How to Watch Formula E on Firestick – Live Stream from Anywhere

Broom Brrooom! We have environmental friendly races on the rise! The Formula franchise is breaking stereotypes and bringing in electric cars that are not only environmental friendly, but also super cool! Formula E is the newer series of the Formula franchise. The difference between Formula 1 and Formula E is that Formula E features electric cars. While this might be a bummer for the petrol heads, there are many fans who are excited for the electric cars to hit the tracks. For those who are new to this and are wondering how to watch Formula E, they can follow the guide below and watch Formula E on Firestick without any hassle.

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Note: You can watch Formula E on BBC, BT Sport and ESPN. However, they are all geo-restricted channels. So if you are outside the US or the UK, make sure you connect to FastestVPN to overcome geo-graphical limitations. It is advised to connect to the VPN regardless to make sure you are not a victim of ISP speed throttling or under surveillance by copyright agents.

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Watch Formula E On FireStick

How to Watch Formula E on Firestick

Formula E can be streamed through many different sources. The official broadcasters are BBC and ESPN. The only obstacle that there is then is that these channels are geo-restricted. Though, these limitations are the least of our worries with FastestVPN having the fan’s backs. Just get the VPN service and enjoy Formula E on Firestick freely.

Here are the steps to follow to enjoy the Formula E race on Firestick:

  1. Get a FastestVPN subscription choosing the package best suited for your needs
  2. Download and install FastestVPN app for Firestick
  3. Connect FastestVPN to the UK server
  4. From browser, access your preferred channel – BBC or BT Sport
  5. Or you can install the BBC iPlayer / BT Sport app from store
  6. You are sorted to watch Formula E on Firestick online!

Formula E Broadcasting Details

Other than BBC, BT Sport and ESPN, Sony Liv will also stream the races live on its channel. The similarity with all the options is that you will have to use FastestVPN to access them as they are not available outside their host countries.

The practice and qualifying sessions will be available on Facebook and dedicated Formula E channel on YouTube.

How to Watch Formula E on Firestick via Sony Liv

With the UK server you can access BT sport and BBC while with the US server ESPN will become available. However, if you wish to watch Formula E on Sony Liv, here is what you need to do.

  1. Get a FastestVPN Subscription
  2. Download the FastestVPN app for Firestick
  3. Connect to the Indian Server
  4. Go to Sony Liv website from browser
  5. Or download Sony Liv app on Firestick
  6. Enjoy live streaming Formula E on Firestick via Sony Liv!

Formula E 2019 Schedule

11Bern ePrixBern Street Circuit, Switzerland22 June 2019
12New York City ePrix Race 1Brooklyn Street Circuit, United States13 July 2019
13New York City ePrix Race 2Brooklyn Street Circuit, United States14 July 2019

Wrapping Up – Formula E on Firestick

Formula E is a new series that are gaining immense popularity and traction all over the world. The electric cars ruled franchise is no less than Formula 1 itself. It started back in 2014 in Beijing and is now a big deal all over the world. Watch Formula E on Firestick without much ado with FastestVPN. No matter where you are in the world, don’t let geo-restrictions bother you and get access to entertainment with a single click.

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