What Is a Text Mail Subscriber? Useful Tool for Potential Scam

No, Instagram isn’t the only marketing channel. While this might come as the news of the 9th planet to Gen Z, a text mail subscriber would already know what we’re talking about. According to Mail Modo, 52% of marketers opt for SMS marketing due to its ability to connect with a vast mobile audience.

Text Mail Subscriber

Boosting ROI is like getting three wishes from Alibaba’s lamp for marketers. Among the magic channels is text mail subscriptions. It enables marketers to establish a connection with their audience through good old offline phone messages, making the internet the backup genie in this tale.

However, these beneficial text mails can easily result in a scam, such as smishing. Find out all about text mail subscriptions and their scams.

Note: We recommend using FastestVPN to avoid attempts of text mail scams. Connecting to FastestVPN, you’re ensured of never letting your data leak out through a concealed IP address.

What Is a Text Mail Subscriber?

A text mail subscriber is someone who sends web-based texts instead of using the standard landline or mobile services. And you can’t call back a text-mail subscriber. If you’re a curious home-alone reader, calling back the text-mail subscriber results in long call silence or annoying beeps. However, the text mail subscriber gets an email about you contacting them.

What Is a Text Mail Subscriber Used For?

Becoming a text mail subscriber can be of great use. Here are the top 3 reasons why someone would become a text mail subscriber:

1. Marketing Purposes

Generally, businesses use text mail services to directly communicate with their customers, often relying on automated systems for sending messages or emails. The primary goal is product promotion. This can be to communicate about:

  • Sales
  • Offers
  • Discounts

2. Fits the Marketing Budget

Despite the number of times marketers ask for an increased budget, businesses love budget-friendly ideas, such as a text mail subscription. Instead of opting for big billboards or TV commercials, companies can subscribe to a text mail service and communicate with their customers without hassles.

3. Increased Privacy

As mentioned above, you can’t contact a text-mail subscriber. And, even if you do call them, it results in a long phone call silence. Hence, it’s difficult to be tracked as a textmail subscriber.

Are Text Mail Subscriber Scams?

Despite how useful a text mail subscription may sound, you should also be aware of a text mail subscriber scam. Text Mail Subscriber scams sound like some legit texts but are essentially spam; these can be voice calls or text messages.

These deceptive messages can also come through email or social media. Named for their use of your mobile number, these scams often are portrayed as large-scale companies, such as Amazon, where you can receive scam calls. If you respond with a “YES,” they may impose monthly fees on your account.

Scammers often employ fake textmail subscriber voicemails that sound enticing or urgently demanding attention.

Text Mail Subscriber Scam Example

Various tools contribute to the ultimate benefit of their users – until they fall into the wrong hands. As we mentioned above, a text mail subscription has great uses. At the same time, it gets used as a tactic to scam users, too.

As an example, let’s go through what a text mail subscriber scam can look like.

Text Mail Subscriber Scam

How Do I Identify a Text Mail Subscriber Scam?

According to Text-em-all, The number of spam texts received by Americans surged to 225 billion, marking a year-over-year increase of 157%. And, the scam bar remains risen for how realistic these text scams can look. Typically, a user would click the link or respond to the text, afraid of losing the offer or urgently acting over what’s required.

However, there are ways you can detect a text mail scam. Here are the 7 common signs within a text mail scam:

1. Check for Grammar Errors

  • Hackers might be tech-savvy, but for grammar, they’re never to be trusted with that.
  • Watch out for commas, typos, and other grammatical errors.
  • The messages will straightaway look unprofessional.

2. Requesting Financial Information

  • Check if the message requests financial information.
  • This can include a request for a credit card number or other personal information.
  • A legitimate site will never ask for financial information, so be wary of the ones that ask.

3. Confirm Official Information

  • Generally, legit sites come with a closing of their company details.
  • Check if their contact information resonates with the business.
  • Verify the information mentioned on the company’s site.

4. Research the Business Reaching Out

  • Verify the message details with the company’s site.
  • Cross-check what they’ve mentioned in the text.
  • If there’s a support, contact them.
  • Research the company by checking online reviews and ratings.

5. A Sense of Urgency

  • Look for unrealistically accurate information.
  • Commonly, you’ll see offers or alerts.
  • Before clicking the link, check the credibility of the link or contact their support.

6. Require a Response

  • You can commonly be asked to respond to the texts.
  • A response to the text can lead to charges or malware.
  • They ask you to engage with the text sender.

7. Trust Your 6th Sense

  • Your brain will always alert you here.
  • When the offer’s too good to be true, trust your instincts.

How to Block a Text Mail Subscriber Scam?

After you’ve identified the text-mail subscriber, it’s also essential to block them. This smishing attempt can also lead to malware installation or data loss – including financial information.

Meanwhile, these scams are often a result of your data leaking out online. For example, a specific unreliable site can collect information or spy on your data and activities. For this, we recommend you use a reliable VPN, like FastestVPN. Connecting to one of its servers hides your IP address and encrypts all your browsing activities in no time.

Jumping back to blocking a text mail subscriber scam, here’s how you can block a text-mail subscriber scammer:

Contact Your Phone’s Carrier

Certain mobile carriers can block either text-mail subscribers or specific phone numbers. Speak to your carrier to explore whether they can assist you with blocking the text mail subscriber scammer.

Report the Contact

Text spamming is illegal according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. If an unfamiliar number bombards you with unwelcome offers, you can always report that to your mobile carrier or law enforcement.

Block the Contact if You Detect a Text Mail Subscriber Scam

If your smartphone can block contacts, you can block the text-mail subscriber spam contacts through your device.

FAQs - Text Mail Subscriber

Can a text mail subscriber call you?

Normally, text mail subscribers can’t call you, but they can leave an automated voicemail to their subscribers.

Can I track a text mail subscriber?

As a standard subscriber, you can’t track a text mail subscriber. The benefit of a text mail subscription is that it’s more secure.

Is there a text mail subscriber lookup?

You can use Google to find leads about the text mail subscriber.

What does “text mail subscriber you are trying to reach is not available” mean?

This means that the individual you are attempting to contact has a voicemail service that transforms voicemails into text messages, forwarding them to their device.

Final Words

What mostly leads to textmail subscriber scams is your information leaking out online. For example, various sites collect information about you. To avoid this, use a trusted VPN, like FastestVPN, to never let your information leak out and become a victim of these scams.

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