5 Reasons Why Boxing Fans Need a VPN

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This article discusses the benefits of using a VPN to stream boxing events online. We embark on a busy summer of sports, which includes:

  • UEFA European Championships in Germany
  • Summer Olympic Games in Paris
  • Wimbledon Championships in London

Keeping up with the fixtures and results can be challenging, but not if you have a VPN.

One sport that’s in better shape than most this year is professional boxing. Fight fans have already seen Oleksandr Usyk defeat Tyson Fury to unify the division. Vasyl Lomachenko was also in action recently, as was Saul Alvarez, who stunningly beat fellow Mexican Jaime Munguia, just as traders working at the best online betting sites predicted.

It has been a thrilling few months for the noble art, and you can be sure there’s plenty more to come.

Note: Streaming sports events comes with its own thrill, but bandwidth throttling, geo-limitations, and cyber threats can limit your experience. Using FastestVPN to stream your favorite boxing events paves the way for an ultimate sports streaming experience. Meanwhile, cyber threats and geo-restrictions become a tale of the past!

Upsets Galore

Usyk’s win over Fury came against the odds, sending shockwaves across the sporting world. The towering Ukrainian took Fury’s WBC belt to become the first heavyweight in 25 years to unify the division with Lennox Lewis, the previous holder.

Another former unified British boxer, Josh Taylor, recently lost in controversial circumstances to rival Jack Catterall in Leeds, moving the head-to-head scores to one win each.

It’s a fantastic and exciting time to follow boxing with a cash investment from Saudi Arabia. This is only to ensure that the big fights happen and that the best takes on the best. Which fights are you looking forward to the most?

Following the best action can be complicated, with various promoters staging fights in major countries worldwide, including:

  • Australia
  • United States
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Kingdom

If you don’t want to miss a fight, you need a VPN. Why are VPNs becoming such an important tool for sports fans and boxing lovers? There are many advantages to purchasing and downloading a VPN to your desktop computer and smartphone, and in this article, we explain all of them.

Keep reading as we publish our reasons every boxing enthusiast should use a VPN this season to make sure they get the best from a thrilling campaign of big fights.

Boxer Playing the Match

Global content

Accessing global content, without any limitations is the primary benefit of VPNs. Boxing events are broadcast on different networks across various countries, and certain fights may only be available in specific regions.

For instance, a major bout might be live on Sky Sports in the UK but not available on American networks. Conversely, American fights might be exclusive to networks like ESPN or Showtime, which might not be accessible in other countries.

By using a VPN, boxing fans can connect to servers in the country where the fight is live. Doing so leads to a masked IP address and disguises the original location as per the server’s original location.  As a result, fans can stream live events and access boxing content from around the world. Hence, they can stream all the matches regardless of their physical location.

Security and privacy

Online security and privacy are critical, especially when streaming content over the internet. Boxing fans often turn to various streaming services or websites to watch live events. And some of which might not be entirely secure. Public Wi-Fi networks, commonly used for streaming, can also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

A VPN encrypts internet traffic, providing a secure connection that protects against hacking and spying. Thanks to the robust encryption features, all your personal data is only routed through an encrypted tunnel. And, accessing this data gets almost impossible for the black hats. For boxing fans, they can enjoy their favorite sport without worrying about potential security threats or privacy invasions.

Avoiding restrictions

Blackout restrictions can be a significant frustration for boxing fans. These blackouts occur when certain events aren’t being broadcast in specific regions, often to protect the interests of local broadcasters or promoters. For example, a highly anticipated fight might be blacked out in a particular country because the local broadcaster has exclusive rights.

A VPN can help bypass these blackout restrictions by offering a range of servers that users can connect to. Doing so, they can access the regionally unavailable sports events too. Connecting to the VPN, fans can watch the fights live without letting the geo-restrictions dictate their streaming experience.

Pay-Per-View events

Pay-per-view (PPV) events, especially major boxing matches, can be quite expensive. The cost of PPV events can vary significantly between different countries. For instance, a PPV event in the United States might be at a premium rate. The same event could be cheaper in another country due to differences in local pricing strategies and economic conditions.

By using a VPN, boxing fans can connect to servers in countries where the PPV event is cheaper. It allows them to purchase the event at a reduced price, potentially saving significant money. This approach makes it more affordable to watch high-profile boxing matches and ensures fans get the best value for their money.

Avoiding throttling

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throttle or deliberately slow down the internet connection. And, this specially goes for streaming videos online. It can lead to buffering issues and a degraded viewing experience, particularly during live events where uninterrupted streaming is crucial.

A VPN can mitigate this issue by hiding the nature of the user’s internet activity from the ISP. Since the ISP cannot see that the user is streaming video content, it is less likely to throttle the connection. It results in a smoother, more reliable streaming experience, allowing boxing fans to enjoy live matches without the frustration of buffering or lag.


Streaming sports videos online might seem as a bliss, but thanks to the lingering cyber threats, a cyber attack might be closer than you might think. Moreover, various other issues, like geo-limitations and ISP throttling come as a general dismay for most sports streaming enthusiasts.

The best way out is to use a reliable VPN that resolves all streaming-related issues without slowing down the internet speed. Meanwhile, a VPN connection makes bypassing geo-limitations a breeze!

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