5 Ways to Securely Send Money Abroad

There are many different reasons for making international payments including payment of wages, sending money to family and friends, or purchasing products. However, as with anything online, where there’s money involved – a cybercriminal won’t be too far away. To make a successful transaction, you need to learn how to stay secure. This guide highlights 5 crucial ways to securely send money abroad.

Ways to Securely Send Money Abroad

5 of Best Ways to Securely Send Money Abroad

The internet is changing and almost everything is now digitized. The same is recorded with online transations, regardless of whether it’s being transferred locally, or overseas. One thing to note is that when making any payments abroad, you need to be careful of what’s lurking in the sidelines. If, however, you’re not to sure about how to safely send money abroad, maybe these 5 points can help you:

1. Use Reputable Brands

You will find countless money transfer services online, but you need to make sure you use a reputable brand. After all, it’s relatively easy to set up a bogus website and trick people into spending money under false pretenses. You can verify a brand’s authenticity by checking reviews and researching its background. For example, Ria Money Transfer has been around since 1987, when its operation was brick and mortar. However, now they have over 500,000 locations and serve more than 160 countries, which makes them a household name in the world of international money transfers.

2. Keep Your Data Secure

Your data is often protected by an email address and password, but many platforms adopt two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra security these days. Although 2FA adds an extra layer of security, you still need to make sure that your password is complicated. Back in the day, people believed simply adding a number or an exclamation mark to the end of their password would suffice, but we live in a world where hackers can easily crack those. Therefore, your password needs to be a complex and unique string of characters including all types. You could use the best password manager to help you.

3. Use a VPN

If you browse on a public network, your information is easy to track and hack into. Therefore, you should always use a VPN to keep yourself safe. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) directs all of your device’s web traffic through a remote location, which keeps people from snooping at your activity and stealing your data.

4. Triple Check Destination Details

No matter how many security measures you take, it will all be for nothing if you send your money to the wrong account. Therefore, when entering the destination account, make sure you double-check – and then check one more time. For extra measure, if you’ve got a trustworthy roommate or partner around, get them to check it over as well.

If you’re sending money to someone for the first time, and the amount is quite high, we suggest sending a small amount to check that it hits the right account. Then, you can save the details and use them as many times as you like without worrying.

5. Keep Receipts

When you buy an expensive item from the store, the chances are you keep hold of the receipt in case anything goes wrong. The same applies to sending money online. You will likely receive a confirmation email that your money has been sent – make sure you keep hold of this to prove you’ve sent the money.

Transferring money online has never been easier, but you need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your data and money are secure – the above tips will help you with this.

To conclude

You now know 5 of the best ways to securely send money abroad. These are just 5 points to bare in mind; there are always more ways to inculcate cybersecurity into your daily lives and to prevent data theft, money theft, and other kinds of attacks. We always recommend staying connected to a secure VPN to make the process easier and safer. FastestVPN is currently the most affordable VPN that you can securely bank on.

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