Is QuillBot Safe? What You Need to Know Before Using It

Don’t the lingering plagiarism threats make you want to research every tool you use? Such as, is QuillBot safe? Which yes, it is. According to a report by Productivity Side, there are 150 million QuillBot users. From unique content to running plagiarism checks on your assignments, it does it all for you.

Is QuillBot Safe

Despite its unmatched features, if you’re digging to find out if this paraphrasing tool’s legit – this article’s for you. Let’s dive in!

Note: Despite how useful various tools seem to be, your information is never safe online. These tools have site cookies, which generally save a fraction of your data. And, to shield your personal information from the lingering cyberthreats, we recommend using a reliable VPN, like FastestVPN.

What Is Quillbot?

QuillBot is an advanced AI writing assistant that utilizes Machine Learning (ML) to enable users to improve their writing. Primarily, the tool is known for its paraphrasing and rewriting features.

Introduced in 2017, QuillBot boasts a user base exceeding 50 million. This AI writing tool caters to writers, especially academics and publishers. Its features include:

  • Content paraphrasing
  • Summarization
  • Grammar checking
  • Plagiarism detection

According to QuillBot’s yearly summary, in 2022, QuillBot’s Paraphraser processed 135 billion words. It offers two versions:

  • The Basic Free Version
  • The Premium Version

Is Quillbot Safe to Use?

With millions of active sites on Google, navigating your way to the active ones can be challenging. And QuillBot, a total life-saver for millions, is safe to use. Here’s the first green flag: the tool doesn’t require installing files. And this immediately dissolves the security concerns.

Additionally, you’ll be welcomed with brief guidelines before using this tool. From paraphrasing examples to a how-to guide on generating great content, QuillBolt offers it.

Not only does QuillBot offer user security, but it also offers robust encryption features for protecting your financial data, such as providing secure payment options. This includes payment methods that support:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

It also employs SSL/TLS encryption with PCI and SOC certifications.

Conclusively, QuillBot is safe, but nothing on the Internet guarantees security. For this, we recommend using FastestVPN.

Using a reliable VPN enables you to conceal your IP address and disguise your server’s location as the original one. This generally leads to secure payments with a VPN. Meanwhile, robust data encryption guarantees ultimate digital safety.

Is QuillBot AI Cheating?

No, using QuillBot isn’t cheating. To understand that better, you must first understand the thin borderline between paraphrasing and plagiarising. When using Quilbott, it’s requisite to paraphrase or rewrite your original ideas for content improvement.

Instead, copying from one source and pasting it on the paraphrasing tool to generate a gist of uniqueness by shuffling the words is cheating. On the other hand, colleges and universities have their conditions for using paraphrasing tools.

Whereas, as a conclusive response, using QuillBot AI isn’t cheating – it’s simply leveraging the capabilities of an AI tool for content improvement.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Quillbot

Here’s a list of the advantages and disadvantages of QuillBot.

Safe to use with ensured securityCollects user data for enhanced AI performance
The basic version is free to useOffers browser extensions
No registration is required for the basic versionYour usage information is tracked
Secure payment methodsThe browser extension collects information for real-time responses

Navigating the Data Collection Policies: Does Quillbot Steal Your Work?

According to Growjo, QuillBot generates an annual revenue of approximately $34.5 million. And despite impressive revenue generation, speculations of its safety still linger in the air. Although, as aforementioned, this paraphrasing tool is safe to use. But it does collect user data. As a beginner on QuillBot, you’ll first be asked to accept the site cookies. Other data collection only comes as a follow-up. Here’s briefly what QuillBot collects:

Service Interaction Information

According to QuillBot’s privacy policy, its cookies collect information on how you interact with the service, leading to ads and suggestions tailored to your preferences. And when you start using QuillBot, you’ll see a notification to accept the cookies. Following that, you’ll start seeing ads based on your interests.

Real-Time Browser Extension Data

When you install the browser extension, you get real-time responses, i.e., rewrite selected sentences, correct grammar, and more. And despite how exciting it sounds, there’s a downside to it too.

With extensions, QuillBot tracks the time spent and the information available on a site. This data is collected to assist the tool in generating real-time responses.

Payment Information

This section is for premium subscribers. When you pay for the subscription, QuillBot gets some data collected there, too. This mainly includes:

  • The card’s last 4 digits
  • The expiration date
  • Token number

4 Ways to Safely Use Quillbot

According to Zipdo, around 143 million Americans experienced the exposure of their personal information during a data breach in 2017. While that does sound scary, here’s what you can do to ensure enhanced online safety.

1. Use a VPN

Finding a reliable VPN that doesn’t ask for an arm and a leg is a total struggle. Fret not! We’ve got you covered. FastestVPN offers impressive features at an affordable price, from AES 256-bit encryption to the WireGuard protocol – it provides all!

When you connect to a VPN server, it conceals your IP address and passes your data through an encrypted tunnel. Even when you’re using online tools, it ensures that your location isn’t tracked and your IP is never leaked to the black hats.

2. Don’t Enter Personal Information

When using online tools, never entering your personal information is crucial. This includes your passwords, personal details, or even your life’s nitty-gritty. This especially goes when you’re using the browser extensions.

3. Register With a Separate Email ID

The first few uses will go unnoticed, but QuillBot will surely ask you for your email address. For that, we recommend you use a separate email address that doesn’t have your personal information saved. Or, you can use a specific email address for this tool only when going for the premium subscription. This step only elevates your digital privacy.

4. Avoid Plagiarising Content

The safest way to use QuillBot is to avoid copying/pasting ideas on it. Your ideas must be original, and if you’re stealing content and rephrasing and rewriting as your own – that might get you into the hot waters.

For this, we recommend you use the tool to improve your original content instead of taking others’ ideas and using them as your own.

FAQs - Is QuillBot Safe?

What is the disadvantage of QuillBot?

QuillBot, being an AI tool, requires users to check and review the content generated constantly.

Can teachers detect QuillBot?

Teachers can’t detect QuillBot’s content. This also depends on whether they use a specific tool to detect plagiarism. It might be hard to do that. However, if they’ve read the original source, such as a book, they’ll easily be able to detect the difference.

Is QuillBot safe from Turnitin?

Previously, QuillBot’s content wasn’t detectable on Turnitin, but it now is.

Can you use Quillbot for university?

Yes, you can use QuillBot for university. However, we don't recommend this option if you’re plagiarising content through it.

Wrapping Up

QuillBot is a safe and secure tool to improve content or get a second-head for your original ideas. However, it collects data to improve the user experience and provide real-time responses. To ensure enhanced safety, we recommend you use a reliable VPN, like the FastestVPN.

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