How to get a Netherlands IP Address With VPN

Need to access Dutch content while traveling abroad? Now you can, by using a VPN that offers a Netherlands IP address.

Without a doubt, the Dutch are generous when it comes to internet autonomy. You can have the best, unrestricted internet experience there. However, things will not be the same after crossing Netherlands boundaries.

How to get Netherlands IP address with a VPN

Many countries impose strict content restrictions that prevent accessing local services while abroad. Only obtaining a Netherlands IP address will allow unblocking Netherlands geo-blocked sites. A VPN is the best solution since it assigns a new  Netherlands IP address that spoofs location and bypasses restriction.

Find how to change IP to Netherlands.

How to get a Netherlands IP address with VPN

To access Dutch apps and services here’s how to obtain Netherlands IP address:

Should I use a VPN Only within the Netherlands?

Though most of the websites remain unrestricted within the Netherlands. However, the state has been a part of the Fourteen Eyes Intelligence group that consists of the fourteen countries bound to share data with intelligence, including users browsing history. Using a VPN within the country is therefore, strongly advised. It secures online traffic by routing it through a secure, encrypted tunnel and keeps online records secure, and private.

Reasons to Connect to the Netherlands VPN

  • Combat Content Restrictions

Dutch has little to no content restrictions. Still, you may fail to visit a few international streaming sites which will not be available without using a Netherlands VPN.

  • EU Retention Law Enforcement

The EU law seems to be quite grim. EU charter is a downright contradiction compared to the Netherlands data retention law 2015. According to the Dutch law, ISPs should save browsing data and IPs for a year.

This was an open defilement to the EU fundamental rights charter, particularly, the right to respect personal data.  However, the Dutch law was abolished by the district court of The Hague.

Violations like these can be enforced anytime consequently, Dutch users must considering a VPN to defend privacy beforehand.

  •   Public Wi-Fi Security

    Public Wi-Fi Networks put users’ online security at risk. From hackers to network admins, everyone can intercept your traffic. A virtual private network can curb unnecessary interruptions since it makes web activities anonymous.

    In addition to public Wi-Fi networks, security experts frown up these vulnerable networks. Public Wi-Fi networks are easy targets for the hackers, and can be exploited via malware. Using a VPN reduces the risk to a significant level.

Can I use a Free VPN to Obtain Netherlands IP address?

For the security viewpoint, a free VPN service is not recommended. Free VPNs use weak encryption. They log user data to sell to third parties for targeted advertisements, which is an obvious privacy violation. They lack high-speed Netherlands servers and the speed you want.

Why My Requested Dutch Service is Inaccessible?

Sometime you may found disruptions while accessing Dutch service via a VPN. It happens when you connect to a server via proxy or free VPN. Online banking and shopping sites usually deploy technologies that detect and block VPN access.

FastestVPN for Netherlands IP Address

you’ll find that FastestVPN offers blazing-fast 350+servers in 31+ locations worldwide that enables you to access all types of Dutch shows, music, and a lot more. FastestVPN supports apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, Apple TV, and also has a dedicated Netflix USA server.

It protects your connection with strong 256-Bit Encryption and ad-blocker and anti-malware protection.

What’s more? You can have the best VPN security features with huge discounts that are updated quite actively.


Connect to any Netherlands server using a VPN to bypass Dutch news, shows and movies. FastestVPN is the high-quality VPN with dedicated fast Dutch servers, enabling you to unblock content in the most secure way.

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