Watch NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Detroit Lions on iPhone

Nearing the Super Bowl now is the time for the Divisional Round where the final four teams live in the NFC. Tampa Bay has already proven the impossible by matching up against Super Bowl favorites against Philadelphia Eagles to pull off an upset.

Watch NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Detroit Lions on iPhone

The Detroit Lions will be hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday where the NFC Championship is on the line. Over time the Lions have rolled the 2023-24 NFL schedule and got up to the No. 3 seed in the playoffs. Well, the Green Bay Packers have defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card Round, so Detroit was blessed with a second home playoff game. It was a golden moment for the Lions who won their first postseason contest since 1992 when they took over Los Angeles Rams (24-23). 

It is quite different to see the Buccaneers taking the path of the playoffs. Although, Tampa Bay is a convincing team with a first-round victory. The Lions are 9/1 in the Super Bowl odds market

Well, where there is more to brag about the match, we are also here to tell you about an interesting method to watch the match, considering the network restrictions, and blackouts. So, let’s begin without a topic.

The Match Details

MatchupTampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions
DateSunday, Jan. 22
Time3 p.m. ET
LocationFord Field (Detroit)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Face Detroit Lions in NFL Divisional Round

Do the Buccaneers have a chance to take revenge on another team? 

Tampa Bay has done what no one ever could think of. They are matched up against one of the toughest Super Bowl team favorites against Philadelphia Eagles. Quarterback Baker Mayfield led the way for the offense by compiling one of the best passing games of the franchise. The Buccaneers came the first team to 22/36 passes for 307 yards with three touchdowns. They are also the final four teams alive in the NFC. 

The Lions are also coming off a victory 24-23 against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night. While Detroit built a 21-12 lead in the second quarter but also held three points in the second half. This week is also going to be the second straight week to begin the postseason that the Buccaneers have an opportunity for an act of revenge. Previously, Detroit defeated Tampa Bay in October  

The Recent Lions Vs Buccaneers Matchups

  • Detroit has three total wins against Tampa Bay
  • In the last five head-to-head matches, Detroit has reached 116 points while Tampa Bay has gone to 106. 

Where Can I Watch the NFL Divisional Round?

The game is into its final stretch which means there is heat and sweat. The best of the time is heading on to the top, the Wild Card has taken place and the game is tighter than before. You will want to know how to watch these matches so tune in for the Super Bowl. 

You will face some blockages locally, and internationally. Although these matches can be seen without a cable subscription Like Amazon Prime Video and NFL+. You can also use an HDTV antenna for that. 

But do you know if you are out-of-the-market these games may not be available to you? There is another route for the international audience to watch the US special NFL games, and the answer is VPN. 

The VPN will help you create a clear path for watching in a cheaper way, this service also allows you to watch matches without any fear of throttling, or security threats. VPNs can also help in using a different server location and streaming online without a hassle. 

However, these are some of the paid app services, that may help in browsing online. 

AppPaidNFL Content Broadcasted
NFL+ AppYesYes
ESPN AppYesYes
NBA AppYesNo
CBS Sports AppYesYes
NBC Sports AppYesYes

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Are you tired of Bandwidth and unhindered speed? 

Well, thanks to FastestVPN it has a stable connection, and one can watch or play in real-time. You can experience unlimited bandwidth which is crucial for eliminating high ping and buffering. FastestVPN suggests using the WireGuard protocol for faster speeds. 

There is a lot to experience in FastestVPN as there are very less limitations in their features and functionalities. So, now take control of watching your favorite show with Fastest, and enjoy with these leading luxuries, 

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Manual Configuration of Connecting FastestVPN with L2TP

Among the long list of manual configurations of FastestVPN, we have selected this for you, 

  • Open your iPhone/ iPad Settings. 
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Provide the following details:

  • Server: Your desired FastestVPN server address 
  • Your FastestVPN username
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  • Now tap on Done at the top right side
  • You are now Connected.

In The End

Here is a well-sorted way of streaming online NFL matches at any time while sitting in any part of the world. A VPN like FastestVPN is a qualified service and adds the required security to the device. Use it while sitting in any part of the world and enjoy NFL matches.

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