Best Working KissAnime Alternatives for Free Streaming

Anime fans know KissAnime too well. It is a platform that serves the best anime to watch. What makes it even more attractive is that Kissanime is completely free. Not a lot of platforms online can guarantee the quality and quantity of content while being free; Kissanime ticked all those boxes. However, the website shut down for illegal content and in its place, Kissanime alternatives cropped up. 

KissAnime Alternatives

NOTE Most free streaming websites come with pirated or copyrighted content. FastestVPN does not recommend accessing unofficial services or apps and this guide is purely for informational purposes. However, if you do access them, we recommend staying safe with FastestVPN

Just in case you are short on time, I’ve highlighted a quick list for Kissanime alternative sites and mirror links for you to try out. 

Before going ahead with our list of KissAnime alternatives, let’s first talk about what Kissanime is. Take a look below.

Short List – KissAnime Alternatives

Can’t access the Kissanime website? Here are some Free anime streaming sites like KissAnime that you can try. They are: 

  1. Anime Freak
  2. Chia-Anime
  3. Anime-Planet
  4. GoGoAnime
  5. 9Anime
  6. AnimeLab
  7. Anilinkz
  8. Anime Land
  10. Horriblesubs
  11. Anime Frenzy
  12. Kiss Asians
  13. AniWatcher
  14. Funimation

Kissanime Clones

Many different websites bearing the Kissanime name emerged after Kissanime shut down. They are, however, not the original Kissanime. They may have a similar interface, but none of them is the real Kissanime website. However, you can still check them out and see what content they have to offer. We would advise caution as it is not always safe to visit or download from such duplicate websites.

Kissanime Proxy & Mirror Sites

Apart from the Kissanime alternatives stated above, there are several Kissanime mirror and proxy sites that you can visit:


What is KissAnime?

Only a true anime fan will know the best and most popular online streaming services for it. Within that list of top platforms is KissAnime, which used to be the absolute popular streaming site for anime, with a vast library of anime collections.

KissAnime was also known as the epitome of cartoon streaming sites for anime movies, where users could stream. What users loved about KissAnime is that it allowed them to filter out the content according to the genre of cartoons according to their status or name.

However, to the dismay of many fans, Kissanime has been shut down as of August 2020. The news was a setback to anime fans who had come to rely on Kissanime for the anime best streaming experience. Naturally, the best Kissanime alternatives were the need of the hour, and that’s what this blog is all about. We have compiled a list of Kissanime alternatives that will keep you engaged.

Other than this, even if KissAnime had not completely shut down, the site encountered many issues. The KissAnime servers had gone down a couple of times, the site was a little unstable to use, plus there were some technical flaws along the way. So, even if KissAnime had not shut down, it’s always wise to go for another Kissanime alternative that is working and offers similar anime content.

Kissanime Features

  • It has the best English subbed and dubbed anime in HD.
  • It’s absolutely free! It is a site where most anime lovers spend most of their time! It is the king of anime websites where millions of users enjoy free streaming. In comparison to other anime websites, KissAnime has the largest collection which it uploads in a consistent manner in all video quality – 240p to 1080p.
  • It has a simple interface with multiple genres to choose from including Horror, Comedy, Romance, Fighting, Adventure, and more.

With the KissAnime website down, and with its features listed above, try out some of the working Kissanime alternatives on our list that offer similar attributes.

List of Kissanime Categories

War basedCartoons
HorrorMartial Arts

Is Kissanime Working?

No, it’s not. Kissanime was no stranger to shutdowns amidst complaints about copyright, but it always came back online. But on August 14, 2020, Kissanime was permanently shut down. The .com version as well as its .ru mirror is no longer online. For this reason, we’ve listed the best Kissanime alternatives for you to use. If, however, there was just one that we’d directly recommend, it would be Crunchyroll which also comes without ads on its premium plans.

KissAnime Alternatives – Top 15 Free Anime Streaming Sites

As mentioned, Kissanime used to be one of the best streaming websites for free anime. However, since it shut down, here are 15 of the best free Kissanime streaming websites to try: 

1. Crunchyroll



Crunchyroll was launched in 2006 and has gathered a huge user base ever since. What’s so great about this website is that it is for all anime lovers. This is because it is not just limited to anime but has many more shows as well in multiple languages, not just English and Japanese. The categories on this website are anime, drama, manga, music, entertainment and more. They have about 15000 hours’ worth of officially licensed content! Now, that’s being on a roll! Just a minor drawback is that not all shows are free, and the premium version needs to be bought as the free version is somewhat limited. If it’s unavailable in your country, you can always connect with a Crunchyroll VPN to access it. On the other hand, you could also try other premium platforms for similar content, like the best IPTV services or popular apps.

2. Anime Freak

Anime Freak


Anime Freak is a popular site with the largest HD database offering. Just like KissAnime, it is also free! They have 10,000 anime so far and keep adding new ones each day. It is also why anime lovers stop for new anime as it adds them directly after they are released! There is nothing that you will not find on Anime Freak. Find videos by latest releases, alphabetical order, or by genre.

3. Chia-Anime

Chia Anime


Next on our list is Chia Anime. It’s another great place for downloading anime as well as manga. The home page lists all the latest anime episodes for you to browse. You don’t have to worry about subtitles as episodes are subbed, and you can find dubbed content too. It’s a plus as the majority of fans don’t understand Japanese. Consider this Kiss Anime alternative as your next stop for all things anime.

4. Anime-Planet

Anime Planet


On Anime-Planet you will find all the new and old anime in HD. On the home page of the website, you will see anime sorted and categorized into sections based on ‘popular anime this week’, ‘newest recommendation’, and more. This instantly catches you up with popular new releases. The only flipside with this website, like all other free video sites, is that it shows ads and pop-ups This is not a deal-breaker though and it is still the favorable spot for anime lovers.

5. GoGoAnime



When making a list of the best KissAnime alternatives, GoGoAnime is one that is not to be missed. The website offers all kinds of anime from the oldest and rarest to newest and latest. Along with the usual, this website has a new season tab as well which shows you newly released anime so you don’t miss out. If you’re an anime lover, hit this site. Even if you don’t have anything particular in mind to watch, you will surely find something worthwhile on GoGoAnime.

6. 9Anime



The excellent KissAnime alternative, which is both trusted and reliable, is 9Anime. It has over 26000 anime shows and movies which keeps getting added to constantly. It also lets you request to put up anime you like but are not on the website, much like KissAnime. Another outstanding feature is that it lets you stream in HD and gives you the option to enjoy English dubbed. This should be the first choice of anime fans who want to watch it in English.

7. AnimeLab



AnimeLab is the best site that shows tracks in HD directly from Japan. It has series added to it every week and thousands of shows episodes to watch from even otherwise. It has all the popular anime and their genres. Each category is further divided into subcategories providing many folds of options. It does not require registration which is what makes it more favorable for the anime freaks.

8. Anilinkz



Anilinkz is considered as one of the best alternatives due to its continual updating. They have many episodes and can be found through their categories. Newly added series, ongoing and a complete list is available on the website. It is completely free and thus one of the most frequently visited websites for Anime.

9. Anime Land

Anime Land


If you’re looking for a KissAnime alternative that allows you to download anime movies or TV shows and then watch later, Anime Land is a popular choice. It’s also one of the best alternatives to KissAnime because the site is free to access. You are not required to create your account and can simply download content at any time.




One of the most substantial sites for anime streaming is It is super easy to use, especially since it doesn’t require the user to sign up. You only need an updated flash player on your device and you are sorted. The home page features the latest uploads and the rest you can search for in the search tab. They also have a schedule section at the top of the menu for all the anime shows that will be uploaded.

11. Horriblesubs



Horriblesubs is comparatively new to the market but still worthy enough of being mentioned in this list. It allows streaming of HD anime but it is not limited to that. It also allows downloading as well. The website contains many movies and engaging content in its database.

12. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy


When we created the list for the best working Kissanime alternatives, we had to include Anime Frenzy to the list. It offers hours of anime movies and TV shows and constantly updates its library. Plus, all content on this anime site is well-sorted for your experience on the service. Additionally, even if you feel like there is a particular show missing on the site, you can easily request it.

13. Kiss Asians

Kiss Asians


Kiss Asians has a straightforward interface that lets you see new anime additions to the platform or search for specific titles. It is a free-to-watch platform but the free version comes with ads. Kiss Asians offers a premium subscription if you wish to have zero ads in your experience.

14. AniWatcher



Aniwatcher is another great Kissanime alternative that offers not just a wide variety of content, but also information on each of the cartoons/animation listed. You’ll find the latest or most trending content to stream, provided that the libraries are constantly updated. Even if you can’t understand the language, there are dubbed versions available for you.

15. Funimation



Last, but not least, on the list of Kissanime alternatives, we have a very strong site called Funimation. It allows users to stream the best and latest animation series or shows at any time they like. You can access the service in the USA, Ireland, Canada, the UK, and a couple of other countries. If you’re anywhere outside the selected regions or are traveling outside, you could always connect to a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is replacing Kissanime?

Since KissAnime shut down, many alternatives have cropped up in its place. Right now, the best free anime website alternatives include Crunchyroll, Anime freak, Chia-Anime, Anime-Planet, and other options for you to try. Since free anime streaming websites come with ads, it’s always recommended that you use the best VPN for it. FastestVPN offers apps with high-end encryption and an ad-block feature to prevent unsolicited ads.

Is Kissnanime gone?

Yes, KissAnime, a popular website, is shut down. This free anime streaming website was taken down in August 2020 for copyright violations.

How can I download anime from Kissanime?

Select the anime that you want to download and play it. Once the video begins playing, right-click on the video and save the video. Your download will begin. However, this functionality is not guaranteed on all Kissanime alternatives.

What made Kissanime so popular?

The sheer volume of anime available in hardcoded English subtitles and English dubbing made for an excellent platform. Moreover, it was free and required no registration for streaming.

Why should you prefer Kissanime alternatives?

Kissanime alternatives are based on Kissanime. Hence, they all try to adopt features and content that made Kissanime so popular in the anime community.

What about the Kissanime subreddit?

The Kissanime subreddit still exists. However, instead of updates about new content Kissanime, the discussions now center around working Kissanime alternatives. It’s a good source should you need to get yourself updated with new Kissanime alternatives.

Does Kissanime contain malware?

The original Kissanime was pretty safe to use. The same cannot be said for the various Kissanime alternatives that now exist on the web. Always be careful where you watch and what you download from these alternatives.

What is the new website for watching anime nowadays?

There are many new websites to stream free anime content, but the best according to various streaming communities, is Crunchyroll.

Why should I watch on Kissanime alternatives?

Although Kissanime alternatives don’t share the same breadth of anime content the original website did, they are striving to be the best one. You can expect to find new anime across multiple genres in new releases.

Is Kissanime legal in USA?

KissAnime is illegal in the USA. This free anime website was shut down due to hosting pirated streaming links. It used to leech official websites and offered users pirated hyperlinks for downloading its anime torrent files.

What are the best Kissanime alternatives Reddit users recommend?

According to Reddit Kissanime alternative recommendations, you can try out:


Is there a Kissanime app?

No, there isn’t any Kissanime app available. The streaming service used to be available via its website before it shut down.

Kissanime Alternatives – Users Often Ask

Here are a few more questions or queries that users often ask:

Are there Kissanime alternatives for Android?

There are quite a few Kissanime alternative apps for Android. They include Crunchyroll, Animefrenzy, AnimeLab, Animepark, Funimation, Anime TV, and more. 

What Kissanime domains are there?

There was only one official Kissanime domain, that shut down. In its place came unofficial KissAnime proxies and alternative websites. They offer similar content. However, it’s best that you connect with FastestVPN to prevent malware or ad influx from free streaming websites. 

Is Crunchyroll like KissAnime?

Yes, Crunchyroll is like KissAnime and makes one of the best alternatives for it. This streaming website is legal and safe to use, with over 25,000 Anime episodes. The reason it stands as number one on the list is because it gives you licensed content that stretches over 15,000 hours. Apart from anime, Crunchyroll offers other shows, and in numerous languages. 

Is streaming from Kissanime safe?

Kissanime and Kissanime alternatives host various categories of anime that anyone can access. The problem arises if the content you are watching is protected under copyright. Streaming copyrighted content is illegal. The ISP can track your activity, and you can receive a DMCA notice. Always be careful of what content to stream or download from the internet.

Does KissAnime still exist?

The main site was shut down on the 14th of August 2020, with no intentions of coming back. For this reason, we suggest heading to one of the Kissanime alternatives listed above. Currently, the most popular Kissanime alternative is Crunchyroll, among many others.


Although the Kissanime website has shut down and has no plans to return, the only way forward is to rely on Kissanime alternatives and Kissanime mirror and proxy sites. 

They may not have the same level of content, but those of you who have come to rely on the name can seek some level of entertainment from these alternatives. If you think we missed any other alternatives, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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