How to Watch Oscars on PS4 2022

Oscars are just around the corner and the fans are going wild waiting for the glam to take over their screens. Of course, it is impossible for all the fans to see their favorite stars live. But they can definitely enjoy the star-studded event on their screens. You don’t need antennas and cables to satisfy your entertainment needs. You can simply watch Oscars on PS4. Your PS4 serves as a multi-purpose entertainment device. Make the best use of it and watch Oscars on PS4 live!

Watch Oscars on PS4

The official broadcaster for Oscars 2022 is ABC. The downside though is that it ABC is an American channel that caters to the US audience; that too in only certain regions. It is also necessary for such audience to have an active paid ABC account. If you are outside those regions, or outside the US altogether, you can still watch it on PS4 anyway with the 9Now app.

9Now is a streaming service of Nine Network which is an Australian channel. The flipside is that the streaming is only available to those situated in Australia. So if you are outside US and Australia both, you can get rid of this restriction. What a PS4 user needs to do is use a reliable VPN – FastestVPN. This will enable them to enjoy Oscars on PS4. It allows a buffer-free and smooth experience.

Watch Oscars On PS4

To live stream Oscars on PS4, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Configure FastestVPN on router and connect it to your PS4 console
  3. Select a Fastest Australian VPN server
  4. From Play Station Store, download official 9Now app for PS4
  5. Launch 9Now app and live stream Oscars on PS4
  6. And you are done.

Contrary to the belief, cable is not the most convenient way to catch your favorite events. You can watch shows of all sorts on your PS4 console just as conveniently. All you need is 9Now app installed on your PS4. 9Now has its popularity because it is one of the official broadcast partners. It has its competitive edge as it lets you stream Oscars live for free!

How To Configure FastestVPN on Router

DD-WRT Router

This is a step by step guide to connect your DD-WRT router to FastestVPN using the L2TP protocol.

Access web configuration panel of your router opening or in your browser. The default IP, username and password are already given in your router’s User Manual.

Connect a TP-Link router to FastestVPN via L2TP protocol

  1. Go to “Setup” -> “Basic Setup
    • Set “L2TP” as your “Connection Type
    • Into the Gateway (L2TP Server) field enter a FastestVPN server address.
    • Enter your FastestVPN “Username” and “Password
    • Enable the “Use DHCP” option
    • Under “Optional Settings” change “MTU” to “Manual” and put in the value of “1460
    • Scroll down to “Network Address Server Settings (DHCP)
    • Select “DHCP Type” to “DHCP Server” and also select “Enable
    • Into Static DNS 1 and 2 fields enter these DNS addresses: “” and “
    • Disable “Use DNS Mask for DHCP and DNS
    • Click “Save” and “Apply Settings” at the bottom of the screen to connect to VPN
  2. Now click on “Connect” button and your status will change to connected

Key Dates To Remember – When Are the Oscars

  • Oscars 2022 Date: Sunday, March 27, 2022
  • Oscars 2022 Time: 8 EDT/5 PDT
  • Oscar Host 2022: Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes
  • Oscars 2022 Location: Dolby Theater, Los Angeles, California


9Now being an Australian channel is also region-blocked, thus you can only stream Oscars on PS4 if you are within Australian boundaries. If not, there is nothing to worry about. With FastestVPN, mask your IP and unblock geo-locked channels and get rid of restrictions. Catch all the glam of Oscars on PS4 from anywhere in the world without any troubles.

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