How to Watch 2019 French Open On PS4 and Xbox Online

French Open, Roland Garros, is all set to put the outdoor clay courts to fire! The second Grand Slam event of 2019 is from May 26, 2019, to Jun 19, 2019. While that is a big deal for the players, it is equally as big a deal for tennis fans to catch the event live! Those who are cord cutters don’t need to worry. They can simply switch their gaming consoles to streaming devices and enjoy 2019 French Open on PS4 and Xbox online.

watch french open on ps4 and xbox

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Watch 2019 French Open On PS4 and Xbox

Lucky for you, even without cable, you’re not without a solution! You can watch French Open 2019 on PS4 and Xbox without any hassles. From the comforts of your home, simply adjust and configure your devices to enjoy tennis live streaming free online. We’ll go over it one by one about how you can watch French Open on each device.

Watch Tennis Free Online On PS4

To watch French Open 2019 on PS4, do as under:

  • Get FastestVPN subscription
  • Configure your router with FastestVPN
  • While configuring, choose the country depending on the channel you choose to watch the French Open on the UK, in this case, would be good
  • On your PS4 browser, go to iTV website (
  • Enjoy French Open on PS4 live for free!

Know that you MUST be connected to FastestVPN as iTV provides free broadcast only to people in the UK. So connect to UK server with FastestVPN and bypass the geo-restrictions!

Roland Garros 2019 On Xbox

French Open on Xbox is pretty much similar to PS4. All you have to do is:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN (get a package to suit your needs)
  • Configure and connect your router with FastestVPN
  • Choose the UK while the configuration in this case
  • Visit iTV ( on your Xbox browser
  • Keep up with French Open on Xbox for free!

Keep in mind that the channel is geo-restricted and cannot be accessed outside the UK. So make sure to connect/configure FastestVPN so you can benefit from free streaming!.

get fastestvpn

French Open 2019 Schedule

French Open 2019 starts on May 26 and ends on June 19. The complete schedule of French Open 2019, including French Open women final and French Open men’s final, is as under:

Mon20-May10:00 AMGentlemen’s Singles
Tue21-May10:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles
Wed22-May10:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles
Thurs23-May10:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles
Fri24-May10:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles
Sat24 May10:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles
Sat25-May10:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles
Sun26-May11:00 AMGentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles
Mon27-May11:00 AM2 Gentlemen’s and 2 Ladies’ Singles
Tues28-May11:00 AM2 Gentlemen’s and 2 Ladies’ Singles
Wed29-May11:00 AM2 Gentlemen’s and 2 Ladies’ Singles
Thurs30-May11:00 AM2 Ladies’ Singles 2 Gentlemen’s Singles
Fri31-May11:00 AM2 Gentlemen’s and 2 Ladies’ Singles
Sat1-June11:00 AM2 Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles
Sun2-June11:00 AM2 Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles

The schedule is currently provisional, which means it could see some modifications. Visit the link here to check the complete list of matches due to be held.

Online Broadcasters for French Open Online on PS4 & XBOX

Below is an extract of all the channels that will broadcast French Open 2019. These channels have exclusive rights to broadcast the second Grand Slam live.

The channels are as follows:

  • Australia: Fox Sports
  • African Countries: Super Sports and beIN sport
  • Asian Countries: FoxSports
  • Caribbean: ESPN Caribbean
  • Canada: RDS(French), TSN(English)
  • European Countries: Eurosport 1 and 2
  • France: FranceTV Sports, EuroSport 1&2
  • Fiji & Pacific Islands: Fox Sports
  • India and Subcontinent: Neo Sports, MNC Sports
  • Middle East: beIN Sports
  • New Zealand: Sky NZ
  • South American: ESPN Latin
  • United Kingdom: ITV 1 and ITV2
  • United States: Tennis Channel, NBC, ESPN

Even if you don’t watch French Open 2019 on PS4 and Xbox, you can always stream these paid channels to catch up the tennis action amongst your favorite players. However, it is important to remember that all these are geo-restricted and to unblock these channels you will need to be connected to FastestVPN.

get fastestvpn


All, UK residents benefit from free live streaming by iTV. FastestVPN is your secret key to overcoming geo-restrictions and unblocking channels. Connect to FastestVPN and watch French Open 2019 on PS4 and Xbox live from anywhere in the world at high speed and quality. Catch the action on the French courts with FastestVPN!

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