Delete your Tumblr Account

Do you remember Tumblr? It used to be one of the most popular social media platforms eons ago! However, if you still have a Tumblr account, it’s time to get rid of it! Sure, there are still a great number of people who still use the app. On the contrary, because of the major threats that come with it, it’s better to ditch your account and delete Tumblr altogether.

Delete Tumblr Account

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How to delete your Tumblr account on multiple devices

Below we’ve highlighted a couple of ways on how you can delete your Tumblr account on various devices, starting with:

Windows browser

  • Sign in to your Tumblr account and go to “Settings.”
Go to account settings
  • There will be a “Delete account” button at the bottom, click on it.
Click on delete account Tumblr
  • Enter your email and password, and then click on “Delete everything.”
enter details and click delete everything
  • That’s all!

Note – To delete your Tumblr account, make sure you do it using a Windows browser. The Tumblr app does not allow you to delete your account – only blogs or posts.

On iPhone

  • Click on the account icon at the bottom right of your iPhone app.
  • Click on your blog, from the top-right corner.
  • Now, click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Select “Delete this Tumblr.”
  • Enter in your password when prompted, and click on “Delete.”
  • That’s all!

On Android mobile app

Just in case you’re using Tumblr on your smartphone, here’s how you can delete your account there:

  • Click on the account icon at the bottom right of the Android phone app.
  • Click on your blog, from the top-right corner.
  • Now, click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Select “Delete this Tumblr.”
  • Enter in your password when prompted, and click on “Delete.”
  • That’s all!

Why should you delete your Tumblr?

There are many social apps nowadays, and users are currently deleting most of them. For instance, users are deleting Kik accounts, and other social app accounts due to privacy and security reasons.

Tumblr is a great social app, and even though some people still use it, its popularity points have dropped drastically over the years. There have been many threats to your online privacy, causing a couple of setbacks – the reason why most users are now leaving it.

However, here are a few points on why you should delete your Tumblr account or why you should at least consider doing it:

  • There are now more popular and better social sites that have cropped up like Reddit, Medium, and Pinterest. Plus, they’re safer in comparison.
  • Some time ago, during 2016, Tumblr accounts were hacked, stealing over 65 million user passwords and emails.
  • Other than that, privacy and data breach concerns were growing day by day.
  • Posting inappropriate and harmful content, especially considering underage people had accounts on the service.
  • The simplest reason would be that you’re tired of constantly using social media or all the hype is now dying off.

How do you delete blogs on Tumblr?

If you are not planning on deleting your Tumblr account, and would just like to delete a few posts or blogs on it, here’s how you can do it:

  • Open Tumblr and sign in to your account.
  • Go to the settings icon and click on “Dashboard.”
Click on Dashboard
  • From the drop-down menu, click on “Edit appearance” under the blog you want to delete.
  • Scroll and click on “Delete (name of your blog)” However please note that if you only see the option of “Delete everything” it means that you have just one primary blog, and you can’t delete that without terminating your entire Tumblr account.
  • Enter in your password and email on the next page, and then click on “Delete.”
  • The blog or post is now deleted. Once that happens, the URL will no longer be in your possession and just about any other user can take it for their own blogs.

Can you recover your Tumblr account after you delete it?

No, you can’t. There are some social media sites that allow you to recover a deleted account or at least data, but that’s not the case with Tumblr. When you delete a Tumblr account, you’re basically removing all content – regardless of whether it’s primary or secondary blogs.

Once you deactivate a Tumblr account, you won’t be able to restore it at all. There is no waiting period for restoration. So, before deleting it, make sure you’re okay with it going permanently. However, if you don’t delete a secondary blog, your account will still remain activated. If you delete the primary blog, then say goodbye to your Tumblr account for good.

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Should I use a VPN with Tumblr?

Just in case you’re not planning on deleting your account, you could always use a reliable VPN for it. FastestVPN is currently one of the best to unblock Tumblr and other kinds of websites, apps, or services.

If you’re anywhere outside the USA or its accessible countries, you could always connect to a USA VPN like FastestVPN. Speeds are great, security is high, and privacy is never better!

Plus, knowing that Tumblr comes with its fair share of online threats, FastestVPN, its military-grade encryption, and other advanced features will help you use this social platform safely.


What about messages? Will terminating your Tumblr account delete them too?

Yes, when you delete a Tumblr account, all your blogs, messages, posts and other kinds of activities are permanently removed with it. Only the URL can be reused by another Tumblr user for their blogs.

Can you delete a primary blog without deleting a secondary one on Tumblr?

Yes you can preserve it. You can: Make another friend or user you trust the “Owner” of the secondary blog before you delete the primary one. This allows you to delete your primary account without deleting your secondary one.

Do all Tumblr posts vanish when you delete your Tumblr account?

When you permanently deactivate your Tumblr profile, everything in it gets deleted. However, if someone else reblogs your blog before you terminate your account, users will be able to find that content. You could say that the reblogged post is considered as a new one when you delete your account.

To conclude

And that’s a wrap! You now know the easiest ways on how to delete a Tumblr account on your desktop via a browser, mobile app, and how to remove blogs from it. Always remember, if you’re planning on not deleting your account, make sure you’re connected to a VPN for online privacy and protection.

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