What is a Fake IP Address? Do You Need a Fake IP?

y What is a fake IP address? In short, a fake or false IP helps mask your actual IP address. The best way to get a false IP is by using a VPN. However, there are other ways for you to get one. This opens up options for you. However, ensure that you use a fake IP for legal purposes. 

What is a Fake IP Address

Tip – FastestVPN not only lets you spoof your location with a false IP but also ensures that your data and device are kept free from cyber threats. 

What is a Fake IP Address?

A fake IP is one that is spoofed. IP spoofing means that the Internet Protocol packets are created using a false source IP address. This way, it can be used to mimic other computer systems, however, it’s not entirely the same as faking an IP address. 

With that in mind, a fake IP address is a masked IP that is revealed to websites or apps, etc. It’s completely different from the one assigned by your ISP. Once your IP is spoofed, you can hide your tracks from third parties or end users. 

While the term “fake IP” might be used, it’s actually a real IP address assigned by a service like a VPN, proxy, or another tool that masks your location. Every device needs a unique IP to connect to the internet, so it’s not truly fake. However, this different IP address throws off websites and other users from knowing your location, making tracking your online activity more difficult.

Lastly, as mentioned, fake IPs or spoofed IPs are slightly different. Faking an IP is more legal, and spoofing an IP is usually a means of cyberattack. 

How to Fake an IP Address

I’ve mentioned that the best way to fake an IP address is by using the best VPN. However, for your information, there are other ways to go about it. Below, I’ve highlighted ways to change your IP address to a fake one. Here is how: 


The number one way to hide your IP address is by using a VPN. It’s easy to use and comes with extra security features. FastestVPN gives you access to over 800 global servers. You can connect with any of the servers to fake your IP address. Once you’re connected to it, you can access different websites or apps with another IP. Plus, FastestVPN also encrypts your connection, secures your data, and leaves your IP untraceable. 


Tor, short for “The Onion Router,” acts like a digital maze for your internet traffic. It bounces your data through a series of anonymous relays before reaching its final destination. This smart method of routing hides your physical IP address. It creates a tunnel that makes it difficult for anyone to track you down online. However, there’s a catch: you can’t pick your final exit point, which means you have no control over the fake IP address you end up with. Additionally, some websites actively block traffic originating from the Tor network, potentially hindering your ability to access specific content even with a disguised IP. This is why a VPN is preferred over TOR to fake your IP address. 


Is a proxy like a VPN? Yes and no. A proxy server somewhat performs like a VPN, being an intermediary between the internet and you. It allows you to access certain websites, but it does not come with encryption. A proxy masks your IP address but does not change it. Some of the known proxies include the Socks proxy

Dedicated IP Address

Another way to fake your IP address is to use a dedicated IP. Many ISPs or VPN providers offer dedicated IPs, but not all are safe or authentic. FastestVPN offers access to secure dedicated IP addresses in the USA, Russia, and Germany. This is so that you can fake your actual IP. Once you connect to it, your connection is automatically encrypted and secure. 

Why Do People Use Fake IP Addresses?

Since your IP address is like a digital fingerprint, freely available to internet service providers, advertisers, and even potential threats, it exposes you to various risks. ISPs might use it to track your online activity, advertisers can target you with solicited ads, and cybercriminals could exploit it to steal your information. 

Furthermore, your IP address dictates your physical location, potentially limiting your access to certain websites due to copyright restrictions or other regional regulations. Given these potential downsides, masking your online prints with a fake IP address offers several advantages, including:

  • A fake IP address can be a solid defense against cyber threats. Malicious actors, whether competitors or criminals, could target your IP address with DDoS attacks, overwhelming your network and potentially causing an internet outage. Public Wi-Fi hotspots, like those at airports, can be especially risky. Cybercriminals might leverage your IP address to identify and infiltrate your device. Once they gain access, they could install malware or steal your sensitive data. Masking your IP makes it significantly harder for attackers to target you in these ways.
  • The reason why most people use fake IP addresses is also to access content from abroad. For instance, even if you have access to Netflix in your country, the content library is limited. To unlock other Netflix libraries from another country’s catalog, you need to change your IP and replace it with a fake IP address. There are many platforms that block IPs. You can get around this issue by changing your IP address. 
  • Real IP addresses sometimes come with privacy and security flaws. With a fake IP address, you will be able to maintain more security online, especially while accessing bank accounts, websites, etc. 

The Downside to Using a Fake IP Address

Even though a fake IP is required or needed, it has some setbacks. While it lets you access geo-restricted content abroad, it can also limit your access to local or home websites, apps, etc. This can lead to annoying login loops or restricted access as they struggle to recognize you.

However, there are tools to mitigate this frustration. Premium VPNs like FastestVPN offer features that allow you to choose certain apps with your fake IPs. This way, you can access international content while still seamlessly using local services.

The ease with which you can obtain a fake IP address means anyone else can use it for vindictive reasons. This can make verifying someone’s true location difficult, potentially hindering online trust. However, on the flip side, masking your own IP can actually be a security benefit since it throws off potential scammers and hackers.

FAQs – Fake IP Address

Can we create a fake IP address?

No, you cannot. If you’re trying to manually create one, it’s not possible. To go about it, you need aid from IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.) The procedure for this is complex, which is why it’s not recommended.

What is a random IP?

A random IP is produced from generators. It is an IP that is assigned to all the devices that are connected to the computer network.

How do you spot a fake IP address?

If you’re using a fake IP generated from a third-party or weak source, it’s extremely easy to spot one with tools. This is why you should get legal IP addresses from known providers like FastestVPN.

What is a dummy IP?

A dummy or fake IP is an IP address that websites, ISPs, or other services can see. It’s a different or replaced IP compared to the one that you are assigned. This way, you can mask or protect your actual IP from being seen or compromised.

Can we fake an IP address location for free?

There are some proxies or VPNs that give you free fake IP addresses, but they are not safe. Always consider a premium provider like FastestVPN to get one.

How do you look up your IP address on Windows?

On your Windows device, head to the taskbar. Click on the “Wi-Fi network” > select the network that you're using > click on “Properties.” Now, under “Properties,” check to see the IP address next to the IPv4 address.

What is a disguised IP address?

Every device on the internet has a unique identifying address, like a digital house number, called an IP address. This is crucial for sending and receiving information online. When you use a method to hide your IP, you're essentially creating a disguise. Your real IP address is masked behind a different one, making it appear as if you're connecting from another location. This helps cloak your identity and online activity from websites and other users.

How do I change my IP?

You could ask your ISP for a different IP, but using a VPN is safer. FastestVPN has more than 800 server locations you can connect to to change your IP. It also comes with a dedicated IP.

To Conclude

And that’s a wrap! Most users often ask what is a fake IP address and whether there are any threats that come with it. A fake IP is, at times, required. It helps stay safe online and free from ISP or website tracking. With it, you can unblock and access numerous websites, apps, or content that is geo-restricted in your country. However, ensure that you use a dummy IP address wisely and not for illegal purposes. 

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