Watch Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker on Android

Boxing fans get ready for the first mega-fight of 2018 between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker in a unification fight on 31st March (Saturday).  Both fighters will be competing to take home three of the main heavyweight boxing titles. The fight will be viewed in different channels across the globe including online channels. Nobody wants to miss out on this amazing fight due to costly subscriptions and geo-blocks. Here is a complete guide on how to watch Joshua vs Parker on Android for free.

As you know the fight will be broadcasted by major online channels for boxing. But most of them are paid channels and you may be required to subscribe in order to watch Joshua vs Parker on Android devices.

Joshua vs Parker on Android

Finding an online channel that broadcasts a boxing event for free is very challenging. However, there is one channel that you can switch on to and watch Joshua vs Parker on Android without paying for anything, and that is 1tv. By accessing 1tv via a browser on your Android device, you will be able to easily watch the Joshua vs Parker fight on Android.

But there is a small problem. 1tv is a Russian channel and it is only available for streaming in Russia. This means in order to access 1tv, you will require a Russian IP address, and that can only be done if you have a VPN installed on your Android device. A VPN will allow you to mask your actual IP address with a Russian IP and use it to access 1tv on android easily.

Steps to stream Anthony Joshua vs joseph parker live on Android

If you’re wondering how to access a free live stream of Joshua vs Parker on Android using a VPN, well we have that covered with this simple guide. Follow the instructions give below and get your Android devices ready to stream the fight online.

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Get the FastestVPN app for Android
  3. Launch the app and select Russia as your desired server location
  4. Hit connect to create a secure connection to our Russian server
  5. Launch internet browser on Android and visit
  6. Enjoy watching Joshua vs Parker on Android restriction-free!

Channels that will be Streaming Joshua Parker Fight Live

This fight is already said to be the biggest fight of the year and because of that many popular online channels will carrying out the fight online. Here are some of the most popular broadcasters in the Joshua vs Parker fight:

  • Showtime PPV (USA)
  • DAZN (Austria/Germany)
  • Main Event (Australia)
  • Sky Sports Box Office (UK)
  • StarHub (Singapore)
  • SuperSport (South Africa)
  • OSN Play (Middle East)

Before you try to access these broadcaster’s website, you should know that each of the above-mentioned channels is accessible in their designated location. If you try to access them outside their designated regions, you will be blocked to do that due to broadcast censorship. To bypass such restriction, you need a VPN that will allow you to subscribe to these channels and watch the Joshua vs Parker fight on android online.


The Joshua vs Parker fight will be a fascinating fight filled with action, drama, and probably KO. Around 75,000+ fans will be watching the fight live at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff and millions will be viewing the fight at home on TV or online. For viewers who want to watch Joshua vs Parker on Android, use our above guide to stream the fight lives online without wasting time and money on subscriptions.

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