Watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis Live Online

Here, you will find everything to watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis live online hassle-free. Get the latest fight updates, time, date, undercard, and more below.

Watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis Live Online

About the Fight

Witness the clash between Devin Haney and Regis Prograis at Chase Center, San Francisco, on December 9. Haney, with a 30-0 record, seeks two-weight world champion status, having conquered the lightweight division. Prograis (29-1) defends his WBC title after beating Danielito Zorrilla. Both fighters return to California for this super-lightweight showdown, live on DAZN PPV in North America and globally. Don’t miss this historic battle between the 24-year-old Haney and the 34-year-old Prograis as they vie for supremacy in the ring.

Fight Details

  • Date: Saturday, Dec 9, 2023
  • Start Time: 4:05 p.m. Doors open at 3 PM
  • Venue: Chase Center, San Francisco

Fight Card

  • Regis Prograis (c) vs. Devin Haney for the WBC super lightweight title 
  • Liam Paro vs. Montana Love
  • Ebanie Bridges (c) vs. Avril Mathie for the IBF bantamweight title
  • Andy Cruz vs. Hector Tanajara

How do you watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis live online from anywhere?

Geo-restrictions are a big problem, especially in accessing PPV events worldwide. Luckily, there is a solution to that. With a reliable VPN like FastestVPN, you can easily watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis Live Online.

Simple: subscribe to the VPN, install it on a device that you use, connect to a US server, log in to your streaming account, pay for the event, and watch the live broadcast from anywhere without a hassle. 

How to watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis live online on Different Devices

For live online viewing of Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis, consider utilizing a VPN such as FastestVPN. This high-quality VPN is compatible with various devices. Learn how to watch the fight live on different platforms, beginning with Android/iOS, outlined below.

Watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis live on Android/iOS

  • Begin by signing up for FastestVPN and setting it up. 
  • Download the FastestVPN app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). 
  • Log in to the VPN app using your credentials. 
  • Inside the VPN app, connect to a US server for unrestricted access. 
  • Visit the pay-per-view website through your web browser. If you don’t have an account, create one and purchase the event. 
  • Post-purchase, you’ll receive access details or a streaming link. On your Android or iOS device, launch the PPV streaming app or site. 
  • Log in with your PPV account details and enjoy the live event online on your device.

How to Watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis on Smart TV

  • Start by acquiring a FastestVPN subscription if you don’t already have one. 
  • Configure the VPN on your Wi-Fi router for network-wide coverage or directly on your Smart TV.
  • If your Smart TV supports VPN, link to a US server for the fight. 
  • Utilize a compatible streaming app on your Smart TV to reach the event.
  • Log in to your streaming service account or create one if needed. 
  • Proceed to pay for the pay-per-view (PPV) event to guarantee access.
  • Following the purchase, commence the streaming process and enjoy watching the 
  • Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis Live Online match on your Smart TV.

Watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis live on Apple TV

  • Subscribe for a FastestVPN account. 
  • Connect FastestVPN to your router
  • Confirm your Apple TV is linked to the same router. 
  • Go to the Apple TV App Store and find the preferred PPV app. 
  • Download and log in to the PPV app on your Apple TV. 
  • Complete the payment to unlock access to the fight. 
  • Now, relish the live match between Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis on your Apple TV.

Watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis on Firestick

  • Sign up and configure your FastestVPN account. 
  • Download and install FastestVPN on your Firestick
  • Open the app and log in on your Firestick. 
  • Utilize FastestVPN to connect to a US-based server.
  • Install the PPV app for the event on your Firestick. 
  • Launch the PPV app and follow the instructions to create your account. 
  • Finalize the payment for PPV access. After the purchase, return to Firestick’s home screen.
  • Begin the PPV app, log in, and find the live stream or event showcasing the fight.
  • Enjoy watching the live online broadcast on your Firestick.

How to Watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis live on Kodi

  •  Sign up for FastestVPN if you haven’t already. 
  • Download and configure Kodi on your device.
  • Install FastestVPN on the same device along with Kodi. 
  • Utilize FastestVPN to connect to a US server for fight access. 
  • Open Kodi on your device. Find and install a Kodi add-on that streams the fight; look for boxing or sports add-ons in the Kodi repository. 
  • Use the Kodi add-on to locate the fight in the PPV section. 
  • Finalize the payment within the Kodi add-on to secure access.
  • After the purchase, start the stream and relish watching Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis on Kodi.

Watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis on PS4/Xbox

  • Sign up for FastestVPN. 
  • Set up FastestVPN on your router to cover all devices, including your PS4/Xbox.
  • Ensure your PS4/Xbox is on the same router with VPN settings to connect to the VPN.
  • Visit the PlayStation Store on your PS4/Xbox. Look for the PPV App that streams the Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis fight. 
  • Download and install the PPV app on your PS4. Log in with your existing account or create a new one in the app.
  • Purchase the PPV Event within the app to get access to the fight. 
  • Once the payment is complete, stream and enjoy watching the live Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis match on your PS4/Xbox.


Get ready for an amazing fight! The current lightweight champion is facing the WBC champion at 140 pounds. Everyone is really excited about the next two weeks. Both boxers will do their best in this big fight. We hope that they will perform amazingly under pressure and during important moments. Also, don’t forget to get your FastestVPN subscription to effortlessly watch Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis live online.

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