Have VPNs Enabled Proactive Consumer Cyber Security?


It’s no surprise that technology is becoming more sophisticated and growing faster than ever. Digital applications and media are dominating our world, and proactive cybersecurity is becoming a necessity.

Watching robots, AI, and the digital enigma take the world by storm is incredible. Unfortunately, this progress also comes with a downside.

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It is your duty to use VPNs and proactive cybersecurity to ensure your safety on the internet. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the first barrier between threats on the internet and your personal digital space.

But have VPNs really helped consumers be more proactive with cyber security? Or is there still so much we need to learn to protect online privacy and security measures? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

What is a VPN? 

VPNs are tools that protect internet users’ personal data. They encrypt online activities and route traffic through a more secure server and different IP addresses. Any shared data runs through the VPN, so it stays private and secure.

A VPN also keeps you hidden from the prying eyes of cyber hackers and companies that may want to steal your data. It gives a layer of anonymity while browsing the internet and can interrupt any spam, pop-ups, or traffic that isn’t welcomed.

The emphasis on day-to-day security extends to businesses, too. Consumers are acutely aware of the risks businesses face when registering their personal information. Now more than ever, how platforms, services, and applications are built is under tighter consumer scrutiny.

They read reviews and talk to each other. Businesses are responding to that—not only because of consumer interest but also for their own best interests. They are training their staff and implementing more rigorous and continuous testing, like Static Application Security Testing.

Geography and restrictions

One thing that has come about is the advantage of VPNs and accessing region-locked content. This includes watching the latest shows and movies unavailable in your country, as well as accessing the latest news websites and information that may help an article or court case.

In some cases, it can circumvent censorship and access content that could be restricted elsewhere. Overall, a VPN helps people be more proactive in controlling what they can and cannot access. It also helps them stay informed and engaged without limitations but with an extra layer of security.

Public Wi-Fi access

The new digital world and the impact of the pandemic have significantly changed how people work. Some work from home, others in coworking spaces and the office. Traditionally, public Wi-Fi networks are known for their lack of security and are a target for cybercriminals.

The lack of trust stems not just from whether you were working hard enough remotely but also from what data could be accidentally shared. VPNs can add that extra level of security to public networks and safeguard user’s personal information and data from all potential threats.

The focus on privacy and encryption enables consumers to take control and be proactive while mitigating risks. It reduces any likelihood of falling victim to cyber threats and increases online security.

Moving Forward

VPNs and the companies that provide them have served their purpose in educating people about cyber security. Their efforts towards providing a platform to help protect both organizations and individuals are admirable.

Naturally, the more we are aware of the risks, the more proactive we can be in protecting ourselves. VPNs are a gateway to cybersecurity awareness to safeguard our digital lives. By providing privacy, anonymity, and encryption, they allow consumers to browse the internet securely and access content without worrying about where their information may end up.

There’s no doubt the digital world will continue to evolve, and VPNs will remain an essential tool for consumers and proactive cybersecurity. If you don’t know where to get started, begin your journey with us now.

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