun behind hosting or being in a LAN party.

What is a LAN party?

A LAN party is similar to the other parties held under the social circle of individuals and hosted by a single or a group of individuals where gamers are invited to play with the other players of the games to play in the party. The players connect their gaming PCs and consoles to compatible LAN games. These LAN parties are undoubtedly a great way of interacting socially and engaging others through gaming avatars in the game being played.

Who can host a LAN party?

A LAN (Local Area Network) party can be hosted by anyone with a group of friends interested in playing video games together, as well as the necessary equipment such as computers, a switch, and an internet connection. It can be held at a home, office, or rented space and can range from a small gathering of a few people to a significant event with hundreds of attendees.

Additionally, the idea of LAN parties is still relevant in competitive gaming. Professional athletes still compete against one another in competitions while displaying sportsmanship in both the physical and digital spheres.

Steps to host a LAN party?

A LAN party is one of the best ways for gamers to interact with their likewise peers in the real world. To host a LAN party, here are some basic steps to be undertaken by the host for any inconvenience to be avoided.

  • Gather equipment: You will need computers, as a LAN party is committed to “Bring Your Own Computers” BYOC. You need to keep your system updated to prevent any speed restrictions or updates from being required to install any game.
  • Determine location: Decide on a place, whether it be at someone’s home, office, or rented space.
  • Invite guests: Invite friends interested in playing video games and ensure they bring their computers and necessary equipment.
  • Install games: Ensure all the games played are installed on each computer and updated.
  • Set up the network: Connect all computers to the switch and configure the network settings to allow for multiplayer gaming.
  • Select a VPN: A VPN prevents you from malware while gaming through a LAN network. Additionally, it assists in recommended games to lower the pings for higher speed.

BEST VPN for Gaming

Connecting to Gaming VPN prevents you from DDoS attacks from the PCs connected to the server. FastestVPN is the best gaming VPN you will go through to have the best gaming experience at a LAN party.

  • Test the network: Test the network to ensure that all computers can connect and play games without any issues.
  • Start gaming: Once everything is set up, start the games and have fun with your friends!
  • Clean up: After the LAN party is over, clean up the location and disconnect all the equipment. It can lead to DDoS attacks from the network to which the devices are connected.

How many types of LAN parties are there?

A number of LAN parties are held for gaming to provide an exciting experience to gamers. The number of LAN parties includes:

Special Gaming events

Special events are usually held as large-scale competitions as any other games like cricket or football tournaments. It is organized in the same way but in an esports venue.

The special events are usually done on a public LAN party format where players or gamers used to register for the event and come with their consoles to prove their efficiency. In contrast, the system requirements remain the same for every player.

Larger LAN Parties

Such more significant LAN events, which take place in massive stadiums or fantasy sports arenas, are not your typical Halloween night with friends get-togethers. The most significant players only attend these huge LAN parties, typically in competitive gaming events. In addition, rewards go beyond just bragging rights. There are frequently sizable awards for the winners because significant sponsorships are involved.

Small-scale LAN Parties

Small LAN parties, a typical configuration for casual gamers, consist of just a few players who gather in one physical location and bring their computers. One of them will throw a LAN party that the others will join when they all gather in the same space and turn on their gaming computers.

Through a network switch, they can set up a small LAN party. The traditional network requires a physical connection between devices, making it a more conventional but dependable method of organizing a LAN party. A network switch is a piece of connection equipment that enables various computers to send and receive data to and from the final destination. Ethernet cables are frequently needed to arrange a small LAN party.


A lock-in (or overnight) is a more significant LAN party event where a set number of players have unlimited gaming sessions for the duration of the event. This number is typically large enough to fill all the computers in an esports venue. This is also one example of a special LAN gaming event.

Most famous games to play at LAN parties


The most obsessive and one of the grandfathers of multiplayer games known worldwide. It builds on the tried-and-true formula of the original Counter-Strike games. This game is a favorite among competitive and casual FPS gamers thanks to its smooth gameplay and straightforward yet efficient mechanics.

There is a small cross-play option in this game, though. When using the Steam platform, it can only be done across machines running different operating systems. Sadly, cross-play between PC and console is not possible.


Most people will agree that Fortnite changed and popularised the battle royale shooting genre. The game has many game mode variations and retains a sizable user base. Any gamer may be entertained for a long time just by the vast number of costumes, weaponry, and accessories the user can access.

Additionally, Fortnite is a cross-play game, allowing PC and console gamers to temporarily put their differences aside and participate in this battle royale together. However, the cross-play functionality of the game is now only available on Windows, Android, and console platforms due to the current legal disagreement between Apple and Fortnite.

Among Us

One of the early-stage booming games that debuted in 2018 was Among-Us. The dynamic gameplay and straightforward yet atmospheric aesthetic of Among Us rapidly won fans. Initially playable on Android and iOS devices as a sole individual, the multiplayer game has developed into a cross-platform one. You can also play Amongus on Windows and platforms like the Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

League of Legends

Players can choose from a large selection of characters in this multiplayer online battle arena game, master them, and use them strategically in battle alongside other players. It’s a fiercely competitive game that puts your ability to collaborate with others.

The game has limited cross-play and LAN party capability, which is unfortunate. It also supports cross-play between the game’s PC and OS X versions out of all the platforms where it is accessible.

How can FastestVPN help you host a safe LAN party?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) may improve users’ online gaming experiences. By hiding the player’s IP address, VPNs make it more difficult for gaming servers to determine where they are. Players attempting to access geo-restricted games may find this to be of exceptional help. By encrypting the player’s internet traffic, VPNs enhance the security of online gaming by making it more difficult for hackers to obtain personal information and game data.

For players who participate in LAN parties, a gaming VPN can help to enhance the experience. A VPN for LAN parties allows players to connect to a remote server, creating a virtual LAN network. This makes it easier for players to play games with friends in different parts of the world. When choosing the best gaming VPN for a LAN party, it is essential to consider factors such as server speed, reliability, and security. One of the best gaming VPNs for LAN parties is FastestVPN. A VPN that is known for its fast server speeds, robust security features, and ease of use in a budget-friendly subscription.


Who can attend a LAN party?

Anyone interested in playing multiplayer games can attend a LAN party. No prior experience would be necessary, just a love for gaming and a willingness to participate.

What do I need to bring to a LAN party?

You should bring your computer, power strip, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones, and other gaming peripherals. You may also want to bring snacks and drinks.

What kind of games can I play at a LAN party?

You can play games at a LAN party, including first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, and multiplayer online battle arena games.

How do I connect to other participants at a LAN party?

You connect to other participants by setting up a local area network using Ethernet cables or wireless routers.

Can I play games with people from different locations at a LAN party?

No, a LAN party is designed for local, in-person gaming. However, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to other players remotely.

Is there an age limit for attending a LAN party?

Some LAN parties may have an age limit, typically for minors under 18. It is best to check with the event organizer before attending.

How much does it cost to attend a LAN party?

The cost of attending a LAN party can vary depending on the location and event organizer. Some LAN parties may be free, while others may charge an admission fee.

Wrap up

A LAN party is a gathering of individuals who bring their computers to a single location to play multiplayer games together over a local area network. VPN technology can enhance the LAN party experience by providing secure and private connections, allowing gamers to connect from different locations, and allowing access to geo-restricted content. The LAN party gains additional protection with FastestVPN, enabling a more delightful and stress-free gaming experience.

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