How to Watch Women’s World Cup Semi-Final Live Online

FIFA Women’s World Cup is currently running its course and on its way to the Knockout Phase. The Group Phase has featured many exciting encounters, such as Germany vs Spain. But Knockout Phase is only going to get more exciting for one simple reason. The phase will include qualifying matches that will land the teams a spot in the Semi-Finals. We don’t even need to say why the Semi-Finals are important.

The teams that have moved up to Group of 16 in the Knockout Phase are Norway, Australia, France, Spain, and Spain – the others are awaiting the outcome of impending matches.

The Semi-Final round will include four teams that will play one match against each other. The two winning teams will then proceed to compete against each other in the Final Round that is scheduled to take place on July 7 at Stade de Lyon. So, read on our guide to know how to watch the Women’s World Cup Semi-Final live online.

Watch Women’s World Cup Semi Final Live Online

Women’s World Cup Date, Time and Venue

  • Date: July 2, 2019
  • Time: 3:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Venue: Stade de Lyon, Lyon, Paris

The second Semi-Final round will take place on July 3 at the same time and venue.

Stream Women’s World Cup Live Online on Various Devices

Fox Sports will resume its normal broadcasting of FIFA Women’s World Cup for the Semi-Final round. People in the United States can look forward to the entire Knockout Phase including the Semi-Finals just like the preceding matches.

The problem, again, is that Fox Sports can only be accessed if you’re in the United States. Either that or you’ll have to catch the broadcast on BBC if you are in the United Kingdom. Fox Sports provides the convenience of streaming through the internet. And for many, Fox Sports is already part of their network provider’s offering.

So, if you have access to Fox Sports through your network provider then you don’t need to do more. Just download the app on your device. But what if you’re not in the United States? Let FastestVPN take care of that problem for you. The high-speed servers in the United States will grant you access to all such geo-restricted streams.

Follow as we explain how to get FastestVPN working on your favorite device to watch Women’s World Cup Semi-Final live online.

Watch Women’s World Cup Semi Final on Roku

Roku’s capabilities allow you to stream from a number of content services like Fox Sports. It’s incredibly easy to setup VPN on Roku. Here’s how:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN
  • Setup VPN in router and use US IP address to connect
  • Ensure that Roku is connected
  • Download and install Fox Sports on Roku through the app store
  • Sign-in to Fox Sports
  • Click on the Women’s World Cup live stream to start watching

Watch Women’s World Cup Semi Final on FireStick

With FireStick, you get the same streaming capabilities through a number of streaming services. It’s a great companion for living room entertainment, especially if your TV does not support app functionality.

Watch Women’s World Cup Semi Final on Kodi

Kodi is remarkable as a media streaming application. Here it’s more convenient because installing Fox Sports on Kodi does not require a third-party repository.

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN
  • Use router configuration process to setup FastestVPN in router with US IP address
  • Connect Kodi device to the router
  • Launch Kodi
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Add-ons then select Install from Repository
  • Then go to Kodi Add-ons Repository > Video Add-ons > Fox Sports 1
  • Start watching Women’s World Cup live online

Watch Women’s World Cup Semi Final on Xbox One/PS4

Whether it’s a Sony console or a Microsoft console, Fox Sports is equally good on both platforms. The app is available through their respective digital stores. Here’s how to setup FastestVPN on Xbox One/PS4:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN
  • Enable VPN in the router for your Xbox One/PS4
  • Connect your Xbox/PS4 to the router
  • Connect with US IP address
  • From Xbox Store/PlayStation Store, lookup Fox Sports app then download it
  • Launch Fox Sports and sign-in to the service
  • You now have everything you need to watch Women’s World Cup on Xbox One/PS4

Watch Women’s World Cup Semi Final on Apple TV

Apple TV is a robust media device, allowing you to stream your favorite movies and TV shows in up to 4K Ultra High-Definition quality. The process requires you have access to App Store on Apple TV which is why this method is only for Apple TV 4th generation and above.

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN
  • Connect to US server with router configuration
  • Connect Apple TV to the router
  • Download FastestVPN from App Store
  • Launch the app from your Apple TV then log-in with your credentials
  • Head to live section then click on Women’s World Cup link

If you have an Apple TV 3rd generation or lower, then use AirPlay to stream off your iOS device to the big screen.

Watch Women’s World Cup Semi Final on iOS/Android

Last but not least, iOS and Android are likely to be the most popular devices for watching the Women’s World Cup live online.

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN
  • Lookup FastestVPN in App Store/Play Store
  • Install it then connect to US server after launch the app
  • Go back to App Store/Play Store to download Fox Sports app
  • Launch the app once it has installed
  • Sign-in to Fox Sports
  • Click on Women’s World Cup live stream link to start watching

ConclusionWomen’s World Cup Semi-Final live online

The list of teams who will compete in the Semi-Final round is unknown at the moment. The outcome of Quarter Final round will reveal which teams make it to the round that qualifies two teams for the Final Round.

In the last championship, United States, Japan, Germany, and England were the teams that made it to Semi-Final round. Excitement is certainly in the air as fans hope to see which teams successfully qualify for the round this year.

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