Does Your Home Security System Need A Surveillance Camera?

Your home security system protects against fire and other environmental disasters such as burst pipes. But when you rely on your alarm to act as a deterrent, you also need to make sure that your family and belongings are protected in another way. That’s why wise homeowners rely on surveillance cameras. It gives them the additional layer of protection they need and the peace of mind they crave. In this article, we will explore why surveillance cameras are so important.

Home Security System


Why You Need a Home Security System

It Acts as A Deterrent

Most people plan to burglarize your home are after one thing. That is, of course, the money you have hidden somewhere in your house.

Think about it for a minute. Why would criminals target hundreds of homes but only steal from certain ones? They go where the money is, and they know that’s where they’ll find it by researching their targets online or even following them around town.

There are even instances when burglars keep an eye on houses more than once to be sure that there are no security systems installed before attempting to break in. Therefore,  the more visible you make the surveillance cameras, the less likely criminals will even target your home. Even if they are off at first, they can scare away many potential criminals.

Surveillance Cameras Capture Crime in Action

A mistake that many homeowners make when they are out of town is to leave their property unlocked or not locked up tight enough. Sometimes, they will even forget to lock the front door altogether.

When you rely on an alarm system alone, this mistake could result in disaster for you and your home. Burglars who go around testing doors for unlocked doors will instantly recognize an unlocked house as easy pickings. They won’t waste time trying to pick locks or breakthrough windows if there is no visible resistance coming from the homeowner’s security system.

It’s why you need to prove that your home is not ripe for the picking by installing visible cameras.

It Can Be Used As Evidence

Video footage can become useful evidence if you ever need to take legal action against someone who broke into your home. That may sound like something too good to be true. After all, what can video footage do besides letting the authorities see how criminals walked through your house and swiped everything they could grab? But when you think about it, this is exactly why surveillance camera footage is so important. It proves that they were at your home and shows everyone else who needs to know about it.

You don’t have to worry about taking matters into your own hands because you’ll be drawing attention away from yourself by having evidence on hand.

It Saves You Money

With the risk of a home invasion on the rise, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your family. Though you can’t put a price on safety, installing surveillance cameras into your home security system stands out as one of the most affordable ways to protect your family.

For less than $100 per camera, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that burglars will think twice before targeting your home.

If you live in an upscale neighborhood where burglaries are common, then having security cameras could raise property value for your home. Simply put, if criminals know they are being watched whenever they try to break in or cause mischief, they will think twice about doing so.

Even without evidence that can be used against them in a court of law, they will know that you have the power to shame them every time they try something.

It Can Improve Security Alarm Systems

Though surveillance cameras are useful additions to your home security system, they work best when the alarm is on.

When you have your alarm system turned on but it can’t be seen through a window or door, burglars will know that they’re being watched. It doesn’t matter if the camera is off by itself in another room of the house because criminals know better than to break into homes where they are being observed.

So, even if your alarm system isn’t perfect, having an extra layer of protection through visible cameras will make all the difference in whether or not someone breaks in.

Additionally,  many homes that are equipped with advanced alarm systems are required to have surveillance cameras. Though this requirement varies depending on the state you live in, it’s still beneficial to make sure your security system has an extra layer of protection installed.

Recording Can Be Set To Motion Detection Mode

Another important feature about surveillance cameras is that they can be programmed to start recording when they detect motion. This helps save precious memory space on any digital device because it only records what matters most when someone is trying to steal something from your home or hurt your family in some way.

Even when you’re home, having a surveillance camera turn on by itself upon detection of movement will come in handy if you ever catch someone red-handed while messing around with your things.

With all these benefits waiting for you by installing security cameras onto your home’s existing security, there has never been a better time to buy a surveillance camera for your home. Whether you have a security system in place or not, having a surveillance camera will improve its quality and put you at ease knowing that criminals won’t get away with it when they try to break in.

Can You Use VPN to Access Surveillance Cameras Remotely?

You can access security cameras remotely using a remote VPN server, but not when cameras are behind a VPN.

Your IoT devices like the home security cameras form a local network that cannot be accessed by an external entity unless the network is made public. You can establish a virtual private network that consists of all your internet devices, then access it remotely over the internet.


A home security system is incomplete without a surveillance camera. It monitors your home for intrusions when you are away, and can also be used to keep an eye on your children. There are many affordable options available that should make the decision easier for you.

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