How to Use VPN on Xbox One

Gamers around the world have invested hundreds of hours into multiplayer games. But equally important today, streaming services have found new platforms in video-game consoles. Xbox One is one of the popular gaming devices and one that is used for more than just gaming. Thanks to its robust operating system, the console delivers access to entertainment apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more.

How to Use VPN on Xbox One

Internet bandwidth is vital to having a consistent and reliable experience on Xbox One. As gamers continue to search for ways to bypass ISP’s intervention, you can look towards VPN to achieve that goal.

How VPN is Effective for Xbox

When you connect to the internet, you connect through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that acts as a gateway to the global network. It acts as a traffic cop that fulfils all DNS queries. For this reason, the ISP is aware of everything you do on the web. All the websites that you visit and how much bandwidth you consume, it’s all known.

With Net Neutrality repealed last year, there are concerns over whether ISPs such as Comcast will build what’s known as “fast lanes.” Net Neutrality prevented ISPs from favouring one kind of traffic over the other. So, Netflix could not pay an ISP to favour its traffic by slowing down its competition’s traffic.

A VPN hides your activities from the ISP by encrypting internet traffic. The ISP can only see that you are connected to a VPN and how much bandwidth you are consuming.

VPN helps with bypassing geo-restricting, which is a cumbersome problem for many while streaming on Netflix. Netflix USA is the best to watch Netflix, hence why most users demand a reliable method to bypass geo-restriction.

Fewer Chances of Bandwidth Throttling

There’s a common misconception that a VPN completely prevents bandwidth throttling – that’s not the case. What it does is improve your chances against bandwidth throttling.

The ISP is the gateway to the internet. It knows how much bandwidth you consume, what it cannot see what you are interacting with on the web while using a VPN. There are more chances that the ISP will not throttle your internet connection based on activity or the service you are using. However, it’s possible to experience a slowdown during peak hours, as everyone might be treated equally to prevent network congestion.

How to Install VPN on Xbox One

FastestVPN can be configured in the router. This approach allows every connected device to receive VPN protection instantly – without any app. Connecting the Xbox One console through Wi-Fi or Ethernet to a router configured with FastestVPN will require no additional setup.

  • Configure FastestVPN in the router. A router with VPN setup functionality or a router supported by the DD-WRT firmware is required. Check out FastestVPN tutorials on how to configure VPN on a router.
  • Connect Xbox One to the router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

For the best performance, a wired connection is recommended. Check out our blog on how to configure NAT type to get the best performance in online multiplayer games.

Can VPN Bypass Every Geo-Restriction?

Some services offer content based on the user’s geographic location at the time, but some keep the user locked at the account’s region. The address used while signing up for the account is what determines the content you will have access to. In this case, turning on a VPN will not help you gain unrestricted access.

It is true for Xbox Live. Regardless of where you are in the world, you will always get access to only one region. Making a new account with a different address will be the only option in this situation.

A VPN is not recommended for playing online multiplayer. Although it improves privacy, it also introduces latency. Online multiplayer gaming requires low pings for a lag-free experience. VPN server’s geographic location generally introduces latency, since data has to travel through the VPN server. Using a VPN might be useful when routing is not optimal, but such situations are rare. What you can count on is an unrestricted streaming experience on your favourite apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max. Xbox One also has a built-in Internet Explorer web browser, so that’s another way to browse and enjoy more streaming services on the big screen.


The benefit of configuring a VPN on a router is convenience. Instead of installing a VPN app on every device, one router delivers VPN protection on all connected devices. Once again, if you are looking to access the Xbox Live Store of a different region, then a VPN will not help; making a new account is the only option.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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