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How to Play Blooket Games

What is Blooket? Can you play games on Blooket? Is it the best solution for making learning fun for kids? The internet is a great place if used correctly. Even though there are many educational websites, Blooket is one of the few where teachers and students can engage together and grow mindfully. This guide will show you everything there is to know on how to play Blooket games. 

What is Blooket?

The Blooket game website is a fun learning platform. This is where teachers can organize and host trivia games. With the Blooket tool, teachers can create their own questions or utilize the hundreds of questions already on the platform. 

This allows the students to play games on Blooket by answering the questions on their personal devices. This assessment-centered tool takes learning to newer heights, making education fun. 

It is enabled with multiple features that drive children to participate in activities through games. At times, the questions are a little brain-tickling, which makes students look up ways on how to hack Blooket games. 

For students, it encourages them to participate in games with rewards on their end. Students have to answer the questions, try to find new answers, and delve into new discoveries while overcoming every kind of challenge that may come their way. When children learn the art of overcoming challenges, it helps to build themselves.

Teaching, the Blooket uses a powerful system of creating puzzles and quizzes. They can easily be created within the system. Users can also look at the incredible collection of sets built on the Discover page.

Blooket Games Compatible Devices

Blooket offers a range of new, classic, and engaging game settings. Users can play through a variety of games and make Booklet their perfect tool. it can be run from different devices with an internet connection,

  • Smartphones (Android, iPhone)
  • Tablets (Android, iPhone)
  • Computer

Benefits of Playing Blooket

The booklet is a top classroom platform created as a source of learning that helps students and other members with a lot of benefits. Some benefits of using Blooket are as follows,

Sense of Engagement

They are interactive and help boost cognitive thinking by allowing students to keep students in a gamification experience.

Impressive Learning

It promotes critical thinking and allows students to engage in a more dynamic learning experience. They can get hold of impressive quizzes, puzzles, and challenges. They can grow more and have an edge over other students.

Earn Your Goals

When students are involved in an activity educators and students both can earn their goals. Teachers can create custom quizzes according to the curriculum. This also creates a sense of collaboration between people who interact more as a team. It helps strengthen communication skills with Blooket games. 

Learning Different Methods

Blooket is a diverse gaming platform that creates more options for users. Users can create different modes of challenges, and introduce new sets of games. It reinforces learning in an effective way, students can have more engaging experiences with flashcards, quizzes, and other educational challenges.

How Does Blooket Work?

There are four steps to setting up a Blooket game,

1. Choose Your Question Set

You can create a perfect set of quizzes or puzzles whether it is custom or taken from the site’s Discover database.  

2. Select Game Mode

They have a variety of options available for selecting game mode. They are all created to keep students engaged. Moreover, users can also find some seasonal and festive event modes.

3. Host and Join

The teacher can simply host the game on a large screen in front of the class and the rest of the students can play the game on their devices. A Blooket can connect to up to 60 devices at once. For this, users need a Blooket Code Join. It is a unique code created for each game so the players can join the game from their devices. Essentially, it is a password that is required to join a game.

4. Play to Review

Whenever students play, they can also give a review on how they had a great time playing on Blooket.

5. Analyze the Result

At the end, teachers are given a detailed score report, with a comprehensive analysis. It allows the teachers to easily identify how students performed and review their key areas.

Is Blooket Free? 

Yes! Blooket is free to use, offering you a wide variety of essential features. There is no limit to how many questions you can create. With one account, you can host Blooket games with up to 60 people. If you’d like to add more, go for the paid Blooket accounts that give you access to hosting up to 300 people. 

Blooket Paid Plans

Here is what a premium Blooket account costs: 

  • Blooket Plus – $4.99/mo. 
  • Blooket Plus Flex – $9.99/mo. 
  • Blooket Group plans – Friends: $550/year 
  • Blooket Group plans – Department: $1000/year 
  • Blooket Group plans – Small School: $1800/year 
  • Blooket Group plans – School: $3000/year 

How to Sign Up for Blooket Games (Free Account)

Creating an account on Blooket is simple and follows some simple steps. The sign-up process is free and is as,

  • Visit the official Blooket website:
  • Click on “Sign Up.” 
  • Select either “Sign up with Google,” “Sign up with Email,” or “Login” if you have an account. 
  • If you select “Sign up with Email,” you will need to verify your account. 
  • Do not exit the page. Receive the code from your email and head back to the Blooket page. 
  • Enter the code and click on “Confirm Code.” 
  • Enter a password and click on “Next.” 
  • Create a username, select the age requirement box, and click on “Let’s Go!

That is all. 

How to Play Blooket Games

You can choose to join Blooket as your preferred mode. Blooket offers three types of game modes for its users. Class for educational purposes, a team for cooperative purposes, and a solo for an individual.

1. Join Blooket as a Host

If you follow these steps, you can play the Blooket Join game on multiple devices. As a teacher, you can create a number of quizzes and games for an interactive teaching method.

  • Log into the app or website and go to your dashboard
  • At the top right corner, you will see, ‘Create Blooket’ and click on it,
  • Now, click on ‘Host a Game’
  • You can select games from a number of options such as quizzes, puzzles, flashcards, board games
  • Save the game you want to host for students and create a link to invite them, Host a Game
  • Now, share and enjoy an immersive educating time

2. Join Blooket Game

If you are looking to join a Blooket game, you must the following steps.

  • First, you need to get a Blooket Join code, which is provided by the teacher
  • After obtaining the Join code, you are allowed to enter the website or app,
  • Now, join the game
  • After joining the game, you need a distinct identity by choosing a username, and an Avatar
  • Further, you will be given a QR code to scan with the device’s camera
  • Get the link, and start playing the game as soon as the host starts it.

An Overview of Blooket Live Game Mode

While using Blooket, the host and players also have the option to integrate live mode. It comes with thirteen different game modes on the website. Default is one of their typical options with basic games where there are pre-made games.

FAQs – How to Play Blooket Games

How many students can join Blooket?

Each game serves to 60 students, and if you have a larger group there are paid services too. The website is created as a source to educate students.

How do I host a game?

  • Start by logging into your account
  • Click on the host question set
  • Create a game
  • Get the QR code and start hosting the game


Blooket is an educational website created for the purpose of discovering a new angle into learning. It enables both teachers and students to investigate more diverse methods and expand their pool of knowledge.

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