Most Secure Operating Systems

Operating systems are meant to celebrate power, innovation, and performance. These systems are designed to bring speed and security to every function that we process using our digital devices.

Most Secure Operating Systems

But are all operating systems are secure? Certainly not. No operating system is absolutely impossible to crack. They do have vulnerabilities that hackers seek to exploit. It comes down to what operating systems are more secure than others.

Open-source operating systems like Linux are generally regarded as more secure because the underlying source code can be reviewed by anyone for vulnerability. The open-source nature has allowed the creation of different flavors of Linux called distributions. On the other hand, an OS like Windows that run proprietary code is not available for scrutiny

We have compiled a list of the best operating systems based on their security features and performance. See which one is right for your day-to-day activities.

Why a Secure Operating System Matters

Using a secure operating system is critical because it does not expose your device to vulnerabilities to hackers. As we said above, no piece of software is truly secure. You can only rank an OS based on its performance on certain factors.

Top Operating Systems for Security

When it comes to security, these operating systems are deemed to be the best.

Elementary OS

Prime Features:

  • Open ended structure
  • Easy web integration
  • Transparent updates
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Elementary OS is one of the most secure and fast alternatives to Windows and macOS. Its transparent policy plan clearly defines what information the OS collects from its users and why (the use of it).

Another factor that makes this OS a true privacy advocate is its power to secure data from third parties. Elementary OS holds a crucial set of security features that play hard on your security by letting you know about applications accessing your location data.

Besides that, Elementary OS also released its latest version Juno that comes with an added feature  Housekeeping. When you enable this feature, it processes the automatic deletion of trash files that exist on your Hard drive. Prior to Juno, trash file deletion required a lot of manual processing.

Android Operating System

Prime Features:

  • Encryption
  • App Signing
  • Authentication
  • Biometrics
  • Keystore

Android is trusted by the majority of users globally. Currently, the number of active Android users across the globe is over 2.5 billion. With significant security features, Android is one of the most secure operating systems for mobiles and PCs. Or at least, Google has been working towards that.

As an operating system, Android is very secure, running with additional security layers for malware prevention. Users can control applications by allowing/disallowing them permissions.

A large chunk of Android users is using old Android versions which no longer receive updates from Google or the respective manufacturers. It is important that you consider upgrading to a newer device for the latest security updates.


Prime Features

  • FileVault encryption layer
  • System integrity protection
  • File Quarantine
  • App Sandboxing

macOS is considerably a secure operating system for Apple computers. Compared to what Windows has to offer, the macOS has more robust security features, although it does not enjoy the same market share as Windows.

On the whole, MacOS is a secure operating system based on Unix, which is harder to exploit than other operating systems in the market. Moreover, compared to Windows, macOS has a very lower rate of successful hacking incidents.

The macOS auto-update feature keeps vulnerabilities and malware at bay.


Prime Features

  • WireGuard Technology
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Z File System
  • Secure Shell
  • Fast ID Online

Ubuntu is an open-source Linux distribution and presently the most secure operating system. It’s a security-focused operating system with transparent policies regarding data collection.

Ubuntu has been attacked only by a few malware because of its low adoption rate and heavily updated in-built security features. It’s open-source, lightweight, and easy to use.

Qubes Operating System

Prime Features

  • Support for multiple OS
  • Robust software isolation
  • Template System is available

It’s an open-source operating system with top-notch privacy features and compartmentalization.

The best thing about Qubes is that it’s a security-oriented, highly functional OS that works on single-user devices. Qubes uses Xen-based virtualization to categorize programs into separate/isolated virtual machines called Qubes. It’s a highly intuitive Linux-based operating system and a must-have for privacy lovers.


Which is the Best Operating System for Gaming?

Windows is by far the best operating system for gaming because of support from developers. macOS and Linux are an after-thought for game developers due to the significantly smaller number of users. The lack of deep hardware customization on macOS is another factor. 

Which Operating System is the Fastest? 

Because of its lightweight nature, Linux enjoys the reputation of being the fastest operating system in the market. 

What Are the Best Free Operating Systems? 

Below is a list of the best free operating systems:

  • Chrome OS 
  • Linux 
  • ReactOS
  • Free BSD


An operating system is software pivotal to managing your system’s communication with the underlying hardware. It aids the system to function accordingly with several applications. Whether you are looking for an everyday OS or for something specific like gaming, our list of the best-operating systems has something for everyone.

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