How to Watch the Uncharted from Anywhere

Here’s everything that you need to know about how to watch Uncharted from anywhere. Uncharted is a movie based on a PlayStation game series. It is an action-adventure movie created by Naughty Dog. The cast includes Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan.

Watch Uncharted 2022

These two are the main leads, and besides, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas are also included in the major roles.

For the unversed, the movie’s story is based on a clever thief (Played by Tom Holland as Nathan Drake). Drake is soon hired by an old con man (Played by Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan).

The two started their journey in the search for a long-lost fortune missed by some seafarers a long time ago.

Now, these two start roaming around the world to find some ancient clues before the corrupt billionaire (Antonio Banderas) and the mercenary leader (Tati Gabrielle) get to it first.

If the synopsis has triggered your curiosity and you’d like to watch the movie, it’s now available on Netflix. We’ll show you how to watch Uncharted on Netflix, and if it’s not available to you, unblock it with FastestVPN.

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Where is Uncharted available? How do you watch it?

Uncharted is now available on different video-on-demand services, including Amazon, YouTube, and Vudu. You can pay $20 to buy Unchartered from these online retailers. Most users are watching it through Vudu. If you don’t want to watch Uncharted on Vudu, you can watch it on Netflix as well. Sony Pictures gives streaming rights to Netflix. Uncharted on Netflix premiered on July 15, 2022.

The movie is full of action and thrill, and its plot makes it entertaining in its own right. Each scene of the movie will take you on a roller coaster of thrill and excitement, and you’ll definitely enjoy its surprising ending.

If not the best, but surely the movie is worth watching. The duration of the movie is 1hr 56 min, and you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Let’s read below to find out how to watch Uncharted.

How to watch Uncharted 2022 on Netflix?

Uncharted is only available on the US Netflix library. If you’re outside the US and would like to access it on Netflix, you can do so with FastestVPN. Here’s how:

  • Get your FastestVPN subscription by choosing a pricing plan
  • Install the VPN app on any device
  • Launch the app and log in using your credentials
  • Connect to the USA server
  • Visit USA Netflix
  • Search and watch the Uncharted
  • That’s it.

Watch Uncharted 2022 on VUDU from Anywhere with a VPN?

To watch Uncharted, you will need a VPN to access Vudu because the service isn’t available globally. Plus, if you’re living anywhere other than the USA, you cannot stream Uncharted.  FastestVPN is the best Vudu VPN to help you unblock both the service and movie easily. Here’s how:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN (Select any pricing plan of your choice)
  • Install the VPN app on a device of your choice
  • Login to FastestVPN with the provided credentials
  • Now, connect to any USA server
  • Head to the official VUDU website, log in using your credentials
  • Search and watch the movie.

Why do I need a VPN to watch the Uncharted?

A VPN is required to watch Uncharted if you’re living outside the USA. Both US Netflix and Vudu are geo-restricted platforms. You cannot access any of the mentioned sites outside the US.

In case if you try to access Vudu outside America without a VPN, you will see an error that says, “Login failed! Please check your information and try again”. Similarly, Netflix US is also restricted and cannot be accessed outside the USA.

However, a simple trick to watch Uncharted from anywhere is using a VPN. When you connect to FastestVPN’s USA server, it hides your IP address and location and changes your virtual location in the US by assigning you a new US IP address.

With this newly assigned US IP, you can access Vudu and Netflix. The new IP makes you appear as if you’re browsing from the USA. Hence, the platforms won’t block you from accessing their content.

FastestVPN is the best VPN to watch US Netflix. It has lightning-fast USA servers that allow you to stream your favorite content without restrictions. Moreover, its robust military-grade encryption keeps your online traffic secure and anonymous.

Shortly, with FastestVPN, you can watch US content, including Uncharted, from any location.

Regardless of this, even though you’d like to watch it on another streaming service, and you’re not in that country, you still have to connect to a VPN to change your IP address. Only then will you be able to access it.

How to watch Uncharted on supported Netflix devices?

Now, you can watch Uncharted on Netflix using your favorite devices with FastestVPN. See the tutorials below.

On Android devices:

  • Get your FastestVPN subscription
  • Install the VPN app on your Android device
  • Log in and launch the app
  • Connect to the USA server
  • Head to your Netflix account
  • Watch the film.

On iOS devices:

  • Subscribe to  FastestVPN
  • Get VPN app on iOS device
  • Login the app
  • Connect to the USA server
  • Open your Netflix account, or create if you don’t already have one
  • Now, you can watch and enjoy the movie.

On Windows devices:

  • Subscribe to  FastestVPN
  • Get the Windows VPN app
  • Login the app
  • Connect to the USA server
  • Access or create your Netflix account
  • Search and watch the film.

On Firestick devices:

  • Subscribe to  FastestVPN
  • Get FirestickVPN app
  • Login the app
  • Connect to the USA server
  • Open Netflix on Firestick
  • Search and watch the movie.


Where to watch a free uncharted movie?

You can try different websites to watch the Uncharted movie for free. Websites like, and also have Uncharted streams. However, free websites are unsecure, full of ads and viruses hence, it is suggested to use antivirus programs and a VPN while watching free movies.

When can I stream Uncharted?

Uncharted has been released on Netflix on July 15, 2022. You can now stream the movie on Netflix, from anywhere with FastestVPN.

Will Uncharted be on Disney Plus?

Right now, Uncharted is not available on Disney Plus. However, it will be available on Disney Plus, or Hulu in the USA in early 2024.

Is Uncharted based on a true story?

Uncharted is not a true story. The movie is based on a PlayStation game series of the same name, developed by Naughty Dog.

Is the Uncharted movie worth watching?

Uncharted is an action-adventurous movie that you should definitely watch.

Is Uncharted a marvel movie?

Uncharted is not a Marvel movie. Tom Holland is playing his first significant non-Marvel character.

Can I watch Uncharted with a free VPN?

Free VPNs are unsafe and cannot encrypt your traffic. Mostly free VPNs are blocked by streaming sites. Therefore, the best way to watch Uncharted is through a trusted and paid VPN just like FastestVPN.

Is Uncharted on Amazon Prime?

Currently. Uncharted is not available on Amazon Prime. However, you can find and watch a good collection of other latest movies on this streaming platform.

On what device can I watch Uncharted with FastestVPN?

FastestVPN supports a wide range of devices. You can watch Uncharted on any of your favorite devices, while connecting with FastestVPN. Some of the best streaming devices for you are: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Android TV, and more.

Where to watch Uncharted in 2022?

You can watch Uncharted in 2022 on, and Netflix. Netflix US, and Vudu are not available outside the USA. Therefore, ensure using a VPN to watch Uncharted if you’re traveling or living outside the US.


You now know how to watch Uncharted from anywhere. To give you a quick recap, let me tell you again that you can watch it on Vudu and Netflix in the USA. Viewers outside America can connect a VPN first to combat geo-restrictions. FastestVPN is the best VPN to stream US content from anywhere hassle-free.

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