How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 in Canada

Watch FIFA Club World Cup from 12 to 22 December

It is quite sad that Canada was eliminated from FIFA 2018 world cup but that doesn’t mean that fans in Canada don’t want to catch up on FIFA football action. With cable or without, you can watch FIFA in Canada from 14th June to 15th July in Canada for free.

All 64 matches of the football tournament in Russia can be streamed live for free. Watch FIFA in Canada with this simple guide.

watch fifa in canada

Channels officially broadcasting FIFA in Canada

  • CTV
  • RDS
  • TSN

These channels are subscription based and do not work outside Canada. So if you have a subscription to these and are on the go, you can connect to FastestVPN and get access easily.

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How to Watch FIFA in Canada without Cable

First and foremost, know that you need a VPN connection for this free solution. Secondly, even if you opt for the paid Canadian channels, it is always advised to be connected to a VPN as it gives your data and browsing protection from third-party interventions.

With FastestVPN’s ad block feature, you can also stream more conveniently without irritating ads.

Here is how you can watch FIFA in Canada:

  1. Get a FastestVPN subscription(Costs just USD 10)
  2. Download FastestVPN app for your device Android, iOS, mac)
  3. Or configure a router with Russian server if you are using devices that don’t have specific apps for them (Roku, PS4, Kodi)
  4. Connect to Russian server for or UK for BBC iPlayer
  5. From the browser, visit or BBC iPlayer
  6. Enjoy FIFA in Canada for free!

Note: BBC iPlayer,, SBS and iTV Player are all geo-restricted Channels. They cannot be accessed from outside their country of origin. To access these channels use FastestVPN.

World Cup Schedule – FIFA 2018

14th June – 28th June:Qualifiers
30th June – 3rd JulyRound of 16
6th and 7th JulyQuarter Finals
10th and 11th JulySemi-Finalss
14th JulyThird Place
15th JulyFinal

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Alternatives to Watch FIFA 2018 world cup in Canada

Here are a few alternatives to enjoy FIFA 2018. Though they are all subscription based and few are also geo-restricted, which means you do need VPN to unblock it.

  • PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue was for PlayStation users only initially. Later it became a streaming service available for everyone. It offers 4 packages that start from the very basic which is Access and go to on to Core, Elite and Ultra. Access is available at $39.99 with a 5-day free trial upon sign up.

  • Hulu Live TV

Hulu, when compared to Netflix, has a bigger and greater library. Now you can get live news, sports and entertainment for $39.99 per month. Get unlimited access upon subscription and along with a 7-day trial at initial sign up. The bonus is that you get to add HBO to your package too!

  • Sling TV

Sling TV is another safe bet to watch FIFA world cup live for a subscription package of $25. To use the service in Canada, you will be required to be connected to FastestVPN as this is restricted outside the United States boundaries.

  • YouTube TV

YouTube Live offers 50 networks that include news and sports channels too. It is also subscription based and packages start from $35 (depending on when you sign up). You can stream up to 3 devices with on YouTube Live TV subscription.

get fastestvpn

FIFA 2018 in Canada

Watching FIFA in Canada has not only been made easy but packed with privacy and security too. Watch FIFA 2018 for free with FastestVPN.

A VPN is definitely required as that is your key to unblock the geo-blocked channels and website. Connect to the required server and get rid of all such barriers.

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