How to Watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse on Apple TV

Do not miss the chance to watch Pacquiao Vs Broner on Firestick on 19th Jan 2019

Coming this weekend, we have entertainment packed Sunday where Pacquiao vs Matthysse will be the highlight of your evening. Pacquiao is to challenge Matthysse for his secondary welterweight world title.

The official Pacquiao vs Matthysse live streaming channels were originally slated to be an ESPN pay-per-view event but then it was moved to ESPN+. ESPN is glad to receive the coverage rights as this fight will definitely bring new viewers to its subscription streaming service.

All cord cutters can easily watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse on Apple TV for free with this simple 5-minute-reader guide.

watch pacquiao vs matthysse on apple tv

Pacquiao vs Matthysse Date

The Pacquiao vs Matthysse fight will start streaming at 9 PM ET but the kings of the ring will not walk in earlier than 11 PM. The fight will take place in the morning in Malaysia and both the boxers will definitely put on a great show for their fans.

Watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse live on apple TV

How to watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse live streaming on apple TV

The ones with cable have an easy way – watch it on ESPN+ on their cable connection. However, those without cable can also watch Pacquiao vs Mattysse on Apple TV easily. Since there is no browser on Apple TV, fans can stream the event live with screen mirroring or the ESPN+app for iOS and tvOS devices.

Here is how you can watch the fight via ESPN+ app from anywhere around the world:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Configure FastestVPN with router
  3. While configuring, select the US server address so that ESPN+ is accessible from anywhere
  4. Connect Apple TV with VPN-enabled router
  5. Now, on your Apple TV, go to store and download the ESPN+ app (
  6. Now open the app and enjoy streaming Pacquiao vs Matthysse 2018 on Apple TV!

Here is how you can watch the fight via screen mirroring:

  1. Choose a plan and subscribe to FastestVPN service
  2. Configure your router with FastestVPN and then connect the VPN-enabled router with your Apple TV
  3. Now on your TV, go to settings and turn on AirPlay
  4. Now on your iPhone open control center and tap on “AirPlay Mirroring” or “Screen Mirroring” depending on the iOS version on your phone
  5. The TV will then display a password that you have to input on your iPhone for security
  6. Now, go to browser and visit ESPN official website to start streaming for free!!

Note: Whether you choose screen mirroring or download the app, you NEED FastestVPN if you are outside the US otherwise you will not be able to access live stream.

Watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse 2018 on Apple TV

Pacquiao vs Matthysse will be one of the greatest champions in the boxing history and the fight seems to definitely be a promising one. Watch it online from anywhere in the world without any trouble. ESPN+ is the official broadcaster but it is a geo-restricted anywhere outside the US. Ensure live streaming of Pacquiao vs Matthysse on Apple TV and be up-to-date, no matter where you are, with the help of just one FastestVPN connectivity.


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