How To Watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul on Android Devices

Learn how you can watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul on Android whether you are at home, traveling, moving to another country, or whatever the scenario is. This guide will guarantee you a seamless streaming journey!

Watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul on Android

NOTE: Accessing content on your smartphone isn’t hard until you have to travel to another country and deal with geographical restrictions on content. If you don’t want to miss your favorite shows and events while traveling, subscribe to FastestVPN today and ensure seamless streaming transcending interruptions. 

With the Tyson vs Paul fight rescheduled for 15 November, the co-main event is also back on the cards and will not happen on the scheduled July date. This guide will let you stream the event on Netflix easily, especially if you are on the go on the event’s date!

About The Fight

On 7th March earlier this year, it was announced that Netflix would broadcast a professional boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson on the 15th of July. However, Mike’s training schedule spiked his health charts, and it was conveyed to him that postponing the fight and training less would be in his best interest.

So, Netflix and Most Valuable Productions, the production giants behind hosting the most-anticipated bout, decided to postpone the fight and reschedule it for 15 November later this year. 

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul will be live from the home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas. It will also be a sanctioned fight, meaning that the fight’s result will go straight to the professional boxing records of both fighters. Mike’s last professional fight was back in 2005, and by the time he faces off against Paul, he will be 58 years old, making it officially the biggest age gap between the participants. 

When Is The Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Fight

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul date and time has been officially rescheduled after the fight was postponed from happening on the 20th of July. Here is the revised schedule:

  • Date: November 15, 2024
  • Day: Friday
  • Venue: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
  • No. of Rounds: 8 rounds for 2 minutes each
  • Live Broadcast: Netflix, Netflix USA

How To Watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul on Android

Follow these steps and watch the Netflix pay-per-view online easily:

  • Download FastestVPN from your Android’s Google Play.
  • Install the Android VPN application.
  • If you are using an Android TV at home, download the apk app directly from the FastestVPN website. 
  • Once installed, launch the app and sign in to your account. 
  • If you don’t have an account, create one.
  • Connect to a US-based server for the best results.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to Netflix’s website. 
  • You can also download the Netflix app on your preferred device. 
  • If you don’t already have a new account, create one on the website or within the app.
  • You will receive a confirmation link after completing the purchase.
  • Open the streaming app on your Android.
  • Sign in to your account to watch the PPV event online on the 15th of November.

Why Choose FastestVPN To Watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul on Android?

If you own an Android, and entertainment, especially the visual one, is your go-to source of getting you through the day, then you must want a seamless experience, right? Even more so, if you have a subscription to OTT platforms, you must spend your day carefully planning what to watch and when to watch it. For a seamless Netflix and chill experience, getting a top-notch streaming VPN for Netflix is a must. 

A VPN on your Android device, smartphone, or tablet will protect you and your data, especially when you are connected to public Wi-Fi. Moreover, a FastestVPN subscription will let you get unlimited bandwidth on a network where internet speed is limited to the number of devices. 

If you travel from one country to another and encounter geographical blockades, the VPN can help you access content without hassle. 

Apart from phones and tablets, Android TVs and TV boxes also support the installation and configuration of a VPN, which helps prevent the difficulties of opening spammy sites and blocks such websites, ads, and traffic. 

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Full Fight Card

  • Neeraj Goyat vs Whindersson Nunes
  • Julio César Chávez Jr. vs Darren Till
  • Ashton Sylve vs Floyd Schofield
  • Co-main: Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano
  • Main Card: Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

Mike Tyson Stats and Biography

  • Birth Name: Michael Gerard Tyson
  • Nick Name: Iron
  • Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Age: 57
  • Date Of Debut: 06/03/1985
  • Bouts: 58
  • Rounds: 215
  • Knockouts: 44
  • KO%: 88%
  • Height: 5′ 10″
  • Stance: orthodox
  • Record: 50W, 6L, 0D

Jake Paul Stats and Biography

  • Birth Name: Jake Joseph Paul
  • Nick Name: The Problem Child
  • Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Age: 27
  • Date Of Debut: 30/01/2020
  • Bouts: 10
  • Rounds: 46
  • Knockouts: 6
  • KO%: 66.67%
  • Height: 6′ 1″
  • Stance: orthodox
  • Record: 9W, 1L, 0D


With our guide, anyone can easily watch Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul on Android devices. Whether you own an Android smartphone, tablet, or TV and TV boxes at home, securing your online activity is necessary, and FastestVPN offers apps for every device. Now, you can watch Netflix at home, on your phone, on your television, or your tablet while flying from one country to another without worrying about geo-blocks. 

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