What is a Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

What internet speed do I need for gaming? It is a question gamers ask frequently. This blog explains good internet speed for gaming and some additional tips on boosting the gaming experience.

Internet Speed for Gaming

The minimum required internet speed for gaming is 3Mbps. However, all gaming consoles are designed differently. These consoles have different recommended download speeds. In general, most console manufacturers need 3Mbps to function. 

However, this speed is the slightest requirement to up and run the game. You will need a fast internet connection for smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

Check out here to improve your bandwidth and internet quality for faster games and streaming. Since all consoles have different speed criteria, it is important to research console specifications for better gaming. 

Here I am outlining the most popular consoles and their minimum internet speed for gaming.

Recommended Minimum Internet Speed for Most Popular Consoles

Console NameMinimum  Mbps download speed recommendations
PlayStation 55 Mbps
PC Gaming3 to 6 Mbps
Xbox One3 Mbps
Nintendo Switch3 Mbps

Note: If a product has changed specifications, then the required download and upload speeds will be different from each other. Download speed is how fast your device fetches data from the server. The upload speed is how fast your device transfers data. All the mentioned gaming consoles work online with an upload speed of 0.5 to 3Mbps.

Types of Games and Their Recommended Internet Speed

Internet speed requirements for gaming are significantly influenced by the types of games you play online. If you are playing a first-person shooter game, a second will make a difference. It will determine who will win the game. 

If your internet stops even for a millisecond, your rival will get you before you get him. Therefore, ensure upgrading your internet plan more than the minimum requirement for such cut-throat gaming.

The recommended internet download speed for these games is at least 25 Mbps, regardless of what console you use.

The connectivity loss or lag time will ruin your gaming experience. For online gameplay, always opt for high-speed internet with a minimum download of 25 Mbps. The upgraded internet plan will get you uninteruppted and smooth gameplay. 

Opt for a fiber optic cable to get the best internet connection for online gaming. The fiber optic cable can cover speeds up to 2 Gbps and ensures a low ping rate and smooth gaming experience.

How Does Latency/Ping Affect Gaming?

The latency and ping also impact your online gaming. Ping rate is the time your device takes to get a response from your internet connection after sending a request. The Ping rate significantly influences your gaming performance.

Latency is measured in milliseconds. It is delayed responses in gaming and can be defined as the time between an action the gamer takes and how fast the desired action occurs in the video game. The low your latency, the smoother your gameplay is.

High ping or latency makes it challenging to play multiplayer games. In addition to the time it takes for your computer to monitor your keystrokes from your wired or wireless keyboard, if your ping rate is high, then all other players will perform actions on the screen before you.

Now, you must be wondering how to get a low ping rate and low latency, right? Well! You don’t need to move mountains, but get a faster internet plan, which will automatically boost your speed and minimize the connection ping and latency. 

Tips to Improve Your Online Gaming Experience

Besides upgrading your internet plan, you can also take additional steps to improve your gaming experience. 

  • Plug an Ethernet Cable into the Gaming Console 

For gaming, a wireless connection is not recommended. Wi-Fi connections work with signals which cause added delays. To find more details, read our blog on Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi. For uplifted gameplay, directly connect your console with an ethernet cable to enjoy a faster and more responsive internet connection with less lag time. 

However, if you still face lag issues, follow some troubleshooting steps. Reset your router and modem, and restart your device. It will drastically lower your lag. 

If you cannot arrange an ethernet connection, try to be close to your Wi-Fi router while playing. 

  • Connect to a VPN While Playing Online 

You should always use a VPN for online gaming. Many VPNs slow your connection because of the encryption process. However, a paid and trusted VPN with speed-optimized servers doesn’t compromise your speed. 

FastestVPN is an ideal choice for gaming online. Usually, while playing online games, your ISP monitors your traffic. ISPs intentionally reduce your speed to minimize network congestion. The process of slowing down your connection is called ISP throttling. 

When you connect to FastestVPN, it hides your online activities and saves you from ISP throttling. 

Since a VPN hides your traffic and IP address, hence, it also prevents several doxxing and swatting attacks during online gameplay. A VPN ensures faster speeds and complete online security when playing online. 

  • Free up your Network 

You can also boost your gaming by reducing the interference in your network surroundings. For this, disconnect unnecessary connected devices that are eating up your console’s bandwidth; also, check if any in-game download is running in the background; it might slow down your gaming. 

  • Connect to the Closest Game servers 

Another major factor that impacts online gaming is the distance between the player and the gaming server. The latency will increase if you are far away from the gaming servers. Online games usually offer regional servers to fulfill player needs in different regions. Therefore, try connecting to a game server near you.

FAQS - Internet Speed for Gaming

What is Good Internet Speed? 

The good internet speed is over 25Mbps. However, it mainly depends on what you are doing online. 

What is considered Fast internet? 

The fast internet is over 100Mbps. This is the minimum requirement for 4K streaming, fast-paced, and high-graphic games.

Is 30 Mbps enough for gaming?

Yes, 30Mbps is enough for ordinary games, but it is not a good internet speed for fast-paced, multiplayer games. It is highly recommended to upgrade your internet package for graphic-demanding, fast-paced games.


Several factors impact your gaming experience. Low latency and ping rate are essential for the best gaming internet. Hopefully, you will follow our featured tips to get a good internet speed and reduce your latency to take your gaming to the next level. Simply upgrade your internet plan, connect to FastestVPN, and follow our troubleshooting tips featured above, and that’s all to enjoy powerful, fast, and extraordinary gameplay.

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