How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 on Kodi for Free

Despite chilly winds and extremely cold temperatures, Olympics fanatics are to gather for a treat at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium. Winter Olympics will kick off on the 9th of February 2018 in South Korea with the final closing ceremony on the 25th of February 2018. Whether the fans are at the venue or not, they can enjoy the Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony and the rest of the exciting events lined up with lots of twists and turns. While ticket holder watches it upfront, you can enjoy it at the comfort of your home on any of your device with Kodi. Here are a few ways of streaming Olympics on Kodi for free without any subscription fee.

Watch Winter Olympics on Kodi

  • Event Date: 9 – 25 February 2018
  • Event: Winter Olympics
  • Location: PyeongChang Olympic Stadium, PyeongChang, South Korea

Watch Winter Olympics 2018 on Kodi (Kodi 17 to Kodi 17.6 Krypton)

There are official and unofficial add-ons for Kodi where you can stream Olympics on Kodi. We have a guide for one the best from each.

Official Kodi Add-ons To Watch Olympics On Kodi

  1. iPlayer WWW
  2. Zattoo Box
  3. Sportube
  4. SportsNet Now

Unofficial Kodi Add-ons To Watch Olympics On Kodi

  1. Boom Add-on
  2. The Loop
  3. SportsMania

Proceedings of The Night – Schedule

Catch your favorite athletes with exemplary performances on Kodi for free. Follow the schedule and set up your Kodi paired with FastestVPN, accordingly.

The ceremony is to follow the schedule extracted for you below. It is the same as the Sochi Winter Olympics that commenced 4 years ago.

  1. Entry by the head of state
  2. Playing of the national anthem
  3. Parade of participants
  4. Symbolic release of doves
  5. Head of state declares the Games open
  6. Raising the Olympic flag
  7. The Olympic oath is taken by an athlete, official, and coach
  8. The Olympic flame and the torch relay
  9. The artistic program (or rather the big show!!)

Best Add-ons for streaming Olympics on Kodi

If you are in the States then watching winter Olympics online for free is a non-issue. You can watch it on NBC as it broadcasts the XXIII Winter Olympics on its official website and via its sports app.

On the other hand, if you’re in the United Kingdom and you possess a TV license, you can watch winter Olympics 2018 on BBC iPlayer. It is the official broadcaster for games and it may ask you to register for free to be able to watch it, but it is a one-time thing that lets you enjoy it anywhere and everywhere from there onwards. You can watch it on your phone, tablet, web browser, TV, gaming console and more.

get fastestvpn

If you’re anywhere outside of US and UK, however, then you cannot access this content from abroad. You need the US or UK IP to be able to do so. Unblock the unnecessary geo-restrictions with FastestVPN and watch winter Olympics online securely, seamlessly and freely.

Alternatively, you can watch winter Olympics opening ceremony on Kodi VPN and get an add-on that sticks till the end.

Best Kodi Add-on for streaming Olympics: iPlayer WWW (official)

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Best Kodi Addon for Olympics Streaming
  3. Go to Add-ons
  4. Best Kodi Addon for Olympics Streaming
  5. Now go to ‘Downloads
  6. Best Kodi Addon for Olympics Streaming
  7. Select Video Add-ons
  8. Best Kodi Addon for Olympics Streaming
  9. Then scroll down to iPlayer WWW
  10. Best Kodi Addon for Olympics Streaming
  11. Click Install
  12. Best Kodi Addon for Olympics Streaming
  13. Now go back to home screen and go to Add-ons
  14. Best Kodi Addon for Olympics Streaming
  15. Select Video Add-ons
  16. Click the iPlayer WWW Kodi Add-on
  17. And enjoy!

You now have BBC channels lined up in front of you that let you watch Olympics on Kodi. If you are outside of UK though, you will be notified with ‘BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only’.

Not to worry though, with FastestVPN you can unblock any geo-restrictions and smoothly watch winter Olympics on Kodi.

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Best Kodi Add-on for Streaming Olympics: Boom Repository (Unofficial)

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Select Settings Icon
  3. Navigate to File Manager
  4. Double click on Add Source (right side)
  5. Click the bar that says ‘None
  6. Enter the link ‘
  7. Click OK
  8. Name the source as ‘Boom Repo
  9. Click OK again
  10. Return to the main menu
  11. Click on Add-ons
  12. Click on the Packages Installer Icon (top left corner)
  13. Select Install from Zip File
  14. Click on Boom Repository
  15. Select
  16. Wait for the ‘Add-on enabled’ notification to pop up.
  17. Go back to Add-ons
  18. Select Install from Repository
  19. Click on ‘Boom!’ Repository
  20. Click Video Add-ons
  21. From the options given, select ‘BOOM
  22. Click ‘Install
  23. Wait for the “Add-on Enabled” notification to pop up again
  24. To open the add-on, go back to home screen
  25. Click on Add-ons
  26. Go to Video Add-ons
  27. Select Boom

Channels for Your Region to Watch Winter Olympics 2018

CanadaCBC / Radio-Canada Bell Media Rogers Media
United StatesNBC
United KingdomBBC Eurosport
EuropeDiscovery Communications Eurosport
Middle EastBeIN Sports
IndiaStar Sports
FranceFrance TV
AustraliaChannel 7
ItalyRai TV

Watch Winter Olympics on Firestick

You can Watch Winter Olympics on Firestick too by simply installing Kodi on FireStick device. Follow the same steps as above on your FireStick device too. Watch Winter Olympics 2018 with security via Fastest VPN for FireStick.

A Few Visuals Before The Show Begins

Let’s talk about the achievements of the winners and the statues that symbolize the event this year.

If you’re curious to see what the medal looks like, below is a picture showing what they look like. Lee Suk-Woo is the designer of the medal that is the motivation of athletes who have put in hours of hard work and dedication their entire life. These medals will bring them good luck and remind them of how it was all worth it for all the years to come.

winter olympics medals

The official mascot for this year’s Olympics is a White Tiger, Soohorang. This is because it is a symbol of trust, strength, and protection in Korean mythology and culture.

Winter Olympics on Kodi for Free

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Wrapping Up

While the city PyeongChang in South Korea is a winter wonderland, the champion athletes showcase their talent each one raising the bar for the next contender. Watch Winter Olympics 2018 on Kodi for free. Make sure to configure it with FastestVPN so you can overcome geo-restrictions and enjoy the Olympics securely, impeccably and freely.

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