Is Lensa Legit? Everything You Need to Know

With all the photo editors flooding the market, AI is here to turn the tables! Tools like the Lensa AI stand out of the flock for all the features they offer. But, is Lensa legit? While researchers mention it to be highly unreliable, the company mentions it to be safe. And, as a service provider, it’s quite expected.

Is Lensa Legit

This article gives a brief walkthrough of all you need to know about “Is Lensa AI safe,” its subscription cost, the dangers of using the AI app, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Note: We recommend using FastestVPN for apps like Lensa or others. Connecting to a VPN encrypts your data while ensuring that none of your information leaks out or gets into the hands of the black hats.

What Is Lensa?

This is a paid AI photo-editing app. Since its release in 2016 by Prism Labs, Lensa has been making rounds on the web for all it has to offer. According to Statista, Lensa AI is one of the top-grossing apps in the App Store for a few locations.

The app is designed to be user-friendly. It enables users to easily remove the background’s unwanted objects or adjust them to your liking. Its simplicity and quick results make Lensa a standout option in the market, ensuring a comfortable and efficient editing experience.

Features of the Lensa AI App

The following are the features of this AI photo-editing app:

  • Easy object removal from the images
  • Adjust images into portrait mode
  • Automatic image enhancement
  • Smart AI filter suggestions

Despite the app being there for years, the magic avatars in 2022 worked as a magic wand wave for its popularity. However, the rise in popularity also came with greater privacy concerns of “Is Lensa AI app safe.”

What Is the Technology Behind Lensa

While Lensa looks like a holy grail to various users, you must also steer clear of all the data privacy issues that come with it. But before delving into the cons of Lensa and “is Lensa AI safe,” let’s first wrap the head around its technology.

Using this AI photo editor app is only a cakewalk. Start off by uploading a picture and then make the edits as preferred. You can adjust the brightness and colors or even crop the picture. But that’s the least to expect from a photo editor app.

Lensa uses the following technologies:

  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Deep Learning image generation

Thanks to the technologies mentioned above, you can leverage options like removing unwanted objects, adjusting image tones, and generating avatars. This feature alone caused Lensa to reach over 20 million downloads in the same year as its release!

Is Lensa Free to Use?

Lensa AI is a subscription-based service. According to Prior Data, Lensa led to a revenue generation of $16.2 million in 2022. And as a paid platform, the features lead to a significant spike in the revenue charts–especially the avatar generation.

You can install the app for free, and you only have to purchase a subscription to use it. Initially, you get a 7-day trial period; later, you must buy a subscription plan according to your preferences. Here are the pricing options of Lensa:

OptionPriceImages Included
Per Image (Subscriber)$3.9950
Per Image (Non-Subscriber)$7.9950
Package (100 Images, Subscriber)$5.99100
Package (100 Images, Non-Subscriber)$11.99100
Package (200 Images, Subscriber)$7.99200
Package (200 Images, Non-Subscriber)$15.99200
Subscription (Annual)$35.99Unlimited

Is Lensa Safe to Use?

Let’s get the drum rolling–we’ve finally made it to the main section. Wondering, “Is Lensa reliable, or is Lensa AI app safe?” Considering all the experts have to say, Lensa is quite unreliable for the data collection policies this AI app sticks to. Here’s what makes us shake our heads to no when the question of “Is Lensa AI safe?” comes:

1. Data Collection

Using Lensa might seem like a cool way to fix a quick image, but the risks make it unworthy. The app generally asks for your permissions, such as using the camera, location, device’s mic, and even contact access! Instead of help, expect these permissions to be clear red flags.

2. Risk of Data Breaches

It’s best not to ignore the lingering data threats Lensa’s apps expose you to. While the service owners and developers mention that the photo editor is totally safe, they still don’t guarantee 100% protection. However, we believe none of the apps or services offer complete security protection.

Considering all the permissions the app asks for, it’s best to use a VPN with Lensa. This way, all your online information is more secure without the black hats making their way in.

3. Avatar Generation

Despite the avatar’s feature garnering massive popularity among the masses, it also attracts data safety speculations. Lensa uses facial recognition to generate fictional avatars, and that’s where the speculations begin.

Through this, the majority of users believe that Lensa can review, analyze, and use your image for other purposes. Meanwhile, other ethical concerns also pop up with Lensa using these images.

4. Unexpected and Inappropriate Content

When using Lensa, you should expect to see sexualized content, too, which can often involve nudity. And that’s one of the potential risks of using this AI photo-editor too. Meanwhile, other users complain that Lensa majorly lightens skin colors when using the app for automatic adjustments.

Additionally, users claim that Lensa goes against the ethical usage of the platform, where people can edit photos to a great extent. This includes the images to be edited to an extent where ex-partners can unethically edit images.

Does Lensa Sell Your Information?

Now that you know the answer to “is Lensa AI safe?” here’s what to know about information disclosure. Lensa discloses your private information to various third-party organizations. And you can easily review these policies on Lensa’s official terms of use page, where the AI app editor clearly mentions providing your user information to external parties.

From the information access you provide to the platform to the filters you use on your images, Lensa records your user patterns and discloses activities as needed. Also, it’s not only the information being shared but also the data being recorded and preserved.

How to Mitigate the Risks When Using Lensa

For the bliss, AI seems to be, using apps like Lensa naturally feels tempting. Here are 5 ways how you can mitigate the risk when using the Lensa AI editor app:

1. Use a Trusted VPN

You must always use a VPN when accessing apps like Lensa. Considering different concerns about “Is Lensa legit?” You must ensure elevated privacy by connecting to FastestVPN. Doing so encrypts all your personal information, and the VPN mitigates cyber attacks.

2. Don’t Accept All App Requests

When starting to use Lensa, you’ll see a list of requests for app permissions. As mentioned before, Lensa asks for access to things that might not be quite necessary too.

For example, accessing the contact cards. The best way out is to limit these permissions. This way you get to conceal most of your information without Lensa AI sneaking its way in as well.

3. Use 2FA

Ensure you always have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled for your device and Gmail account. This will make it harder for black hats to steal your personal information. With 2FA enabled, cybercriminals have to hop another security layer to access your data.

4. Thoroughly Read the Privacy Policies

Lensa straightaway mentions its privacy policies and to whom it discloses your personal information. While users tend to accept these terms of use and other conditions without reading them, Lensa does disclose your information, and it’s best to read them before accepting.

FAQs - Is Lensa Safe

Who is Lensa?

It is an AI-powered photo editing app that enables users to edit images and generate avatars quickly. This subscription-based app initially comes with a free 7-day trial.

What is the problem with Lensa?

Wondering, “is Lensa AI safe?” There are quite a few problems with Lensa. A few are:

  • Racist photo adjustments
  • Inappropriate content
  • Art theft
  • Data breach
  • Unethical photo editor’s use

Is it safe to use AI photo apps?

It’s not always safe to use AI photo apps. Since most of them use facial recognition to generate avatars, following this, the images can be used for other unethical purposes.

Is Lensa worth it?

Lensa is good for use, but due to its privacy issues, it’s not quite safe to use. And that’s the direct answer to “is Lensa AI app safe?” Due to this, the app might not be totally worth it, but even if you do use it, you must take all the steps to mitigate the risks, such as:

  • Use a VPN
  • Thoroughly read the terms of use
  • Always use two-factor authentication

Wrapping Up

Many people wonder, “Is Lensa reliable? Or “is Lensa AI safe?” its data breaches and unnecessary app permissions raise a clear red flag. However, the app’s features are quite impressive for anyone to avoid the temptation of using this AI-powered editor app, whi, which is hard to resist.

The best way to mitigate these risks is to use FastestVPN. Connecting to a different server ensures that you’re always clear of the lingering cyber threats. Thanks to the VPN’s AES 256-bit encryption, you never have to worry about cyber criminals making their way in.

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