How to Play Real Money Slots in South Africa Using a VPN

The internet has made gambling more accessible. So now, anyone can hop on the internet and play various casino games online without leaving their physical location. If we talk about South Africa boasts the second-largest “online gaming market” in the world. A VPN for gamblers there would most definitely come in handy, even while playing real money slots. This guide will show you how to play real money slots in South Africa using a VPN.

Play Real Money Slots in South Africa

But one of the concerns about online gambling is location restriction. Once in a while, you will run into online casinos that don’t accept players from your regions. There are only two options when you encounter such a dead end. On the one hand, you might decide to withdraw from the site and deny yourself the fun of playing your favorite slot games for real money. On the other hand, you might use a VPN to bypass the restriction.

This piece is your handy guide if you instead choose to play online slot games for real money using a VPN. You’ll learn how VPN works, how to use it to play slot games with real money, and how to ensure you can withdraw your earnings when you win. Let’s get into it.

What Is VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. The VPN is a proxy browser that replaces your original web address and location with the IP address of a new country. VPN achieves this by creating a new encryption conduit between your device and the site you want to access, thereby making your connection more secure and private

Why Do Punters (Gamblers) Need A VPN?

A virtual private network lends various benefits to web users and punters. A VPN’s first and most apparent benefit is that it helps bypass geolocation restrictions. Some online casinos are only accessible from specific regions. Therefore, you must be a resident to play online slots for real money on such sites or use a VPN if you’re playing from a restricted location.

VPN also comes in handy if you stay in a country that has banned the casino you intend to play from operating within its territory. Or maybe gambling is illegal in your country altogether.

The virtual private network also helps to create a secure and anonymous connection between your device and online slots for real money sites. For example, let’s say you don’t want gambling sites to show in your browsing history; a VPN might help to hide your data while enjoying your favorite slot games with real money.

Lastly, punters can employ the help of a VPN to create more than one account on a virtual casino to claim multiple free spin bonuses to play slot games for real money.

Step-by-Step Guide to Play Real Money Slots in South Africa With a VPN

The following are 6 simple steps to play slot games for real money in South Africa and other regions using a VPN:

Step 1: Choose a Slot Site That Accepts VPNs

The first step to playing slot games for real money using a VPN is to choose a casino site that allows VPN. This is important because you risk forfeiting your earnings and deposit if you play on a casino site that doesn’t accept using a VPN. Luckily, many casinos with online slots for real money in South Africa enable you to play with a VPN. Usually, you will find details about a casino’s policy on VPN in the “terms and conditions” section or on the “user policy” page. These steps can be omitted if you mainly explore online slots for fun.

Step 2: Find a Suitable VPN

The second step to using VPN to play slot games with real money in South African casinos is choosing a VPN with South Africa IP permit. Ensure that the VPN is compatible with PC and mobile, provides stable connectivity, has top-notch security, and can bypass a casino wall. The best and most affordable VPN we’ve found most suitable for online gambling is FastestVPN.

Step 3: Download and Install a VPN

Once you find a suitable VPN, download it on your device. Each VPN official site often has instructions to download and install VPN on your PC. They also have a mobile application for iOS and Android devices you can download from App Store and Google Play. After downloading the VPN, install it to create a user account. You would have to pay a subscription fee to use most VPNs that permit access to SA sites. FastestVPN offers a 15-day money-back guarantee that you can use.

Step 4: Open and Choose Your Location

Next, log in to the VPN and choose South Africa as your preferred location. You can use the search option to quickly connect to the IP address of any site you want.

Step 5: Register on a Reputable SA Casino

At this point, your IP address is in South Africa, and you can access any SA sites. Next, create an account on any casino with real money slots South Africa to play online slots for real money. Registration is as simple as inputting your name, DOB, phone number, and valid South African address on the registration form. And your account will be ready within a few minutes. It would be best to be wary of sites that ask for confidential information such as your ID during registration, and don’t forget to claim the welcome bonus.

Step 6: Deposit to Play Real Money Games

The top South African online casinos usually have extensive slots for real money collection. Using the search bar, you can filter the game lists and find real money slots by your favorite developer. Navigate to the casino’s payment section to credit your account to start playing various slot games for real money.


Playing online slots for real money in South Africa with VPN is straightforward. However, it may be tough to pass the verification test and withdraw your earnings if you’re not a South African or don’t have a valid South African identity card. Consequently, we usually advise punters that want to play online slots for real money in South Africa to use no sign-up casinos, which require minimal or no verification to cash out.

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