Should You Use a VPN for Online Gambling

Is there anything you can’t do online? The truth is we can access everything we want and need in our lives through sites that are readily available online. That includes the ability to apply for jobs online, handle our banking online, and buy all kinds of goods and services.

Should You Use a VPN for Online Gambling

With everyone spending so much time on the internet, it has opened everyone up to more scrutiny about what they are doing in their day-to-day lives. That includes scrutiny from government agencies that are trying to catch people participating in questionable activities.

However, there is good news on the internet activity tracking front. Technology has gifted us access to VPNs that can help us hide our identities and locations. Although, is the use of VPNs a good idea for online gamblers? Should it be used? First, let’s talk about what a VPN is.

What is a VPN?

The acronym VPN stands for “virtual private network.” The VPN technology works through internet connections that are highly encrypted to provide safe transmission. It also helps negate the ability of others prying on your data/information or from tracking it back to you.

Every internet connection is assigned an IP address. IP addresses are tied to very specific physical locations that can then be tied to very specific individuals. If someone wants to disguise their data and location, they can switch on a VPN.

Once they do that, their originating communication will be routed through VPN tunnels located in other virtual locations. In most cases, VPN users can determine which VPN servers they wish to use. Since a VPN encrypts all information, no one can tell what’s in the communication, who sent it, or where it is headed.

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Should You Use a VPN for Your Online Gaming Activities?

If you enjoy online gambling activities, you might want to consider the value of using a VPN when you gamble. Sometimes, it would simply be a matter of preference on your behalf. Other times, you might find it’s the only way you are going to be able to use one of your favorite online gambling websites. Plus, there are certain risks attached to these sites.

There are three circumstances under which you should use a VPN for your online gambling activities:

  • To avoid Geo-Tracking software programs
  • To gain access to blocked gambling sites
  • Finally, To Hide your personal information and gambling activities

Let’s look at these in more depth.

To Avoid Geo-Tracking Software Programs

In some gambling jurisdictions, regulators only allow residents from the applicable jurisdiction to access gambling sites under the purview of the jurisdiction. To enforce such regulations, they require online gambling operators to use software programs that track the location of gamblers who try to access their websites. The software used to do this is called “geo-tracking” software.

When a gambler tries to sign onto a gambling site from an IP address that is outside the operator’s jurisdiction, the gambler is to be denied access. This can be an issue for UK gamblers because there are benefits to offshore gambling. Since geo-tracking software uses IP addresses to initiate blocking activities, a VPN connection on your device or via router in the applicable jurisdiction will get around the geo-tracking.

To Gain Access to Blocked Gambling Sites

If a GamStop self-excluded gambler wants to start gambling again, they won’t be able to do that through a licensed UK online gambling website. This is based on the voluntary actions they took to say they wanted to take a break from their online gambling activities in the UK.

One of the things the GamStop database can use to block a gambler’s access is the gambler’s IP address. This would be the IP address they typically use for their online gambling activities.

If a gambler were to try to beat their GamStop exclusion, they could choose to do so with any number of Non GamStop Odds casinos or sportsbooks. If they were to be intent on using their favorite licensed gambling sites under accounts opened under assumed names, they might be able to do that by using a VPN. At a minimum, the VPN would hide their IP address and avoid any possible GamStop database detection.

To Hide Your Personal Information and Gambling Activities

Online gamblers are always susceptible to the ravages of hackers and criminals that aim to do them harm. What hackers and criminals know about online gamblers is they will have to find ways to fund their gambling accounts. With that in mind, the criminal element is always looking for cracks in an online gambling operator’s security protocols. If they find cracks, it’s open season on the personal information of each and every customer who is doing business with that operator.

While most online gambling sites are kept secure with the latest in Secure Socket Layer digital encryption technology, perfection is fleeting. As an extra layer of protection when transmitting banking and or credit card information, using a VPN might be a good idea.

Remember, the only worse than a gambling loss is the loss of your personal information to the criminal element.

To conclude

All-in-all, yes, gambling sites are fun, and some are safe to use, but you can never be a 100% sure of that. To make sure you’re full protected while gambling online, a VPN is always required. Yes, there are other ways or software that you could use, but VPNs are currently the most reliable.

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