How to Watch Oscars on Roku

The 93rd Academy Awards will be aired live from Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on ABC channel (9Now in Australia) on April 25, 2021. They will begin with the red carpet arrivals at 5:00 p.m. ET. The ceremony and the main event will follow on the network sharp at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Watch Oscars on Roku

Nothing is bigger than the Oscars in the world of acknowledgment and award functions. Even though it is televised in more than 225 countries worldwide, there are a few cord cutters finding workarounds to watch Oscars 2021 live without paying for it. Well, look no more, we have you covered. You can watch Oscars on Roku without spending a penny!

  • Oscars 2021 Date: Sunday, April, 2021
  • Oscars 2021 Time: 8:00 P.M. (ET)
  • Oscars 2021 Location: Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California
  • Oscar Host 2021: Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas

To Stream Oscars on Roku

If you are excitedly anticipating the Oscars (as you should be) and searching a way to way Oscars on Roku, then these few steps are just the solution you are looking for. Here’s what you simply need to do:

  1. Sign up for FastestVPN
  2. Configure FastestVPN via router connection on Roku
  3. Connect to Australia’s fast servers
  4. Open POPRISM web browser on Roku device
  5. On your browser open Nine Network and watch Oscars 2021 live on Roku

That’s about it. Streaming Oscars on Roku will be thrilling and an experience equally as good as the cable.

How To Configure FastestVPN on Router

TP-Link Router

This is a step by step guide to connect your TP-Link router to FastestVPN using the L2TP protocol.

Firstly, access web configuration panel of your router opening as or in your browser. Username and password are in your router’s manual.

Connect a TP-Link router to FastestVPN via L2TP protocol

  1. Go to “Network” a “WAN”. If you do not find it there, you can find it in “Internet” s “Basic” instead.
  2. Set “WAN Connection Type” as “L2TP/Russia L2TP”.
  3. Enter “Username” and “Password” as given by FastestVPN.
  4. Activate “Dynamic IP”.
  5. In “Service IP Address/Name” field enter the address of the server you want to connect to. Please click here to get the complete list of server addresses.
  6. Set “WAN Connection Mode” as “Connect on demand”.
  7. Click on “Save” button to save your settings and hit “Connect”.
  8. The status of the connection should now be “Connected!”

D-Link Router

This guide explains how to connect your D-Link router to FastestVPN using the L2TP protocol.

First, access web configuration panel of your router opening or in your browser. The default IP, username, and password are given in your router’s User Manual.

Connect a D-Link router to FastestVPN via L2TP protocol

  1. Go to “Internet” a “Setup
  2. Select “My Internet Connection is” as “L2TP”.
  3. Into the “L2TP Server, IP Address” field enter the server address of the server that you want to connect to.
  4. Enter your FastestVPN “Username” and “Password”.
  5. Set “Reconnect Mode” to “On Demand
  6. Select your “Address Mode” to “Dynamic IP”.
  7. Enter our DNS servers as “” and “”.
  8. Click Save settings and then connect to VPN.

On some D-Link models, the router may reboot, and you might need to navigate to the “Status” page and click the “Connect” button.

The Venue

It is recorded that the Academy Awards, colloquially known as Oscars, have the same venue since 2001; that is the Dolby Theatre. It is a live performance auditorium in the Hollywood that hosts the most glamorous and gorgeous award functions since the last 19 years.

The Host

The host for Oscars 2019 was Kevin Hart. When he dropped out, for the first time ever, the ceremony was host-less but tied together by various celebrities who presented and stepped in throughout the night to introduce segments and hand out awards. The Oscar 2021 will be hosted by Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.


The nominations are out and the air is buzzing with excitement. As the month of February is coming closer, it is increasing anticipation. Get ready to satisfy your entertainment cravings and watch Oscars on Roku with ultimate convenience via FastestVPN.

FastestVPN lets to stream Oscars on Roku from anywhere in the world with utmost convenience. Connect to an Australian IP and stream Oscars at high speed without hassle. Nine Network is your go-to channel and you are all sorted for the big event.

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