How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 in Middle East

Watch FIFA Club World Cup from 12 to 22 December

Middle East is ranked the highest in terms of income. That said, it then has a majority of the population who indulge in extracurricular and luxurious sports. Not only that, it has one of the largest football fan following. Fans are not only excited about FIFA 2018 world cup in Middle East, but they are already anxiously looking forward to FIFA 2022 world cup which will be the first world cup hosted in Middle East, ever. The tournament of 2022 will also be the last to include 32 teams as the world cups to follow after that will increase to 48 teams.

watch fifa world cup 2018 in middle east

Jumping back to the present, FIFA 2018 is upon us. Fans looking to enjoy FIFA 2018 world cup in Middle East on their screens at home can do so simply via this solution.

get fastestvpn

Channels Broadcasting FIFA 2018 live in Middle East

Middle Eastern countries include Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Yemen, Iran, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Anyone residing in any of the Middle Eastern countries can tune in to the FIFA action on beIN Sports. The channel has exclusive rights in middle-east. So you don’t have to miss a single second of the proceedings of the tournament and enjoy FIFA 2018 world cup in Middle East on this channel.

Watch FIFA 2018 in Middle East

However, if you are without cable, there is nothing to worry about. Regardless, you can catch up with FIFA 2018 world cup in the Middle East for free. All you have to do is overcome geo-restriction. Want to know how? Just read through the steps below:

  1. Get a FastestVPN subscription
  2. Download and Install FastestVPN for your device
  3. Or configure FastestVPN to a router if there is no designated app for your device

Access web configuration panel of the router on your browser with URL or

  • Go to Network à “WAN
  • Set WAN Connection Type as L2TP/Russia L2TP
  • Enter your FastestVPN Username and Password
  • Enable the Dynamic IP option
  • In Service IP Address/Name field enter the address of the server you want to connect to Please click here to get complete list of server addresses
  • Set WAN Connection Mode as Connect on demand
  • Click on Save button to save your settings and hit Connect
  • Connection status would change to Connected!

When connecting to the FastestVPN, connect to a Russian server (to watch FIFA 2018 for free)

Open on your device’s browser

And watch FIFA world cup 2018 in the Middle East conveniently for FREE!

get fastestvpn

Alternatives to Watch FIFA 2018 in Middle East

You can stream FIFA 2018 live on other platforms too, but for a price. They are streaming services that provide access to channels for a subscription. The number of channels available depend on the package plan that you opt to take. Most of them are geo-restricted though, and if you are not in the particular country, then you definitely need a VPN connection for it. List of alternatives is given below:

  1. DirecTV Now: This popular streaming service has plans from $35 to $70, with a 7-day free trial.
  2. Fox Sports Go: With exclusive rights in the US, it has the subscription plan for $19.99 along with free trial offering. The first 3 months cost $10 each.
  3. Sling TV: Two plans exist for Sling TV – Sling Blue and Sling Orange. One costs $ 20 while the other is $25. You can get subscription depending on the channel you decide to watch FIFA on.
  4. PlayStation Vue: Access is available for $39.99. Offers a 5 day free trial.

All of these are as good a solution as others. The only consideration that a person might dwell in would be the cost of each. Other than that, they all have free trials and are a great solution to watch FIFA 2018 world cup in the Middle East.

get fastestvpn

FIFA 2018 in Middle East Live Stream

We have multiple platforms and resources to watch FIFA 2018 in the Middle East. The best solution is to watch it for free of course, though you can go for subscription based services or cable too if you’re a frequent follower of sports and TV shows.

One thing that is important is to be connected to FastestVPN so that you can enjoy online FIFA 2018 for free on the Russian channel, even outside of Russia. Just show virtual presence with FastestVPN and enjoy the tournament from the day it kicks off till the finals.

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