How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online FREE Streaming without Cable

Watch FIFA Club World Cup from 12 to 22 December

Unarguably one of the biggest Sporting Competition in the world “the FIFA World Cup 2018”, is finally here and it will take place next month in Russia starting from 14th July 2018. The whole competition will be broadcasted live globally by more than 160 channels including online services and you can tune to the channels available in your region to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online streaming. For those who have no FIFA World Cup broadcasters in their region, you will need a fast and reliable VPN to access online streaming channels as most of them are geo-restricted. France vs Croatia match will kick off at 11:00 AM ET or 8:00 AM PT.

here we have made a complete guide on how you can easily stream FIFA world cup matches online free on your preferred devices.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Without Cable – France vs Croatia Final Streaming

To live streaming FIFA World Cup, follow these steps to setup a VPN on your device and live stream your favorite world cup matches from anywhere:

  1. Get FastestVPN Subscription (Costs just $10)
  2. Get FastestVPN App on your preferred device OR configure VPN through Router
  3. Connect to a server location where the FIFA World 2018 broadcast is available for free(i.e. Russia for or UK for BBC iPlayer and ITV)
  4. Launch your device browser and access the broadcaster’s stream for World Cup (in case you are connected to the Russian server, visit or if you are connected to the UK visit BBC iPlayer, iTV)
  5. Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online for free.

Important:, iTV and BBC iPlayer are all geo-restricted which means that they cannot be accessed from outside their country of origin. To unblock these channels use FastestVPN. Get FastestVPN now!

FIFA World Cup Today’s Matches

15th July11 Am ETWatch France vs Croatia LIVE FREE

France Vs Croatia – FIFA World Cup Final Match

France with Kylian Mbappé will be hard to deal with for Croatia. Croatia will not be as lucky with France as they were with England, as the French players will not keep surrendering possession with a string of aimless long balls.
To watch France vs Croatia FIFA World Cup Final Match preview can easily do it without a cable connection. All that is required is to follow a few simple steps below:
1. Select a plan and get FastestVPN subscription
2. Download the FastestVPN app for your device Or configure FastestVPN with your router and connect device with VPN-enabled router
3. Connect FastestVPN to US server (for ESPN+) or UK server (BBC iPlayer)
5. Now, go to ESPN+ or BBC iPlayer official website and stream the heated action of FIFA 2018 finals for free!

Belgium Vs England – FIFA World Cup Play-off for third place Match Preview

We have the strongest teams playing against each other for third place. Both have lethal players who will not spare anyone in front. If not the world cup, then the third place is what the players have set their eyes on.

Watch Belgium vs England and see if England is able to beat Belgium in Saint Petersburg on Sunday as this will help England achieve its best World Cup result since Bobby Moore last lifted the Jules Rimet Trophy in 1966. While England has come far now, Belgium is definitely going to give a tough fight.

Don’t miss Belgium vs England on the 14th of July at Saint Petersburg Stadium, Saint Petersburg. The kick-off is said to be scheduled for midnight Sunday AEST.


FIFA Semi-Finals Match Preview

Croatia Vs England

It’s now or never for both Croatia and England in the Semi-Finals. Both teams have performed well throughout the tournament and reached the Semis in convincing fashion. In comparison, Croatia looks a better side with strong team tactics being implemented by the manager, while England has done enough to beat the likes of Sweden and Columbia to excel to the final stages of the FIFA World Cup Russia.

Both Croatia and England have had zero luck for the past 5 decades in the World Cup, however, the times have changed, both are now in the semifinals and are already dreaming to win the tournament against all odds. Though England looks the better side on papers, Croatia’s golden generation wouldn’t be a walk in the park and could surprise everyone with a win, as they have done throughout the tournament. France has already reached the final by beating Belgium, now its Croatia and England turn to fight for their lives and cement their names into the final.

Predicted Line-ups




get fastestvpn

A fan made a video of how he was able to watch FIFA World Cup online without cable.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Official Broadcasters List

If you’re hoping to watch the event live, you can switch over to various channels to catch your favorite team’s matches live.

More than 160 TV networks have bought the broadcasting rights to FIFA World Cup 2018 which also includes free-to-air channels such as ITV, BBC, Sky, CBS, SBS, beIN Sports, etc. Since the FIFA World Cup is watched around the world, here is a list of broadcasters that you can tune including free online channels using a VPN and watch FIFA free live online.

United KingdomBBC


Sky Go UK

















beIN Sports





USAFox Sports






India & South AsiaSony Pictures NetworkPaidYes






Middle-eastbeIN SportsPaidYes

Note: Streaming FIFA World Cup matches depend on where you live and the availability of streaming service in your region. If you live in a place where no channel is broadcasting the event that it could be a big problem for you. But you can avoid such issues and watch the whole competition live online on your favorite devices easily using a VPN because a VPN helps you to anonymously change your IP to different regions where the World Cup broadcast is available. So, follow our instructions carefully to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online on different devices with ease.

get fastestvpn

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live

The FIFA World Cup is watched by millions of fans from around the world. It features some of the biggest footballing countries including Brazil, Germany, Spain, & Argentina and some of the biggest football stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and others competing with each other to win the ultimate prize in football “the World Cup Trophy”. The 2018 FIFA World Cup will kick off on 14th July as the host nation Russia will go up against Saudi Arabia for the opening match.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be very important and crucial for many footballers including Messi & Ronaldo as it is the only competition they have not won despite playing the previous three world cup editions. So, football fans wouldn’t be missing the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia for sure. if you’re one of the craziest fans, use our below guide to stream FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia on your favorite devices instantly.

How to Livestream FIFA World Cup on Kodi

Kodi is the best platform to stream FIFA 2018 World Cup matches for free. By installing popular Kodi sports add-ons, you can watch FIFA World Cup 2018 easily on your preferred devices. However, you first have to set up a Kodi VPN on your Kodi device. The reason for that is because Kodi is an open-source platform and prone to cyber-attacks. So you will need a Kodi VPN to protect yourself against such attacks. So, without further due, here is how you can setup a VPN for Kodi and watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online without any problems:

  1. Get FastestVPN for Kodi
  2. Setup FastestVPN app on your device OR configure it through Router
  3. Connect to our US or UK servers
  4. Open Kodi
  5. Navigate to Settings -> File Manager and select Add Source
  6. Click on where it says NONE
  7. A window will popup. Here, type this URL: “
  8. Hit OK
  9. Now hit on “Enter a name for this media source” and type “Ares
  10. Click OK, and OK again
  11. Now move to Kodi Home Screen, and select System -> Add-ons
  12. Click on Install from Zip File
  13. Select Ares
  14. Select “aresproject
  15. Click on “
  16. Wait for the Repo to install
  17. Now Select Install from Repository
  18. Select Ares Project -> Video add-ons
  19. Finally, click on “Sports Devil
  20. Hit Install
  21. Wait for the “Add-on enabled” notification
  22. Return to home screen
  23. Select Add-ons
  24. Launch the SportsDevil!
  25. Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on Kodi for free.

How to Livestream FIFA World Cup on Roku

Roku is another one of those devices you can use to stream the World Cup matches live online. All you need is to setup a VPN to access the free streaming channels such as MatchTV and watch FIFA free live online from anywhere. Here is how to do that:

  1. Get FastestVPN
  2. Configure FastestVPN on Roku via Router
  3. Connect to our Russian Server Location
  4. Launch Roku browser & access MatchTV
  5. Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on Roku live for free.

get fastestvpn

How to Livestream FIFA World Cup on Mac

If you own a Mac and wants to watch 2018 FIFA World Cup live online for free on your Mac, then you must know that most of the free broadcasting channels such as MatchTV are geo-restricted and will require a VPN to access them. So, to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 live on Mac here is watch you need to do:

  1. Get FastestVPN subscription
  2. Download & Install FastestVPN app for Mac
  3. Launch the app on Mac and Connect to our Russian VPN server
  4. Launch Safari on Mac & visit MatchTV
  5. Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on Mac for free.

How to Livestream FIFA World Cup on PS4

PS4 users can also watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online on their device for free. All you need is use a VPN and enable yourself to access the FIFA World Cup free live streaming channel. Here is how to do that in 5 easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Configure FastestVPN settings for PS4 via Router
  3. Connect to our Russian VPN server location through VPN Settings
  4. Launch the PS4 browser & access MatchTV
  5. Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on PS4 with ease.

How to Livestream FIFA World Cup on iOS

Streaming live events on an iOS device can be a really complicated task since iOS devices are very secure and protected in every possible way. Moreover, accessing streaming apps and websites on iOS doesn’t come without restrictions and privacy issues. However, by using a VPN, you can rest assured that you will be able to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online on your iOS device with ease. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get FastestVPN subscription
  2. Configure FastestVPN settings for iOS on your device
  3. Connect to the Russian Server location through settings
  4. Launch Safari on iOS & access MatchTV
  5. Watch the biggest Sporting event ‘’the FIFA World Cup 2018” live on iOS.

How to Live stream FIFA World Cup on Android

Since FIFA World Cup is the event watched by millions of fans, we know many of you will be looking for ways to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online on Android for free. Well, lucky for you, we have the best option for you available here. Follow these steps exactly and you will be able to stream FIFA World Cup on your Android devices with ease:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Download & Install FastestVPN app on Android
  3. Launch the VPN app and Connect to our Russian Server
  4. Open Android Browser & go to MatchTV
  5. Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on Android for free.

get fastestvpn

How to Livestream FIFA World Cup on Smart TV

Smart TV users can breathe a sigh of relief as we bring you the exact guide on how to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online on Smart TV without spending a single penny. Here is what you need to do to catch all the action from Russia directly on your Smart TV:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN service
  2. Configure FastestVPN for Smart TV via Router
  3. Connect to our Russian server location via settings
  4. Launch Smart TV browser and visit MatchTV
  5. Livestream FIFA World Cup matches on Smart TV for free.

How to Live stream FIFA World Cup on Amazon Firestick

Looking for ways to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on Amazon Firestick? Here is a simple step-by-step guide to stream the whole tournament live.

  1. Get FastestVPN Subscription
  2. Setup FastestVPN settings for Firestick via Router
  3. Connect to Russian server location through our VPN settings
  4. Launch Silk Browser & access MatchTV
  5. Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2018 online on Firestick for free.

How to Livestream FIFA World Cup on Xbox

Before you access the free streaming channel for World Cup 2018, you must first overcome geo-restrictions. Since most of the free streaming channels are geo-restricted and available in selected regions only, you will need a VPN to bypass those restrictions. Here is everything you need to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on Xbox:

  1. Get FastestVPN
  2. Set up FastestVPN for Xbox through Router (Connect using our Russian location address from this list).
  3. Launch Xbox browser and visit MatchTV
  4. Watch the greatest football competition online on Xbox free of cost.

get fastestvpn

How to Livestream FIFA World Cup on Apple TV

Watching the FIFA World Cup on Apple TV will be more than exciting, to say the least. However, to stream the tournament live on Apple TV, you must have a VPN configured on Apple TV to successfully access the free streaming channels for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Here is what you need to do in order to access and stream the World Cup games on Apple TV for free:

  1. Get FastestVPN
  2. Configure FastestVPN settings for Apple TV via Router
  3. Connect to our Russian Server by using the Russia location address from here.
  4. Launch Safari on Apple TV & go to MatchTV
  5. Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online on iOS for free.

Where to watch FIFA World Cup 2018

Don’t have a cable subscription? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, thanks to the internet world that has enabled us to stream anything online. The web is full of websites that will be streaming FIFA live online. There are many broadcasters (both official and non-official) that are going to broadcast live FIFA World Cup across the globe. Below is the list of the broadcasters/Streaming services that will keep you updated with every moment of FIFA World Cup.

Watch FIFA 2018 on FOX Sports

The United States fans need to bookmark the fox news web as they will be coming live from the football stadium in Russia. Stay tuned to fox news.

Watch FIFA 2018 live of BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer has the streaming rights to FIFA in the UK. The channel will be streaming the event live online for free! Yes, not many many channels will be doing that, but there just one problem.  The channel is geo-restricted which means that only people residing in the UK will be able to stream the event on BBC iPlayer. So if you want to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on BBC iPlayer, FastestVPN is your best bet.

Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 on CBS

CBS is one of the few channels that have the exclusive streaming rights to streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 in the US. But, you’ll require a cable subscription to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on CBS online. Also, the channel is geo-restricted so you can’t only access it outside US.

Watch FIFA on DR

DR (Danish Radio) has the broadcasting rights of FIFA world cup in Denmark. It’s one of the oldest media company of the country. DR has 6 TV channels that are aired nationwide. Like other channels, this channel can’t be accessed from outside Denmark, and you’ll need a cable subscription as well.

Watch FIFA on Astro

Looking to watch World Cup 2018 in Malaysia? Well, your search is over because Astro, a Malaysian broadcasting channel, will be streaming the event live – all 64 matches. The cable subscription is also offering World Cup passes to non-members where ever they reside.

get fastestvpn

Watch FIFA on TBS

Another US broadcasting channel, TBS will be streaming FIFA 2018 as well. The channels is particularly famous for broadcasting comedy and sporting shows. This year, however, the channel will also be streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 live.

Stream FIFA on NHK

NHK, a Japanese TV channel, has secured the rights for streaming FIFA 2018 live. The channel is available on both TV and online. You’ll need a cable subscription to watch the channel live.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Dazn

Dazn is an online streaming service available in Canada, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The streaming service is geo-restricted so if you reside outside any of the countries mentioned before, you’ll need to change your location using FastestVPN.

Watch FIFA World Cup on Plex

Plex is a streaming service that offers Live TV and DVR services. Plex lets you record sports, TV shows and anything that you want to watch later. It also lets you organize the content that you want to watch. Luckily for Plex users, they’ll be able to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live by downloading the apps of the channels that will be streaming the event.

Watch FIFA Live on BeIN Sports

The Middle East folks can enjoy the HD show on Bein sports. The official website will be broadcasting live match.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on NBC

United States fans can also access the NBC platform to watch match online. Make sure to bookmark the official web!

Watch FIFA on DirecTV

The Caribbean fans are welcomed to visit the biggest broadcaster DirecTV to watch their best teams play in FIFA.

Stream FIFA on ITV

Serving as the official broadcaster in the United Kingdom, ITV will be bringing the show live to its football fans in the UK.

get fastestvpn

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Sky

Sky streaming would be available to the football fans living in Chile, New Zealand, and Honduras.

Watch FIFA on Sony LIV

For the Asians, Sony Tv will be bringing the heat from the Russian grounds. Sony LIV is the official broadcaster of FIFA 18 and will be assisting fans of the subcontinent.

Watch FIFA 2018 on SuperSport

The football legends, Africans, can enjoy their favorite players live on SuperSport. Being the official broadcaster of FIFA 2018, supersoft is committed to providing its fans the best of the moments.

More than 160 TV would be broadcasting the world cup live from the grounds of Moscow. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the giant football cup. Share this message with your peeps!

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online in the US

Fox is the official broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in the US and football fans can stream the whole tournament live by subscribing to its service, but it may cost you dearly. However, if you’re looking for another alternative to streaming the World Cup for free, you can use a VPN to access MatchTV’s World Cup Livestream which is free.

Here is how to do that easily:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Get FastestVPN app for your preferred device OR set it up on your Router
  3. Connect to our Russian Server
  4. Open your device’s browser and visit MatchTV
  5. Enjoy live streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 in the US for free.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online in the UK

Sky and iTV will be broadcasting the 2018 FIFA World Cup live online and you can access any one of them to watch the FIFA World cup live. However, if you’re looking for other alternatives such as MatchTV, then follow these instructions to stream the whole event live in the UK for free.

  1. Sign up for a FastestVPN account
  2. Get our VPN app for your device OR configure VPN setting on Router
  3. Connect to our Russian Server location
  4. Launch your device’s browser and access MatchTV
  5. Watch online FIFA World Cup 2018 live in the UK for free.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online in Australia

SBS will be screening the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Australia Online for free. Another alternative is to access MatchTV free live streaming for the FIFA World Cup. Here is how:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Download & Install FastestVPN app on your device OR setup our VPN settings on Router
  3. Connect to Russia server location
  4. Launch browser & go to MatchTV live streaming
  5. Watch FIFA World Cup live stream in Australia for free!

get fastestvpn

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia will commence on June 14 and conclude on July 15 in Moscow. 32 teams will compete in Russia for the biggest football prize. 64 matches will be played in a typical knockout format with each team playing 3 group stage matches before going into the next round. 12 different venues in Russia are selected for the FIFA World Cup matches. Here is the full schedule for the tournament so that you can catch your favorite matches on time:

  • Groups
  • (A) Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay
  • (B) Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran
  • (C) France, Australia, Peru, Denmark
  • (D) Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria
  • (E) Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
  • (F) Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea
  • (G) Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England
  • (H) Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

Group (A)
Saudia Arabia310227-53

Group (B)

Group (C)

Group (D)

Group (E)
Costa Rica301225-31

Group (F)
South Korea310224-23

Group (G)

Group (H)

get fastestvpn

June 14Russia vs Saudi Arabia (A)Moscow (Luzhniki)3pm
June 15Egypt vs Uruguay (A)Ekaterinburg12pm
June 15Morocco vs Iran (B)St Petersburg3pm
June 15Portugal vs Spain (B)Sochi6pm
June 16France vs Australia (C)Kazan10am
June 16Argentina vs Iceland (D)Moscow (Spartak)1pm
June 16Peru vs Denmark (C)Saransk4pm
June 16Croatia vs Nigeria (D)Kaliningrad7pm
June 17Costa Rica vs Serbia (E)Samara12pm
June 17Germany vs Mexico (F)Moscow (Luzhniki)3pm
June 17Brazil vs Switzerland (E)Rostov-on-Don6pm
June 18Sweden vs South Korea (F)Nizhny Novgorod12pm
June 18Belgium vs Panama (G)Sochi3pm
June 18Tunisia vs England (G)Volgograd6pm
June 19Poland vs Senegal (H)Moscow (Spartak)12pm
June 19Colombia vs Japan (H)Saransk3pm
June 19Russia vs Egypt (A)St Petersburg6pm
June 20Portugal vs Morocco (B)Moscow (Luzhniki)12pm
June 20Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (A)Rostov-on-Don3pm
June 20Iran vs Spain (B)Kazan6pm
June 21France vs Peru (C)Ekaterinburg12pm
June 21Denmark vs Australia (C)Samara3pm
June 21Argentina vs Croatia (D)Nizhny Novgorod6pm
June 22Brazil vs Costa Rica (E)St Petersburg12pm
June 22Nigeria vs Iceland (D)Volgograd3pm
June 22Serbia vs Switzerland (E)Kaliningrad6pm
June 23Belgium vs Tunisia (G)Moscow (Spartak)12pm
June 23Germany vs Sweden (F)Sochi3pm
June 23South Korea vs Mexico (F)Rostov-on-Don6pm
June 24England vs Panama (G)Nizhny Novgorod12pm
June 24Japan vs Senegal (H)Ekaterinburg3pm
June 24Poland vs Colombia (H)Kazan6pm
June 25Uruguay vs Russia (A)Samara2pm
June 25Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (A)Volgograd2pm
June 25Spain vs Morocco (B)Kaliningrad6pm
June 25Iran vs Portugal (B)Saransk6pm
June 26Denmark vs France (C)Moscow (Luzhniki)2pm
June 26Australia vs Peru (C)Sochi2pm
June 26Nigeria vs Argentina (D)St Petersburg6pm
June 26Iceland vs Croatia (D)Rostov-on-Don6pm
June 27South Korea vs Germany (F)Kazan2pm
June 27Mexico vs Sweden (F)Ekaterinburg2pm
June 27Serbia vs Brazil (E)Moscow (Spartak)6pm
June 27Switzerland vs Costa Rica (E)Nizhny Novgorod6pm
June 28Japan vs Poland (H)Volgograd2pm
June 28Senegal vs Colombia (H)Samara2pm
June 28England vs Belgium (G)Kaliningrad6pm
June 28Panama vs Tunisia (G)Saransk6pm
Round of 16
June 30France vs Argentina (Match 50)Kazan2pm
June 30Uruguay vs Portugal (Match 49)Sochi6pm
July 1Spain vs Russia (Match 51)Moscow2pm
July 1Croatia vs Denmark (Match 52)Nizhny Novgorod6pm
July 2Brazil vs Mexico (Match 53)Samara2pm
July 2Belgium vs Japan (Match 54)Rostov-on-Don6pm
July 3Sweden vs Switzerland (Match 55)St Petersburg2pm
July 3Colombia vs England (Match 56)Moscow (Spartak)6pm
July 6Uruguay vs France (57)Nizhny Novgorod2pm
July 6Brazil vs Belgium (58)Kazan6pm
July 7Sweden vs England (60)Samara2pm
July 7Russia vs Croatia (59)Sochi6pm
July 10France vs BelgiumSt Petersburg2pm
July 11Croatia vs EnglandMoscow (Luzhniki)2pm
July 14Belgium vs EnglandSt Petersburg2pm
July 15France vs CroatiaMoscow (Luzhniki)3pm

FIFA World Cup 2018 Predictions

Who are you rooting for to win the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia?

get fastestvpn


The 2014 FIFA World Cup winners, Germany looks the favorites once again this time around. But football is always full of surprises and nothing can be predicted this early. However, one thing is for sure, if you follow our above guides then you will surely be able to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online for free streaming easily. So, get your device’s VPN configured and get yourself ready for stream the biggest sports tournament live on your favorite devices.

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