Torrent iOS Made Easy for iPhones and iPads

iOS devices are no doubt one of the most popular products in the market now, with their impeccable specs and functionality – who wouldn’t want one?

There are a few things that cannot be done with an iOS device, such as Bluetooth sharing with other phones, or more importantly torrenting!

Torrent iOS Made Easy For iPhones And iPads

Apple has blocked off every torrent apps from its app store, which means that there is no way for you to download a torrent client or a torrent directly onto your device.

If you’re the type of person who loves to torrent, we have made torrents easy for iOS devices like your iPhone or iPad without having to jailbreak them or compromise your software.

What Are Torrents and Why Are They Important?

For those of you who are new to torrenting, torrents are a method of sharing files online. They operate on the BitTorrent protocol in peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing.

Moreover, torrents have been acting as lifesavers for many people since it is a rather easy and inexpensive method of file sharing, which doesn’t require a fast internet connection. People with slower bandwidth can also just as easily download larger files.

The most common way to share a torrent is through a special file that uses the “.TORRENT” extension.

Are Torrents Safe?

The problem with torrenting websites is that they largely contain illegal content. Many torrenting websites are blocked by your ISP, and they can easily make a record of your internet traffic, which could later be reported.

To protect yourself from being exposed to the internet, you must connect to a VPN. A VPN is known for its capabilities, such as masking your identity while you browse. FastestVPN will hide your identity by changing your IP address so you can easily surpass any geo-restrictions and, at the same time, not worry about your ISP or any other hacker spying on your activity.

We suggest that you always connect to VPN when torrenting to ensure maximum security and privacy.

Can you Download Torrents on IOS?

Apple has gone through all lengths to block torrenting on iOS devices, including blocking the word uTorrent. However, there is always a way around these things. Now you can easily download torrents on your IOS Devices through the several means listed below.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone and MAC

It may sound like a complicated and lengthy task to unblock torrenting on IOS, although that’s not the case at all. It is fairly simple – there are multiple methods that you could adopt, follow our steps, and you’ll be good to go!

Method 1: Torrent Management App

The very first and probably the easiest method, since direct torrenting is banned, you can always opt for an alternative method by downloading torrent management apps such as Documents by Readable. Here’s how you can torrent files with this app:

  • Download Documents by Readable
  • Start the app and open your desired site in it
  • Write your file’s name in the search bar
  • Press on the file long enough until other options begin to show (don’t download)
  • Click on copy
  • Open separately
  • Paste your copied link
  • Once done, filestream will create a separate link for you which you can download
  • Now your torrent will open in the app Documents by Readable.

This method is easily workable on iPhones and iPads. If, however, you’d like another solution for your MAC, we also have selected an application that you can download on your MAC to access torrents. Here’s how:

  • Go to iTunes
  • Download iDownloader
  • Start the app and open your torrent site
  • Search for your torrent file
  • Press it and copy it’s link, don’t download
  • Open
  • Paste your copied link on their website
  • Filestream will now generate a new link for you which you can now download
  • Open your file in iDownloader which will download the file in your laptop for you.

Method 2: Using a Torrent Client

Apart from torrent management applications, there is another method to unblock and download torrent, which is through a torrent client. One of the very best torrent clients for IOS is iTransmission.

It is a BitTorrent application for iPhones, and it also supports Mac and has a version as well. The app lets you easily share and transfer torrent files in an iOS device without needing to jailbreak. Here’s how it works:

  • Download iTransmission onto your iPhone
  • Open the app
  • Select the Add button and add your torrent file for downloading
  • Choose one of the following options; Web, Magnet, URL (you can either search for the torrent’s link on the web, paste a magnet link or paste a direct link to the torrent file)
  • Wait for the app to download the files for you
  • Now the files are stored onto your iPhone storage.

How to Download Torrents on an iPad

Once again, since many popular BitTorrent apps like uTorrent are banned on all Apple products, it isn’t easy to gain access to or open torrent files. It is why to access torrent files on an iPad, you may need to download a torrent management application before.

The only torrenting apps available on the iPad right now belong to third parties or are torrent management applications – one of the best of which is iDownloader.

Surfing on iDownloader while connected to FastestVPN is your best option to download torrent files, as it will ensure maximum security along with access to the files you desire. Here’s how:

  • Search for iDownloader app on your AppStore
  • Download the app
  • Open the app and browse for your best torrent site
  • Select whatever torrent you wish to download and copy its link
  • Open and paste the link
  • Wait for to generate a new link for you, download it and open in your app
  • Your app will now download the file onto your storage.


We hope that this blog helped your torrenting problems and was of use to you. Downloading torrents on iOS is not as difficult as it sounds, see for yourself!

If you follow our instructions, you’ll see that the process is not really difficult. More importantly, due to the constant dangers of copyright issues on torrents, steer clear of that side of the torrents.

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