How to Watch UFC 298 on Apple TV

Both “Volkanovski vs Topuria” will headline the UFC 298 event, but how and where to watch UFC 298?

How to Watch UFC 297 on Apple TV

This UFC live stream will be broadcast on various streaming channels worldwide, but if you are one of those fans with an Apple TV at home, consider yourself lucky, as this guide will explain the best way to watch Volkanovski vs Topuria on Apple TV

Keep reading to prepare yourself to watch this exciting MMA matchup on your Apple TV from anywhere in the world.

Can I Watch UFC Fight on Apple TV?

Wondering how to get the UFC fight tonight? You can watch UFC fights on Apple TV – however, the UFC live stream is geo-limited and can only be aired in specific countries. The fact that these channels are region-locked makes the situation worse because you can only access them if you reside in one of the nations where the event is being shown. 

As a solution, register to FastestVPN, install it on your favorite device, and connect to a US server. This allows you to stream UFC fights on Apple TV without hassles!

How to Watch MMA Fights on Apple TV Online

Watch MMA or watch UFC fight live easily when you have a streaming channel in your region that offers free streaming of sports events. However, most of the time, this isn’t the case. So, if you’re unlucky in this aspect, then worry not because we know a streaming channel that will broadcast the fight for free: MatchTV

So far, you’ve a clear answer to how to get the ufc fight tonight. To access this channel, you need a VPN because MatchTV is a Russian channel and is geo-restricted outside Russia. Well, most of them are. By using FastestVPN, you can watch UFC with MatchTV easily.

But wait, there is one issue, MatchTV is only available online and you can’t watch UFC 298 without an Internet access. MatchTV doesn’t offer an app for Apple TV, which means the only way to watch UFC on Apple TV, you will need another device to screen mirror the whole event on your Apple TV. This way, you can enjoy the fight on Apple TV. So to do all this, first, you need to get FastestVPN to access the MatchTV on your mirroring device.

Steps to Watch UFC Live Stream on Apple TV

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Get FastestVPN app on any iPhone/iPad device
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to the Russia server
  4. Now on our iOS device, swipe up from the home screen to open the control panel
  5. Click on the AirPlay button and select your Apple TV device to connect
  6. Once your iOS device starts to appear on your Apple TV, launch Safari and visit
  7. That’s it. You can now watch UFC 298 on Apple TV from anywhere

With FastestVPN, you don’t have to buy costly subscriptions to watch the fight on Apple TV; you can do so by accessing MatchTV, which is a free streaming channel and only available in Russia, bypassing geo-blocks, and watching UFC 298 on Apple TV from anywhere be it UK, US, Australia, Canada or anywhere else.

What Channel Is UFC 298 On? Broadcasting Channels for UFC 298 On Apple TV

The UFC 298 will be broadcast on various streaming channels worldwide. To know where to watch UFC fight and which channel is going to broadcast the whole event in your country or region, see the list below:

CountryBroadcasting Channels
United StatesESPN+ PPV
United KingdomBT Sports
AustraliaFoxtel, Kayo Sports

How Do I Watch PPV Fights on Apple TV?

The  Pay-per-view (PPV) is available for $99.98 in the US, which seems expensive. However, you can buy the PPV on UFC cheaply by using a VPN to change your location to a country where the PPV is cheap. You don’t have to worry about your current location. You need to connect with a VPN and switch your country to a different country.

The cost of PPV varies from country to country, which means, PPV costs $74.99 in the US for previous subscribers and $99.98 for UFC Pay-Per-View. It will cost less in countries in Europe or Asia. So, once you have a VPN in place, you can connect to a different server to virtually appear in another country, thus fooling the website into believing that you are connected from a different country than your actual location.

Singapore is the country where UFC PPV can be purchased for less. So, to buy PPV to watch UFC on Apple TV, you must connect with a Singapore IP address. Fortunately, FastestVPN offers a high-speed server in Singapore.

How to Buy UFC 298 PPV? (4th Generation and Above)

As shown above, you can buy UFC 298 PPV at cheap rates and watch Volkanovski vs Topuria on Apple TV without any trouble. So to do all this, you must first get FastestVPN on Apple TV, and then, you can switch your location to Singapore and instantly watch the whole UFC 298 event on your Apple TV.

Steps to buy UFC 298 PPV

  1. Get FastestVPN
  2. Set up FastestVPN on Router and use our Singapore IP as your IP location during configuration.
  3. Connect your Apple TV to the VPN-enabled router.
  4. Now all you need is to Download the UFC app for Apple TV from App Store and sign up
  5. Purchase the fight at cheap rates and Done
  6. Enjoy watching UFC 298 on Apple TV at cheap rates from anywhere

UFC Fight Date and Time

As the fight gets near, fans are excited and pumped up to see both champions in action. Here are some important details for those who don’t know when and where the fight will occur.

  • Date: 18 Feb 2024.
  • Day: Sunday
  • Venue: Honda Center, Anaheim United States
  • Broadcasters: UFC Fight Pass, Pay-Per-View (PPV), ESPN+ PPV 

UFC 298 Fighting Card

UFC 298 will also bring a lot of other great fights that you shouldn’t miss. If you haven’t seen the full UFC 298 fight card yet, here is the full preview:

Fight Card

These are the UFC-nominated best fighters to appear in UFC 298, which will be a prodigious MMA event.

  • Alexander Volkanovski (C) vs Ilia Topuria (featherweight title)
  • Robert Whittaker vs Paul Costa (middleweight)
  • Geoff Neal vs Ian Machado Garry (welterweight)
  • Merab Dvalishvili vs Henry Cejudo (bantamweight)
  • Anthony Hernandez vs Roman Kopylov (middleweight)

Final Thoughts – UFC 298 on Apple TV Online

So, there you have it, a comprehensive answer to how to get the ufc fight tonight and that too, on your Apple TV. Don’t miss out on the UFC mega-fight. 

The athletes are hungry for power and ready to reach MMA’s top. What will happen? We can only wait and hope to get the best MMA entertainment from the venue to your Apple TVs. 

MatchTV will give you free live coverage, but you cannot get access to it since it is only available in Russia, or can you? Yes, you can. Once you have FastestVPN configured on Apple TV, bypassing geo-restrictions on MatchTV wouldn’t be an issue. 

Follow our above guides to watch the fight on your Apple TV successfully. Once you do that, you can catch the UFC live stream from anywhere.

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