Top Sites for PC Games Torrents 2021

Downloading modern 30+GB titles has never been easy, thanks to the torrenting sites. Torrenting sites give you a better, faster, and convenient way to download PC games.

Top Sites For PC Games Torrents 2021

While using the best game torrent sites, users automatically get connected with several systems that already have games and other files to download. Therefore, it’s no surprise that torrenting is the best way to get PC games, but finding reliable and working torrent sites for gaming is difficult. 

The main problem with the torrent sites is that most of them never work, or others are not secure. 

Therefore, to help you exactly know where to look, we have a curated list of the best torrent sites for games. Not only that, but you will also learn how to safely use game torrenting sites later in this blog. 

For now, let’s take a quick look at our overview of the best games torrent sites for 2021.

Top Games Torrents Sites For PC Gamers- Quick Rundown

How to Unblock PC Games Torrent Sites from Anywhere

There are many countries where torrent sites are blocked. So, it’s important to know how you can unblock torrent sites to access and play your favorite games. The best way to unblock torrents sites for gaming is to get connected with a VPN. 

A torrent VPN is the best way to connect yourself with a Peer-to-Peer network. It also gets you the fastest downloading and uploading speeds. 

FastestVPN offers both speeds and P2P optimized servers for a fully convenient torrenting experience. Here’s how to unblock games torrents sites with FastestVPN: 

  • Install the VPN app on your device.
  • Connect a server location where torrenting is available.
  • That’s it!

How to Protect Online Safety While Torrenting

The first step towards online security is always finding authentic game torrent sites; other than this, equip yourself with the best online security tools like antivirus and a VPN. 

The Best Games Torrent Sites- Detail

  • Download Games Torrents

Download Games Torrents is similar to TorrentsGames, but you can get even more files here. It’s the best source to get your hands on the new games. Download Games Torrents categorizes torrents as per the platforms. Moreover, you can also download .torrent files straight away on this platform. 

  • TorrentGames

TorrentsGames is a very popular site, and the best thing is that it’s full of quality torrents. Unlike other traditional torrent sites, this site gets you the newly released games and games that are about to release in different regions. Moreover, it’s quite a user-friendly site; you can easily find your desired searches with its incredible linking structure. On TorrentGames, you can also find games for different consoles, including the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The downloading process is smooth; you can immediately download files once you find them on the platform. 

  • FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks is another popular torrent site for games in 2021.  It’s a wholly dedicated gaming site for torrents where you can get unlimited games for download. Not only that, but the site also gets you the option to play your game in high-quality audio and video effects.


RARBG has been an authentic site for game torrents for almost three years. You can download games and eBooks easily using RARBG. It has one of the biggest libraries of torrents, and is has a massive number of seeders. 

It is a trusted site that does not direct you to spam. 

  • LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a general torrenting site where you can find a host of files. However, newer titles don’t have enough seeders, so your download might take some time to be finished. 

Due to the lack of seeders, you might also face some issues with the uTorrent games download and upload. 

  • GazelleGames

GazelleGames is a reliable game torrenting site, and it’s a membership-based platform where you have to log in first. For users, who are visiting the site for the very first time, need to go through the entire sign-up process. Once registered, users can easily access its vast library of game torrents. 

How Safe Are Torrents for Gaming?

Torrenting in any form can be very dangerous since it exposes you to malware or might expose you to other threats like government surveillance or data leaks. However, with a VPN and antivirus software, you can ensure maximum online security. 


There you have it! These are the no-stress, easy-to-use torrent websites to download your favorite PC games. Try any of the outlined games torrent sites and enjoy playing your favorite PC games. Don’t forget to connect with FastestVPN for a secure torrenting experience.

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