How to Generate a Phone Number for Different Devices

Hate all the marketing calls your phone number has become a victim to? You can now generate a new phone number in a snap! Speaking of how seamless getting a new phone number has become–let’s get the drum rolling; it’s quick and free.

generate a phone number

From the relief of being approached during post-work hours to elevating privacy protection, a new phone number brings all the benefits to the table. That, too, for free. Irrespective of your device, you can always generate a new contact number without hassles. And the article is all about it!

We’ll walk you through tutorial for generating a phone number on Apple and Android devices to generate virtual numbers, too. Let’s dive in!

Note: If you’re specifically getting a new number for protecting your privacy, then here’s an additional step–never miss out on using a VPN. For example, FastestVPN offers an ultimate security protection online, thanks to its robust security protocols.

What Is a Free Phone Number?

Simply put, it’s a regular phone number; you don’t have to pay. You can generate a phone number and use it for:

  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Voicemail

The free phone numbers typically use the Internet since Voice over Internet Protocol offers them. Meanwhile, a few free virtual phone numbers exist, too. For the number of people wanting to get free phone numbers, the list of service providers is stretching long, too. However, not all are to be trusted, and we’ll cover a list of the best free phone number services.

How to Generate a Phone Number on Different Devices

While Google Voice is one of the most used free phone number services, we’ll also use it for the tutorials below. This section will discuss generating a phone number on Android and iOS devices.

How to Get a Phone Number on an iPhone and iPad

Here’s how to generate a Google Voice number on your iPhone and iPad:

  • Download the Google Voice app from the App Store.
  • Once installed, get the app on your device.
  • Carefully review the Terms of Use of the app. Once done, select Accept.
  • Tap on Search to choose a Google Voice number.

Note: You can filter your search using the regional city code. If you can’t find any codes for your region, it’s recommended to try searching for a nearby code. Meanwhile, Google Voice only offers almost all Canadian and US calls. Only specific numbers can cost 1 cent (USD) per minute.

  • After finding the desired number, choose Select.
  • Go with the on-screen instructions.

How to Get a Phone Number on Android

Here’s how to get the Google Voice number on Android:

  • Install and launch the Google Voice app on your device.
  • Sign in with your credentials.
  • Carefully review the Terms of Service. Choose Continue.
  • To select the Google Voice number, select Search.
  • Enter your city code or go for a nearby city’s code.
  • Whatever number aligns with the requirements, choose Select.
  • Proceed with the on-screen instructions.

The Best Free Phone Number Services

Here are the top 5 free phone number services:

1. Google Voice

This is one of the most common and popular services to generate a phone number available online. According to DemandSage, over 1.8 billion people worldwide actively used Gmail in 2024, Making Google Voice a top-rated choice for all users.

You can use this Google Voice number and make toll-free calls on primary devices, including:

  • iOS Youthis, you can also make calls via the web app. And if you’re looking for basic call transcription, Google Voice’s got y r back!  However, this Google Voice number service only offers free local area code numbers, but if you’re new to phone number generation, this option is great for you.


Since the pandemic, video calls have become more popular than ever. With every rising demand, there’s a solution, LINE is the best option for individuals or businesses looking for a free video-calling solution and phone call services.

3. TeLikeilar

Similar to Google Voice, you can use TextFree for calling via your device when connected to the Wor use the web service. You can also use its app, which you can download via the Play Store or the App Store.

4. Dingtone

This free phone number service is only available for iOS users. It allows individuals to leverage its basic features of calling and texting through it. Meanwhile, you can use Dingtsend a fax or make a conference call for free.

5. Callcentric

This service requires you to install the software and then use a telephone adapter to avail of this service on your computer. All Callcentric users can make free phone calls. However, if you need a traditional phone number, then you’ll have to pay for that.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a New Number?

Planning to generate a phone number? Here’s a list of the top 3 benefits that come with it:

1. Elevate Privacy

Getting another number is a great way to separate your work and private life. While one number is your primary contact, you can use the other for friends and family. A few work environments often find contacting employees after work normal, and if that’s something you want to put to an end, it’s best to get a new number.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Phone Calls

Tired of receiving unwanted phone calls all day long? To avoid these calls, it’s best to change your phone number.

For anyone who has experienced these calls, they are nothing but a pure nuisance. Changing the phone number is the best way out. Additionally, when you register your private contact number on the Do Not Call list, you will avoid all spam or cold calls from marketers.

3. Easy Set-up Process

Getting a new phone number is easier than it seems. Being unpaid and easy to set up is one of the top benefits of getting a new number. For example, when getting Google Voice, you get the app for different operating systems, too. This makes the process of generating a phone number a cakewalk.

FAQs - Generate a Phone Number

Can I create a new phone number?

You can’t create your own phone number since telecommunication networks can only assign the numbers to you. However, you can generate a number through the phone number services that operate on VoIP.

How to create a phone number for free?

You can create a phone number via the number generator or other number services, such as Digitone and Google Voice. A few charge you per call, but most of them are free.

How do I get a free virtual phone number?

You can get a free virtual phone number via services such as TextNow, Google Voic, and various others.

How to generate a phone number for a Teams meeting?

Microsoft automatically Teams assigns phone numbers to you when you enable Audio Conferencing. Here's how to view these numbers:

  • Log in to the Microsoft Teams admin center
  • Navigate to the Meetings section
  • Go to Conference bridges

What happens when you get a new number?

The common things that you should expect to happen when you get a new phone number are:

  • A message on your old phone number
  • Requirement of an update to use the messaging apps
  • Inaccessibility via the old phone number
  • bullet point
  • bullet point

Is getting a new phone number worth it?

Yes, getting a new phone number can be worth it for the following reasons:

  • A better work-life balance
  • A fresh start
  • Enhanced privacy and security

Final Note

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