Money Lessons You Can Learn from Literature

Some of the most crucial money lessons many people learn during their lifetime come from literature. Perhaps, you have read some fantastic books and stories about money and realized how valuable and practical the lessons could be. Whether you’re an avid reader or not, this guide shows you some money lessons you can learn from literature.

Money Lessons to Learn from Literature

4 Lessons on Money that Literature Teaches You

We’ve often read some of the best books or watched movies where money is often discussed. Sometimes, it’s never discussed directly, which makes you want to read between the lines. If you haven’t come across any, here are 4 money lessons to acquire from literature:

1. Debt Can Mess You Up Badly

One of the lessons you can learn from literature is that debt is not good. And this is one of the lessons you can get from George Clason’s classic book, The Richest Man in Babylon. In the book, Clason tells the story of a poor man who later became wealthy. One of the reasons for his poverty and lack of money was debt.

While debt can help you with your problem or issue, you should try as much as possible to avoid it. Debt will prevent you from enjoying your financial freedom. Every time you will have to pay the debt. Any money you make can be used to clear your debts. You will also be living in fear or hiding from your creditors.

Investing your money is also better than just keeping it. When you keep it without ever spending, you may be shocked one day when you lose it all. There are many ways to invest. For example, you can invest in Bitcoin trading. You can get help from resources from by keeping your money without using it serves in no real purpose.

2. Money Cannot Buy Happiness

Money makes the world go round. Most people are constantly searching for it, but nobody can ever be satisfied with the money they have without wanting more. Even billionaires like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates are still looking for money. Let this search for money not confuse you to think money can buy happiness.

In the classic novel The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald shows us how money cannot buy happiness. Despite having so much money, Gatsby fails to get love from Daisy. His money could not help him to win over the girl. And this clearly shows why money cannot buy love. If it could, then poor people would not be happy.

3. Learn to Save Money

While many people know about saving money, you will be shocked to learn that many don’t save. One of the reasons some people don’t save money is not understanding what saving entails. Saving is not for those that have a lot of money alone. Even those with very little can save. Please consider saving money a priority whenever you earn or get cash.

To save money, decide how much of it to save first. If employed, you can take a certain percentage of your salary into savings. One lesson about saving money is that you can save any amount. Some can save up to 50% of their earnings, while others can afford only 10%. The idea is to develop a saving culture. Your savings will eventually grow.

4. Unused Wealth is Not Important

One of the lessons about money that you can learn from the story The Miser and His Gold is that amassed wealth is worthless. The story is about a man who had dug a hole and hid his gold. He went to dig it up every day to feel good about it. One day he lost it when a thief stole it at night. And this caused the miser to feel so bad.

Final Thoughts

Those are just a few important lessons about money that you can learn from literature. There are many other lessons. You should find some valuable books and stories in your nearest library or on the internet.

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