How to Install 1Channel Primewire on Kodi

Amongst all the Kodi addons that exist out there, what makes 1Channel the best Kodi addon is that in addition to giving access to TV shows, movies and more; this addon also has a favorites section that let you store your desired streaming content to watch whenever you want without having to search for it.

Install 1Channel Primewire on Kodi

If Kodi users don’t already have the addon, they must install 1Channel Primewire on Kodi now!! We have a step by step guide as to how to do so, but the key is to make sure you connect to FastestVPN before anything else!

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Install 1Channel Primewire on Kodi But First…

1Channel Primewire on Kodi has always been one of the most installed and hence popular addons for a really long time. The major contributing factor is that it has no bad links. To install the addon, what you require first and foremost is FastestVPN connectivity.

Here is what you should do to install 1Channel Primewire or any other Kodi addon:

  1. Get a subscription to FastestVPN
  2. Download and Install FastestVPN on the device you wish to access Kodi from
  3. Or configure FastestVPN with router and connect Kodi device with VPN-enabled router
  4. Whether you get the app or configure with the router, select the US/UK or any other server required to unblock the addon
  5. Then launch Kodi
  6. Install 1Channel Primewire on Kodi
  7. Open the addon and enjoy movies and TV shows with complete security and utmost anonymity!

Since Kodi is an open source platform, make sure you follow the steps above first before installing 1Channel Primewire on Kodi or any other add-on for that matter. Once done with the above, we move on to the step by step guide of how to install 1Channel Primewire on Kodi, which is equally just as simple.

Install 1Channel PrimeWire on Kodi – Krypton V.17

  1. Launch Kodi (after connecting FastestVPN first)
  2. Now click on ‘Settings’ on the top of the screen
  3. Click on addons on the bottom left
  4. Now turn on Unknow sources from the toggle on the right
  5. A warning window will appear to confirm if you agree to take full responsibility for any damage, data loss etc. (from which you will already be protected against once you connect to FastestVPN)
  6. Click yes
  7. Now, download k3l3vral repository from here and save to a location easily accessible by you
  8. Go back to Kodi
  9. Select addons from left meny
  10. Click on packages installer – the box icon on top left
  11. Click on Install from zip file
  12. Go to the location where you saved the zip file
  13. Wait for the addon enabled notification to show up
  14. Go back and now select install from repository
  15. Scroll and find K3l3vra repository
  16. Click on Video addons and select 1Channel
  17. Hit install and wait for the addon enabled notification to appear
  18. You have now successfully installed 1Channel Primewire on Kodi and it is ready for you to stream movies and bookmark your favorite shows
  19. To access it go to Kodi Home Screen
  20. Select Add-ons
  21. Go to Video Add-ons
  22. Click on 1Channel
  23. And Enjoy!

Install 1Channel PrimeWire on Kodi – Jarvis V.16 or lower

  1. Download the k3l3vral repository from here and save to a location that you can access easily later on
  2. Open your Kodi app
  3. select “SYSTEM”
  4. Click on “Add-ons” in here and then select the option “Install from zip file
  5. Select the zip file from where you downloaded and saved it in the first step
  6. Now wait for the “Add-on” enabled notification to appear
  7. For the next step, select “Install from Repository
  8. Find and select “k3l3vra” Repository
  9. Click on “Video Add-ons
  10. Then click on “1Channel”
  11. Press “Install”
  12. Again, wait for the Add-on enabled notification to appear
  13. 1Channel PrimeWire is now installed and ready for you to enjoy your favorite content on!

Conclusion – 1Channel PrimeWire on Kodi

If the addon hangs and causes such issues, it means that you have installed the Beta version. Beta version means the addon is under development. To fix your problem, try to download the complete version of 1Channel Kodi addon. If the problem persists, it probably means that either you have the older Beta version or it is because you are still using the Jarvis version of Kodi. Using Krypton definitely makes the experience smoother.

Other than that the addon has no major issues and you can install 1Channel PrimeWire on Kodi in a few simple steps to enjoy all the entertaining content that is treat to your eye. Just make sure to keep the process secure and connect to FastestVPN. Overcome geographical limitations, speed throttling, avoid third parties from gathering your data activity and keep hackers at bay by connecting to a VPN. Indulge in your favorite shows with a blanket over your activity via FastestVPN connectivity.

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