Watch NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Baltimore Ravens on Hulu

The Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7) and Baltimore Ravens (13-3) will meet on Sunday, January 7, at the M&T Bank Stadium. It is the last week of the regular season before the Wild Card kicks in.

Watch NFL Pittsburgh vs Baltimore Match on Hulu

In Week 18, The Steelers need to win over the Ravens to have their place and claim the wildcard playoffs. Previously, their Week 17 they saw a win against the Seattle Seahawks and a victory over either the Tennessee Titans, the Jacksonville Jaguars, or the Miami Dolphins over the Buffalo Bills. 

Meanwhile, the Ravens have already locked up as the top seed in the AFC, giving the Steelers some time to overlook. The experts have the view that Baltimore could send their backups out during the regular season to face the season finale to face Pittsburgh. 

Watching these final regular seasons can be a real deal, only if you are not blocked. Sounds painful? Doesn’t it? Well, that is the case in many regions and some parts of the world, specifically outside the USA. The type of network barriers and geo-blocking are due to the NFL committee policies.

An Overview of Steelers and Ravens for Week 18

In NFL Week 18 it is going to be the first match out of the two games. It gives a chance to Baltimore to have a quick around for the second week in a row after playing the San Francisco 49ers at Christmas, the USA saw the match live on ESPN. On the other hand, the Ravens do not have anything to play. They already have the home-ground advantage, while the Steelers have to keep fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive. Although the performance has been impressive with their wins, and may also opt for a quick clean sweep for the second time.

After a long time, this marks the first occasion where the high-ranking Ravens have the chance to oust the Steelers from making it to the playoffs. The last time the Ravens held the No. 1 seed was in the remarkable 2019 season, and even then, they had no playoff implications in their final regular-season game. Despite resting key players, including MVP Lamar Jackson, they still won decisively at M&T Bank Stadium, closing the year with a franchise-record 14th victory.

The Steelers are going on a winning streak and have upgraded themselves to a greater position to earn Wild Card Berth at the playoffs. Pittsburgh beat the Shaw Hawks 30-23 in Week 17. The Steelers were 4.5-point dogs and over (40.5) hits. Here is a scenario for the Steelers to make the playoffs are 

Steelers ResultBills ResultJaguars ResultColts-Texans ResultBroncos ResultPlayoff Outcome
WinLossLoss or TieAnyAnyPlayoffs
WinAnyLoss or TieTieAnyPlayoffs
WinAnyWinAnyAnyNo Playoffs
TieAnyLossAnyAnyNo Playoffs
LossAnyLossAnyWinNo Playoffs
LossAnyAnyTieAnyNo Playoffs
  • “Any” in the table represents any possible result. 

Schedule for Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Baltimore Ravens

Matchup Week Date and dayTime TV Stadium Location 
Pittsburgh V Baltimore 18Sunday, Jan 7 4:30 pm EST ESPN 



M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore 

Where to Watch NFL Week 18 Pittsburgh Vs Baltimore

Here is a breakdown of how and where you can watch NFL live from different online streaming platforms. The list is comprehensive, but one letdown is its network barriers and geo-blocking. It is a common tradition when it comes to NFL broadcasts. The NFL Association is strict with its broadcast rights. 

Platform/ChannelAvailability in the WorldSubscription Required?Subscription Charges (if any)Channel/Streaming Service
ESPNAvailable in many countriesYesVaries by providerChannel
NBC SportsAvailable in select regionsYesVaries by providerChannel
Amazon Prime VideoAvailable in multiple countriesYesIncluded in Prime membershipStreaming Service
YouTube TVAvailable in the USYes$64.99/monthStreaming Service
Hulu + Live TVAvailable in the USYes$69.99/monthStreaming Service
NFL Game PassAvailable globallyYes$99.99/year (subscription)Streaming Service
Sky SportsAvailable in the UK and EuropeYesVaries by providerChannel

Among these platforms, Hulu is a top choice among viewers. Hulu is an American platform providing seamless broadcast. So, if you have a hands-on Hulu subscription but are living outside the USA, you need a VPN for a premium connection and a live broadcast. 

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Hulu?

Hulu is a popular online streaming platform in the USA and some other regions of the world. As a USA-based platform, it requires a form of payment upon signing up. For instance, if you are in Australia, you need to tackle these issues to bypass the geo-restrictions and licensing laws. Once you are connected to the VPN server in the USA, you can access it with an American IP address and watch NFL. 

How To Unblock Hulu on Your Device

There are many ideas on how to unblock Hulu on a device in a restricted region. To enjoy a limitless connection with Hulu on your device you need to connect to FastestVPN. It is a highly compatible VPN serving its best in the digital landscape, covering safe and secure online browsing. 

The reason why we have picked Hulu out of this platform is due to the range of availability for live sports. Viewers can enjoy the NFL, NBA, FIFA, WC, and much more. Moreover, when connected with FastestVPN it adds a layer of security and seamlessness. It is packed with advanced and highly impactful features that are excellent for running on a device while sitting in any part of the world. 

Do You Know What Can You Find at FastestVPN?

  • Anonymous Browsing 
  • WireGuard Protocol 
  • NAT Firewall 
  • 24/7 Live Chat 
  • P2P File Sharing
  • Multiple Device Connections
  • Ad-Blocker
  •  Free Password Manager 

Unblock Hulu with the NFL Outside the US in 3 Steps

So, once you are in the zone of getting FastestVPN, now what you have to do is, 

How to Connect Hulu with FastestVPN to PC (Windows and Mac)

So, you are looking to watch NFL Week 18 Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Baltimore Ravens. It is a simple process to access Hulu, 

  • Download FastestVPN on your PC
  • After installing, connect to a server location, and in this case, the USA
  • Visit the Hulu website and login to the account
  • Find the NFL broadcast and enjoy the show. 

How to Connect Hulu with FastestVPN with Smart TV

Another way to connect to Hulu is through FastestVPN on a Smart TV, 

  • Download the FastestVPN app
  • Connect the app to the US server 
  • Download the Hulu app on the Smart TV 
  • Create an account with a US zip code or login 
  • Search for the NFL Week 18 Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Baltimore Ravens, and enjoy. 

On a Concluding Note

So, this is how you do it when you are looking for a safe solution for online browsing. Trust us! A VPN is among the most amazing online tools available, and a VPN like FastestVPN. Not only does it serve well, but it is compatible with multiple devices and is continuously striving to make it better in the online world.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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